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Quarter Horse Cross - 15.3HH - Dappled Gray Coat - Sun-bleached Gray Mane/Tail

Unassuming and simple in her appearance, there isn't much about Rosemary that catches the eye. She stands at a rather average height, 15.3 hands, and though she carries herself tall and composed, it isn't in a way to make her presence known. Bearing a build most reminiscent of a Quarter Horse, she has a somewhat stocky look to her but she moves with a delicate grace.

Her coat is a light, dappled gray with an assortment of darker gray ticks where the color hasn't quite faded. Her mane and tail are slightly darker shades of gray, paling toward the tips. She bears short socks on all four legs, just extending up past her hooves, and perhaps the most colorful thing about her is her eyes. They are a sunny, springtime green.

Reserved - Kind - Generous - Gentle - Polite - Helpful - Uncertain - Insecure - Selfless - Avoidant

Rosemary is a being of self-control and restraint. She takes great pride in her ability to master her emotions, to school her expression and outward presentation into whatever suits the moment. Most often, she is formal and polite, hiding behind a practiced sense of etiquette that is sometimes stiff and uncomfortable. But it is easier for her to wear this face than to leave it behind.

As with her iron-clad composure, Rosemary also lives to help others. She is constantly seeking ways to provide for those in her circle, whether it be through listening to their troubles, helping them find solutions, or simply being there with them through whatever it is they're going through. She hates seeing anyone in distress--and has a big soft spot for children--so she makes herself accessible to anyone who may need her.

This is, however, another ruse. By focusing on everyone else around her, she has little time to focus on herself: what she would like in the world, aspirations or ambitions she may have. Delving into her own psyche feels intimidating and scary, and so she avoids it, throwing herself into other work and the lives of anyone who will have her in theirs.

(Inspiration: Jane Austen characters)

Can be found sketching or making notation in a notebook, scouting out locations within Delumine, or watching children.


Rosemary began her life quietly, in a remote herd located on the edge of a changing, frozen world. The land was harsh and inhospitable at times, the warmest and welcoming paradise during others, but her family's herd was a constant, unwavering thing, unable to be thwarted by the elements. She learned early on each of them needed to be strong and hardy in order to survive their ever-changing environment.

Her family, exemplars of the herd, were stalwart and strong in their presence within their kingdom, taking great pride in their ranks and what they contributed to their community. Her mother and father held high expectations for their children--Rosemary and an elder brother--but her mother's critical eye fell most upon her. She placed heavy emphasis on her daughter's behavior, demanding she grow up and abandon the whims of childhood to adopt the poised, respectful attitude of an adult earlier than necessary. Ever the dutiful daughter, Rosemary complied, giving up the simplistic life she knew for one of greater responsibility and rigidity.

She did as she was told in most things--learning under their careful tutelage, training to become and then taking on the role of governess to the younger foals of the herd, always maintaining a precise image in front of those whose opinions her parent's valued most. She became exactly what her parents wished her to be and was rewarded for it by them choosing for her a partner, a beautiful stallion with equally high standing in the herd. Unfortunately, despite her best efforts, she could not keep his attentions solely on her, and the blame for her failed marriage was solely placed upon her.

Gravely disappointed and mortified at the failure, life within the herd became more difficult, more uncomfortable, until Rosemary acted very much out of character and left without a word. She had no idea where she was headed or what she intended to do, no plans to find herself during her travels. Instead, she sought a new herd, a new group of individuals, who could benefit from her presence, who would find usefulness in her and give her a renewed sense of purpose in helping them achieve their goals--since she was obviously doomed to fail in any of her own.



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Character reference image by M. Richards (social handle unknown).
Profile banner image by Esteban Castle of Unsplash.

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