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Breed: Heavy Draft Mutt
Gender: Female
Race: Equine
Eyes: Emerald Green
Mane: Strawberry red with some ivory
Tail: Strawberry red with some ivory
Body: Red Roan
Hooves: Brown
Markings: White lines along the sides of her face, down her neck, and a a white patch on her backside

Tori is a two year old Heavy Draft Mutt, the product of several draft breeds in her heritage. When she is full grown, she will stand at seventeen point one hands high, which will make her taller than her mother but slightly shorter than her father. Her coat is painted a strawberry roan that darkens at her head and legs. However white markings streak and spot her coat across her face, down her neck, and on her rear. These white markings continue into her red mane and tail, lightening the color in several places giving both a strawberry blonde look. Tori looks out on the world with emerald green eyes with black pupils. Because she is an equine, she has no horns or wings.
Being as young as she is Tori has yet to acquire any scars, despite her near death experience. From her heritage, she has a very strong and well muscled build. However, this makes her kind of slow and has very low endurance. What she lacks in speed and endurance, she makes up for with her agility. Provided nothing happens to her as she grows up, her build will be perfect for that of a warrior princess.

The Good

Honest | Curious | Determined | Loyal | Brave | Intelligent

The Bad

Stubborn | Possessive | Rash | Insecure

The first few months of Tori's life, she was the picture of innocence and naivety. Nothing but a bundle of curiosity and friendliness. The day that her mother was murdered before her eyes along with her time out in the wilds, changed her into the young mare she is today. Victorina much like her father is very honest. Simply meaning, she is blunt, to the point and can not tell a lie. The girl is very intelligent, sometimes even beyond her years. With this intelligence comes an insatiable curiosity and determination that often leads Tori on wild adventures that requires her to have a brave side. Along with being brave, Tori is very loyal to those who she deems as someone she trusts. Sometimes even when she knows they are in the wrong, she will still defend them as if they were in the right.

However she is not without her faults. Due to losing her mother so early in her life and not having a very settled childhood, Tori is very insecure. She is constantly ensuring that she did not say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time. This often makes her seem shy as well, but that is not the case. Tori is highly possessive of anything she deems is hers be it an object or another. This seems to lead her to be very stubborn and make very rash choices.


Born in Helovia to the Sultan of Dragon's Throat Volterra and one of his many lovers Vitani, Tori began growing up around family. She was raised among many siblings, and taught from an early age to speak the Hungarian language fluently by her father. It was something her Papa prided himself in, and he made sure all of his children knew how to speak it. Tori was the ninth child to the born and the fourth daughter for the Indomitable. Tori for the first few months of her life stuck very close to her Mama and her Mama's bonded hellhound Sarabi. The trio took many exploring trips around Helovia, allowing Tori to full her need for adventure. But one such trip made a very drastic change to the young filly's life.

Vitani, Sarabi and Tori were heading home from the Threshold. Vitani had been teaching her daughter about how newcomers to Helovia arrived. It was on this trip, Tori gained a very special necklace from her Mama. A necklace made out of shells, that by some sort of magic became shell chain link armor. They had begun the long trip back home, and were about halfway there when a crazed mare with her bonded kitsune crossed their path. The mare charged at the trio without a word, causing Vitani and Sarabi to react. Pushing Tori aside and out of the way, Vitani took on their attacker while the two bonded creatures fought. Sarabi killed the kitsune, but it was to late to save Vitani. Sarabi and the mare fought, but in the end, three bodies lay strewn across the ground. It was then the mare's deadly gaze turned to Tori herself. She screamed, and was fortunate enough that her Papa was close by and heard her. He came racing in to the rescue, only to discover it was his own half sister attacking his daughter. Yet another fight ensued, and this time her Papa came out victorious. However the details of this fight, Tori refuses to speak of for now.

After her mother's death, Tori ended up mostly alone. Her father ever busy running the herd, most time he spent with Tori he taught her another language. Tori can speak Hungarian, although she mostly spoke it only around her immediate family. Shortly before the demise of Helovia, Tori gathered with others to earn the right to bond with a companion. She was sadly unsuccessful. She also gathered in a small party to meet other members pf the Dragon's Throat herd... Before Kaos forced everyone from Helovia together, some disappearing into teal smoke before the rest were forced into Kaos's world The Rift.

The Rift After being forced through the portal from Helovia with her family, Tori watches as one of her father's dragon's goes wild and leaves. Her father, distraught by the loss of one of his companions seeks to find his lost dragon. Tori never sees him again. Instead the young girl puts her efforts into escaping the Rift. Somehow, she is successful. While wandering some strange land looking for whatever is left of Helovia, Tori finds herself in Novus.


Immediate Maternal
Great Grandparents Vladimir x Anya (Rostislav)
Unknown x Rosalie (Kiara)
Grandparents Rostislav x Kiara
Mother Vitani
Siblings N/A
Neices & Nephews N/A

Distant Maternal
Aunts Faeanne (Rostislav x Aurelia)
Zünden (Kiara x Krieger) - Twin to Adelric
Uncles Malachi (Kiara x Unknown)
Adelric (Kiara x Krieger) - Twin to Zünden
Cousins Tiberius (Caleb x Zünden)
Immediate Paternal
Great Grandparents Terrador the Earthmover x Soleil the Virtuous (Tyradon)
Oblivion the DemonKing x Mortalis (Confutatis)
Grandparents Tyradon x Confutatis
Father Volterra
Siblings Kid (male, x Colt)
Sabre (female, x Colt)
Zhu (male, x Sikeax)
Astarot (male, x Tiva)
Tyrath (male, x Aithniel)
Kókkino thanátou (male, x Isopia)
Valdis (female, x Amara)
Vezér (female, x Airlia)
Otem (female, x Isopia)
Vulkán (male, x Isopia)
Eri (female, x Sikeax)
Phobos (male, x Sikeax)
Antiope (female, X Nephele)
Elm (male, x Auriel)
Varuna (male, x Azulee)
Van (male, x Erthe)
Alvah (male, x Erthe)
Neices & Nephews
Distant Paternal
Aunts Merida (Tyradon x Sakura)
Uncles Cowboy (Tyradon x Celia)
Farkas (Tyradon x Triza)
Veil (male, x Dragaris)
Cousins Sansa (Hertz x Merida)
Tybalt (Ilios x Sansa)

Active & Parvus Magic

:: [Magic: Wind x Water | Able to create a small hurricane, no larger than 3 meters around] Restriction - up to admin :: [Magic: Wind x Water (U) | Able to create a larger hurricane, no larger than 10 meters around] Restriction - up to admin

Passive Magic

:: [Magic: Light (P) | Invisible Armor Against Fire Magic]

Bonded & Pets

Bonded: Dragon | Toxic Breath Bonded: Hellhound | Acid

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

A shell necklace which multiplies into chain mail of shells. - Appears as only a shell necklace until either armor and/or enchantment items can be earned/purchased
:: [ Restrictions | Shells can be broken with extreme heat. ](restriction if needed once it becomes armor/enchanted)

Silver Chain worn around her ears with Emerald, Ruby, and Sapphire Gems representing her mother's dual colored eyes(emerald and sapphire) and her father's eyes(ruby)

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