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Eik is mostly white, with moderate to heavy dappling on the hindquarters and shoulders and light dappling on the barrel. His mane and tail are long and white, and his muzzle and lower legs are a dark grey. From afar, his coloring hides much of the scars that run along his body. Scars speckle most every part of his body from a lifetime of fighting. His neck and shoulders carry the heaviest scarring and his face is mostly untouched, save for some scars on each cheek. His eyes are dark and serious, his gaze piercing when he is being critical of something.

Eik's body is compact, muscular, and nimble for its size. Since coming to Solterra he has lost weight and is much more slender and less muscular than he used to be. He is fairly short for his breed, but has learned to compensate during battles. Every muscle moves with grace and confidence-- it is the result of knowing in and out how to use his body most effectively as a tool. As a result of this, he appears to always have a destination- even when wandering aimlessly, there seems to be a sense of purpose to every step.

Once you get to know him, the flick of an ear or the twitch of his mouth can reveal a world of emotion, but to the layman his face is not very expressive. When he smiles it always seems private, as though he is laughing at some inside joke, and his smiles are always short lived.

What is it my mind wants to get at, always extending, hungering, looking back,
always tearing open again its own modernity, as if each thought is more than
the little present moment it sounds like, but, raised at an angle,
piercing me, having me imagine, to build such antique violences in my head,
it is a thorn?

+: Noble, Intelligent, Inquisitive, Calm, Persistent
-: Quiet, Stubborn, Reckless, Aloof, Critical

Eik is a man of contradictions- a mystic and a warrior, a dreamer with his nose to the ground. At first glance he is stoic and serious, and yet there is often a gleam of playfulness in his eyes that is not reflected in his words or actions. He believes himself a simple man, and in some ways he is... but nobody who seems simple really is, once you begin to peel back the layers.


Misery has sat in his bones for so long that it has found a home there. In a way, it is one of the only things holding him together anymore. Like a boat cut from the harbor, adrift in the storm, his first objective is to stay afloat and his second is to find direction in the dark. He does not want pity, nor attention of any sort, and prefers to struggle silently and internally. That being said, he actually enjoys company most of the time, and can be quite easygoing and easy to talk to. Despite his scarred, intimidating appearance, Eik is a peaceful man, preferring deep conversations (or even better, silence) to antagonizing or arguing. He is a naturally curious creature, and is interested in learning more about the people and places around him.

In conversation Eik is intense and insightful, though he often chooses not to share the depth of his thoughts. He is sometimes mistaken as being careless or crass, but that is simply his disregard of social convention. He shows his affection with actions, not words, and is fiercely loyal to the few he cares about.


When left alone with his thoughts, his reality begins to fray. He doesn't hear voices or see things which aren't there, but he is capable of getting completely lost in his own mind. He has the sense that there is a veil between himself and reality, that there is some wall between the way things appear and the way things are. As he grows older, there is a more and more pervasive feeling that his choices are not his own and that he is a puppet bound to the will of someone or something else.

It is fear of insanity which has pushed him to seek civilization again. He often feels pulled in two directions, for he is drawn to the comforts of society while also detesting the darker parts of it- the vanity, the competition, the herd (dare we say sheep?) mentality. After years of his nomadic lifestyle, settling down in a hierarchical society feels oddly claustrophobic. He is a bit of an anarchist and doesn't follow rules that do not fit his morals or beliefs.


Eik would be the same man no matter the life he lived. He knows this is not very realistic, that if the fire hadn't happened, if he hadn't lost his home, his family, certainly he should walk lighter, smile more--

But he knows this would not be the case. He feels it deep, and he trusts his feeling- for he knows the way things are and the way they ought to be rarely intersect.

Persons attempting to find a motive in this narrative will be prosecuted;
persons attempting to find a moral in it will be banished;
persons attempting to find a plot in it will be shot.

[thank you Mark Twain]

"My Acarn" his mother whispered to him before licking him clean. Acarn, Acorn-- the name only she would call him. To the rest of the world he was Eik, named after the great oak tree he was born beneath, whose strength and wisdom (and ripe old age) she wanted for him.

In his homeland, the far north, life was hard but straightforward. There were just three rules he followed: survive the winter, fight for your land and your people, and never forget the names of the fallen.

Life slips by quickily, if not easily, with established rules to follow. The winters were long and cold but they always passed. When they did it was the season of fighting. The tribes would battle for mares and territory as soon as the last snow melted. There were many deaths over the years, friends and family fallen to bigger, faster, stronger opponents. By necessity Eik became a skilled brawler and tactician. He was smart and scrappy enough to more than make up for his size and experience, his natural skills complimented perfectly by the lifestyle of his people.

His parents loved him fiercely and taught him everything they knew. He soaked up everything they had to share, asking questions until they no longer had answers for him.

Yet something nagged at him. As his peers became boisterous and cocky, he became reserved. It was not that he didn't enjoy the fight-- he loved it. He threw himself intently into each spar, as if searching for the answer to something in the rhythm of the dance. But he did not find the answers he was looking for. Even the questions eluded him.

And then one day it was all gone.

He had awoken to the smell of smoke and terror and so he ran, and ran, and ran. Later he returned to look for his herd, but they were gone. The fire ravaged the land overnight, it indiscriminately engulfed everything. Everyone he ever knew fled in terror or was taken by the flames. The tribes and their war games, and their land squabbles, all of it ash now. He waited three nights under the charred giant oak he had been born under,

then he turned south and began to walk.

The great fire was three years ago. He has since forgotten the names of the fallen. The list became too long to recount, and besides- his world is gone, what do its rules matter anymore? All he has are the questions without words.

Active & Parvus Magic

All his life, Eik has seen and heard things that were not there. From time to time he would feel things, too, that were not his feelings. And then one day, he began to see, hear, and feel things that were really there. The minds of others cracked open for him to read in bits and pieces here and there. Just as startling, he realized his mind was open as well, leaking out into the void-- or whomever was in his presence.

It was the beginning of a new chapter.

Enter stage right, Telepathy: Currently Eik is at Tier 3: Periti. Here are the general guidelines to his magic that apply to all tiers:
  • "Transmission" or "transmit" refers to the telepathic sending of thoughts/feelings/images, whether intentional or not
  • The stronger the emotional bond with someone, the stronger and easier Eik's abilities are with them. This effects the range, duration, and intensity of his telepathic abilities. This works the other way as well- if someone is hostile and guarded around Eik, it will be more tiresome to use his abilities.
  • Eik will never be able to mind control another or manipulate their senses in any way unless he is at Tier 4 and the target willingly lets him.
  • In general, sending or receiving feelings and images is easier than words.

Tier 1: Disculpi - The Empath
No control at all over telepathy- transmission is random and weak, like getting little fragments of the thoughts of whoever is around him. Maybe a few words here and there, or a random wave of emotion. At this stage he has a very difficult time differentiating between what are his thoughts and what are others. He is often overwhelmed and exhausted because he cannot "turn off" his abilities.

Tier 2: Vexillum - The Channel Surfer
Eik's magic is less overwhelming to him at this tier. Most importantly, he can tell the difference between his thoughts and others. He can put up a telepathic wall to prevent sending or receiving, unless he is fatigued or in a heightened emotional state, and hold it for about 5 hours per day without tiring. Without the wall, thoughts/pictures come at random and with higher frequency and intensity than Tier 1. He is now able to actively read what someone is feeling or thinking, but it takes much focus and is difficult to sustain for more than a few seconds at a time. Actively using telepathy tires him and leaves him vulnerable to accidentally transmitting more of his own thoughts/feelings.

Tier 3: Periti - The White Wave
This is the first tier where Eik is in complete control of what he transmits. Nobody will hear his thoughts unless he chooses to send them. It takes very little effort for him to sustain the telepathic wall which blocks the random transmissions of others. He can actively reach into the minds of others to read thoughts and feelings without much exhaustion, and can even do so while maintaining a verbal conversation. He can now dabble in telepathic abilities that go beyond sending or receiving thoughts. For example, he can sense the presence of living things within 100 feet, read the memories of others, and with great focus can scry the location and condition of someone (success varies depending on his relationship with that someone).

Tier 4: Dominus - The Mind Weaver
Complete control over sending and receiving thoughts with almost no effort. He can rapidly "read" large groups. At this tier he can now actively manipulate others by planting suggestions or influences, with varying degrees of success.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

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The birds have vanished down the sky.
Now the last cloud drains away.
We sit together, the mountain and me,
until only the mountain remains.

-Li Bai

A sad bloop.

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