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Build for Stats: Average damage with above average speed, making it appear as though this filly packs a harder punch than you'd expect

Eye Color: Emerald Green

Color: Bay Roan Appaloosa

Markings: four hearts going down her face and muzzle in various sizes, black points, snowcap across her back & Emerald green ivy that wraps around her legs

Sansa is actually a cross between a paint draft mutt, and a mustang and hanoverian cross. Because of this, her body build is not quiet what you would expect. Sansa stands at sixteen point three hands high, just short of seventeen hands. She is slightly thicker than most with mustang and hanoverian blood running in their veins, but not as thick as most drafts would be either. She is build for speed and strength. No wings or horns to be found, making her an equine. Her coat is a bay roan, with darker bay points on both her hind legs and her face. Also her back is covered in a light blanket of white with almost appaloosa type markings. Her emerald green eyes peek out from under her soft brown mane. Her face is marked by a trio of white perfectly shaped heart. A four heart marks her muzzle as well. The last marking was given by her own pup Lady. A single white paw print surrounded by a heart rests on her right shoulder as a reminder to the mare. Pearl beads also can be found throughout her mane and tail, and a silver collar with teal gems rests around her neck at all times.

Family Oriented | Determined | Protective | Caring | Brave | Ambitious | Impulsive

Sansa has very much been shaped and molded by her history. Thanks to the caring upbringing by her adopted mama, Sansa can be very caring and loving herself. She is also highly family oriented, proving to be very protective and defensive of those she considers part of her 'small' family. She will do almost anything to see them happy and healthy. This often leads to various impulsive and brave and sometimes even reckless choices that may or may not work out like she had intended them to. Sansa tends to be very ambitious, always pushing herself for greatness which is a trait that seems to run in her blood family. This also leads to her being very determined to reach the goals she sets for herself, if not a bit stubborn as well. However because Sansa also spent so much time taking care of herself in her short three years, she tends to be very shy and hesitant to others that she does not know. She even will come across as timid and also distrusting at times. Bonding with Lady, eased this a ton. But being separated from her bonded once more has shown the more fearful side return. She is constantly worrying about Lady's safety. Her last trait however, is she is completely faithless. Early on, Sansa would of worshiped the Goddess of the Moon just because that was the patron god of the Edge. But when the Gods left Helovia to fend for themselves against Kaos... Well the girl lost her faith. She fully rejects anything a God has to say, because as far as she can tell the Gods have never done anything to help her. All she has seen them do is hurt those she cares about. With time this may change...

So I was born to the unlikely pairing of Hertz the pegasus and Merida the equine. What makes this even more surprising is my mother's father, is an equine supremacist. Meaning all other races are lesser. Mother had a fling with with someone her father never would of allowed. Surprise surprise, mother got pregnant and hid it from everyone until she could hide it no more. I was born in the World's Edge, one of four herds in Helovia. The birth was overseen by one of the Moon Doctor's called Alysanne. As soon as she was able, it seems my mother abandoned me to the herd. I am fortunate that the same Moon Doctor that helped deliver me, became my adopted Mama. I alerted her in a herd meeting of my mother's disappearance, and from that time on lingered close by within the herd's boundaries. Okay, maybe I didn't always stick close. I did take off for a while to find my mother. I found her, as well as an a stallion that turned out to be my Uncle Volterra. She gave me everything she had, and sent me on my way. This was also around the same time I bonded to my dog, Lady. I returned to the Edge with Lady in tow, just in time for the world to start crashing down around us. Mama Alysanne let me back in the herd, and I joined a group traveling to the Basin for a herd quest. Returned to the herd only to have the other lead step down naming a mare to take his place alongside Mama Alysanne. Everything seemed to go as normal for a while. I tried to find new members, watched over my adopted sister of sorts when she bonded to a griffin, everything was great.

That's when Kaos started wrecking everything. First, the Gods left us all. They left us to fight I assume and they must of failed. Because then he came for us. Black smoke and mist pushing us all together. We watched as our loved ones went up in smoke. My Uncle and cousins are among some lost. The Gods returned and were killed along with two of the Demi-Gods. Helovia is done for. Everyone ran and families were separated in the chaos that ensued. Our only escape, is into hell itself. The very land that Kaos had come from. The Rift......

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