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Quarter Horse Cross - 15HH - Fire-Cracked Bay Coat - Black Mane/Tail - Burning Amber Eyes

In a past life, Vahni could boast of an understated beauty. She had been a solid bay with a single white stocking, the edge of which was colored to match the flames inside of her that echoed in the color of her eyes. She had been small but strong, full of raw power and might.

She is now but a fragment of what she used to be. Her body, this mortal guise no longer infused with the same power as before, feels weak and broken to her while she relearns how it is that mortals take care of themselves. Though slightly malnourished now, she has the potential to fill out nicely, the potential to regain a curvy, stocky appearance suited toward endurance. This is, admittedly, still a ways off yet.

Her coloration is something she had become self-conscious of. Her eyes, mercifully are much as they were--a vibrant, fiery orange with flecks of deeper red and gold that swirl around the pupil, mimicking an active flame. Her mane and tail, too, are still dark and moderate of length, though both are dull and limp while she regains her strength. Her coat, the majority of her body, however, is a broken, patchy sort of bay, large dark spots scattered across a fainter dappling beneath. Across her middle, it appears almost ruddy in color, as if the flames inside of her are trying to burn their way out--and they are. Bolts of molten fire mark her body, coloring her fur, making it clear which element she claims allegiance to.

Gentle - Generous - Peaceful - Devout - Selfless - Protective - Biased - Judgmental - Prideful - Lonely

On her best days--and amid the right company--Vahni can be a kind and gentle caretaker. She has devoted her entire life to the flame, to the life that it represents, and when she sees it in others there is nothing she wouldn't do to see their lights thrive. She can be selfless and generous with herself and anything she has, ensuring no want goes unanswered. Among others who cherish her flame, she feels peace and comfort.

This strong bias, however, puts her quickly at odds with those who don't view the world as she does. Other elements are considered inferior, as are those who affiliate with them--though she isn't above trying to convince someone that her way, the way of the flame is a better choice. She will try, in this way, to "save" others, but understands she doesn't make the most convincing of arguments in her current state.

Her fall from power has weakened her greatly, not simply in body but in mind and spirit as well. Her stalwart belief in herself, in her mission--even in her cherished flame--flickers like a candle in a wind, though she would never admit so aloud. Out of her element and gone from those who used to worship her, she feels alone and isolated, lost and seeking her power--her purpose- to guide her through this new difficulty.

(Inspiration: a lost priestess)

Can be found poorly taking care of herself, seeking a means of regaining her fire magic, and forlornly staring up into the sun.


Vahni still remembers her beginning fondly.

It started on the surface of the sun. But a tiny flame among millions and millions of others, she remembers dancing and swaying amid a comforting, sweltering heat, and the sudden, inexplicable sensation that something she was changing and her current location could no longer contain her. With the weak control she had, she took the shape of a fiery phoenix and flew from the sun's surface, down, down, toward the comparatively cold earth far below and, as the fires receded, her body solidified into that of a filly.

Alone, freezing without the sun's immediate warmth, she thought she would die there upon the mountain where she landed, but was found by large, winged reptilians: dragons. They brought her with them into their underground abode, closer to the fires that warmed the earth, and taught her how to wield the flame. She spent years in their care, learning everything they could teach her, until it became time to leave and fulfill her destiny as the mortal Goddess of Fire.

She found the place she was meant to reside over, a region where the elements each were represented and lived in relative peace. Vahni found her followers, already present, already declaring the flame superior, and she loved them immediately. They were like children to her, so brilliant and precious and full of life--of fire. She would have done anything for them.

And so she did. To prove their superiority, to give her followers even more than what they currently had, she sought to start a war. Another elemental god stood beside her but she can hardly remember who anymore--their element was inferior anyway--but something went wrong. The fight did not go in her favor, her army was outmatched, and the other gods too successful in their defense.

Somehow, perhaps under their combined efforts, their powers were turned on her and she was banished. It wasn't a quick thing--for a great long time she remained in some in-between place, a limbo of sorts--until the odd space spat her out and deposited her, broken and fragile, upon a new world.


Vahni woke up on Novus, a fragment of what she used to be, with more questions than answers and a gaping loss in her heart for everything that was taken from her.

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Character reference image by alittlefancy of DA.
Profile banner image by Max Kukurudziak of Unsplash.

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