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Half Kelpie | Shire X


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species: Half Kelpie
breed: Kelpie x Shire x Thoroughbred
height: 18.1 hh
pelt color: Deep navy
eye color: Pupilless Cyan
hair color: Dark Navy fade to pale Cyan [Glowing Cyan Streak[
markings: Glowing Cyan Striping on Limbs & Muzzle, and Spots on back. White minimal Sabino
other: Gills form when in water

― that bod though.

You know when you see someone; there's times you just gotta stop and stare, well; let's be honest. That's Antaeus for you. He has something about him that just makes you wanna stop and watch him walk away. Whether it's the sway of his walk from his time spent on the water - having to counter balance for the waves that has led his walk to be swingy and loose. Maybe it's those loose beach waves he calls a mane and tail, and how they seem to be permanently caught somewhere between controlled and a lost cause. Maybe it's in that body definition that shire ancestry has blessed us all with; or those long legs and long body from that thoroughbred heritage. Or maybe it's something dark and dangerous beneath the surface; that promises you fun and adventure? bite me, daddy. Whatever it is about this boy; he's definitely not one to ignore. He draws the eye, and then he is stuck with it.

Not that he's pleased with this of course. He doesn't like the attention. And while there may be a certain danger you can't quite touch; you'll find he tends to carry himself like a cloaked phantom; eager to phase out of existence; out of conversations, out of the public eye. He is over 18 hands tall, and while certainly not the tallest of the tall, here around Novus; he does have a height that is mirrored with subtle bulkiness, defined muscle that is smoothed and leaned out. A quiet powerhouse - fitting when you consider his personality -- but we will get into that later. One thing is for certain though; as much as Ant hates to admit it -- he's not a bad looker; and the world has made note of it.

― such a pretty face.

If we're talking about him being a looker; however - we might as well really dive into the truth of the matter -- that pretty face of him. Well it's more than just a pretty face though isn't it? So, bring it back - let's go for the basics. Like that deep navy he is softly cloaked in, the quiet sea in the middle of the night - a blue so soft; it can be hypnotic despite it's dark color. Who know such a dark color could appear soft anyway? It's off set by two distinct colors - white caps that accent his eyes, throat, and belly - and a single limb, and that bioluminescent cyan as if he were a predator in the deep depths of the midnight zone.

Thankfully he's really technically only half predator . . . but anyways. The white caps first then, a fitting definition for the white splotches he show cases. The most noticeable circle around his eyes in lopsided ovals, a white background to make that pupilless cyan gaze pop all the more defining, and force the eyelashes to be more ivory tinted than darker. The shite is mirrored down his throat, a patchy pattern with marbled edges, as if paint was thrown at him from a bit of a distance. That same style is repeated at his belly, almost centered in the middle, and curving up his sides like a rough cave painting rendition of waves. That white also climbs up to his knee on his back left leg.

Yes, yes, I haven't touched on his most noticeable features have I yet? Well, best keep waiting, lets talk about that mane and tail -- they're an ombre color, from that dark navy of his body that fades down into a pale cyan and the tips. When left unbound (which he tends to do on land), they are long and in loose beach waves. His mane easily falls to his ankle, and his tail drags the faintest bit on the ground. Alright, a fair bit more than a faintest bit, a good section of that tail drags. You can also notice how voluminous those beach waves are on land, when they're down and left to just hang. Despite their long and loose look, you can also tell he takes great care in making sure they remain well maintained. He carefully chooses where he walks to avoid his tail getting dirtied (and it's not uncommon to see him knot it up enough for it to be left to hang down from a top knot, so it ends up mirroring the length of his mane). He keeps it down on land in large part to give it a proper chance to dry from the constant exposure to the open waters, sea mist and high humidity over the ocean.

When he's on the boat, however, it's noted that his mane and tail are often kept pulled up more, wild braids that criss cross over his neck and hang down, pulling some of that length up. Half knotted buns and other means to control it into a wild pirate look that is both elegantly twirled up; as well as fashioned in a means to ensure that it doesn't get in his way while working on the ship - or heaven forbid; in combat with someone.

Okay, okay, let's talk about the most exotic part of this boy. From his eyes, to his hooves, to the stripe in his mane, the striping on his front legs, his nose, and the spotting on his back - this boy seems to glow. And we do mean glow. A luminocent cyan is visible here - much brighter in the markings on his body, and the stripe in his hair, but dimly visible in the subtle glow to his eyes and hooves. This glow is always 'turned on', but definitely is brighter and more noticeable in the darkness, when it tends to shine brighter. A beacon into the night, you could say.

― don't go swimming.

Even half kelpies who want to deny that darker half have some oddities though; and this boy tries his best to keep them hidden. But dive beneath the water; and there's no escaping it. Under the water, this kid keeps his limbs - sure; no fins for this half breed; but he does have other changes. From canines that sharpen - though he limits his protein intake to fish only -- no need to worry about him biting a horse, but daddy, one nibble? but these canines are definitely sharp enough to do damage. His glow is also far more pronounced in the water. The real kicker here, if you look close enough - are the gill flaps that open up at the side of his neck, obscured under the curvature of his cheek and jaw bones. If you're also watching closely, his face has a few other changes, as thin flaps of skin seem to close his nose and ears, to protect them from becoming waterlogged - though the skin that closes off his ears helps maximize vibration readings, to make hearing under water easier. This same filmy skin closes over his eyes in a transparent layer to protect his eyes from the salt water; while also making sure he can see just fine in his secondary habitat.
thanks kat! ❤

Personality: INTJ-T, Architect
likes: Open Ocean, Learning Opportunities, Swimming, Rainstorms/Thunderstorms, Cloudy Skies, Being Left Alone
dislikes: Crowded Areas, Probing Questions, Heavy/Intense Sunshine, Loud Individuals, Strangers
positive: Rational, Informed, Independent, Determined, Curious, Original, Intelligent, Willfull, Strategist, Success-Driven
neutral: Introvert, Intuitive, Observant, Stoic, Witty, Sarcastic
negative: Arrogant, Dismissive of Emotions, Combative, Socially Clueless, Lone-Wolf Demeanor, Abrasive, Cynical, Single-Minded
secrets: Struggles with Fitting In, Proud of his mixed-heritage; but terrified of others reactions if they were to learn the truth.

― Face One: Strangers

Everyone, they say; has three faces - the first is the one the majority of the world sees. It's the face put on for the public. It's the one they put out on display, for strangers, acquaintances; anyone in general. Most see this stallion as a bit arrogant - though it's really not true arrogance as much as a certainty and a raw confidence in himself that is harder to take in due to the fact that he is fairly dismissive of emotions, preferring to focus on more concrete aspects of the world. He's a notable introvert as well, and it can be a little offsetting to see how much he seems to observe.

He can however show moments of obvious brilliance in a witty and sarcastic response. He values intelligence of a lot of other things, and it gives him a lot of ability into handling himself in confrontations as well. He's a very rational individual as well - he reasons out everything, and prefers to keep himself informed with every possible bit of knowledge that may come to use to him. For this fact; he tends to seek out opportunities to learn more, and has a very curious side. Driven by success; you can imagine he does not let the knowledge escape him to often.

― Face Two: True Self

The second face is the one you show your friends and family. It's the most definite, and true version of yourself that there is. These individuals see some of these other traits come together with Ant. They see that sarcastic side as the playful individual he is at his core; willing to laugh when in a comfortable place. They can get past his lone-wolf tendencies, have his abrasiveness brushed aside, and see the adorably awkward, and socially clueless fellow just beneath it all. They see the side that is intuitive about how he can help those he cares about, silently bringing someone a cup of tea when he is aware they're upset; or just offering a reassuring touch when they need it. These individuals see the Ant behind his desire to not show, or live by emotions. They see the Ant who is just happy to be himself -- and these are usually the rare few who are aware of his most startling secret, that he is a half-breed Kelpie.

― Face Three: Enemies

The third face is that of your anger, your war face. It's the last face your enemy sees; it's the face that strikes fear in your foes hearts. For Ant; this face is edges with a certain primal, and fierceness. He's not the most emotional of beings a lot of the time; but when he does let his emotions go - he feels them with 115%, and you're going to notice, you're going to sit up straighter. He's rigid, he's snarling. And there's a primal fierosity there. It speaks to you like the dangers of the depths of the ocean - fathomless, filled with unknown leviathons. It's in these moments, you might suspect he's more than he looks. Thankfully; he is slow to his anger; but there are always certain triggers. He's the sort to defend those he considers his friends and family with everything he has, and if you ever push him to far; he'll certain push back. His strong sense of justice and loyalty bleed heavily into making his enemies fear him; for he is truly not afraid to sink his teeth into the throat of another if it means protecting those to him that are dear -- and should you entice his anger and need to protect and defend near the water - well your chances will significantly disappear then too.
thanks kat! ❤

mother: Naida Styx
father: unknown pirate; now deceased
add. family: grandmother Nyneve
relationship status: single
sexuality: bisexual

― circumstance of birth

Ant was the outcome of a pirate washed ashore on a kelpie infested island. Just handsome enough to be a curiosity that had escaped a ship sinking, Ant's mother had gone to him in the middle of the night. He was kept alive for roughly a week, due to her own diligence in staying close - but finally needing to feed, she returned to the ocean for a hunt, only to come back later to find a cousin and uncle feasting upon his remains - mortals don't do well with kelpies after all.

However, it was enough time together for Ant to be conceived, and despite being born as a half breed, the tribe took to him instantly. He had gills under water, and his teeth sharpened to fangs, and while he may not grow fins, he was still Kelpie enough for the Kelpies, and so he was a treasured foal in a tribe that really had births, even if he was kept in the warm shallows due to his lack of fins to outswim predators.

― growing up

Ant would grow to live both in the warm shallows, racing family members through coral, and on land where he could cuddle into his dam's side and she told him war stories from various hunts. He'd learned early on that the taste of horse flesh was not for him (though his mother was happy to hunt him squid and shark), but he loved to hear her stories.

And the rest of the tribe weren't shy with showing him affection either. His grandmother loved her half-blood grandson immensely - always telling her friends about how handsome he was growing up to be, and inviting friends with young, eligible granddaughters to dinner during family dinners, and eager to see him find a sweetheart that he could one day marry (his grandmother didn't believe in too young being too young).

It was a fond joke with the tribe to see the young colt squirm and make faces when his grandmother suggested kissing the kelpie fillies farewell, and seeing him stick out his tongue, as the filly rubbed her cheek clean when he did. He was a treasure, a bright light, and even though he was only a half-blood, the tribe loved him all the same. But it wasn't to be perfect forever.

It was a passing ship, sailing away from the well known Kelpie island that had seen the colt when he was roughly 8 months old, and making a sandcastle on the beach. They had called out to him to get away from the water, to be careful, but he merely watched them sail away and thought nothing off it, even as his mother felt the first stirring of worry.

― the 'rescue'

The ship would return in less than a month, and it was a massacre of his tribe. His uncles, and cousins and grandparents all valiantly defending the island where the young member that was the weakest of the tribe was hiding in the tall shrubs, to terrified to go to his mother who was begging him to come into the water and hide in their cave. Eventually the ship got to the island, killing Kelpies as they made their way to the colt.

It was only hearing their words that the young nine month old colt understood what was going on. They thought Ant was a healthy, mortal colt that was trapped on an island surrounded by predators - and they were there to rescue him. As they surrounded him, his mother came rushing forward to defend her son, and as the spears turned towards her, the colt's eyes went wide, staring up at her in fear, before his voice called out, No! Let's just leave this place! If we hurt any more, the m-monsters wont let us leave!

It was his eyes on his mother that told the other story, the apology, the pain of being led away, but his determination to keep the rest of the tribe alive. He would do this. For them. And one day, he'd try to return home.

― the pirate life

It wasn't long after being "Rescued" that Ant realized he would never be able to find any comfort living on land among the real mortal type horses, and so instead -- he stayed with one ship after another, looking for the right crew who wouldn't question his existence.

He found his shelter in a clan of pirates who didn't care much for where he came from, so long as he pulled his weight. So, he found his place of calling, learning different notes, how to read the stars to navigate, and even how to sail the ship. From the age of one to two, he grew among the pirates, soon being known as the odd, quiet kid who could hold his breath longer than any other pirate, and taking lessons from the others on how to handle swords. From learning how to mop the deck, to now part of the crew officially and earning his own portion of loot they obtained.

Until a violent storm, and a tribe of unfamiliar kelpies sunk the ship. Those kelpies swam around and around and around the crew, until it was just he and three or four others, when they finally dove to take out the 'youngest mortal.' As they swam towards Ant, he ignored the other pirates to dive below the water, his gills flaring out and as his teeth sharpened to canines, and his markings glowing beneath the waves, the kelpies fell short in shock, I am Antaeus, of the Lunar Beach Tribe. Son of Naida, Grandson of Nieve. He called out in identification.

It saved his life, Kelpies respecting their own, even if they were only half-kelpie. And the rest of the pirates were taken out, the two year old was given directions to the nearest land, where he could hail a new ship, and get to a new world to start over . . . again.

― today

Ant went to the port, soon securing a new place with a crew heading to a land called Novus. He stayed long enough with them to get to the new land, and now in this unfamiliar world, the half-kelpie pirate is already eyeballing his next choice of action, and just what he'll make of his life here - and if he can continue to keep up appearances, and fool the world into believing he's just another two and a half year old mortal.
thanks kat! ❤

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