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At first glance, the stallion is nothing remarkable: tall, lean, handsomely made; a dark bay with a small star slightly off-center between his large dark eyes. But there is a shimmer about him, when the light catches him right, and on closer inspection its source becomes apparent: he is just the slightest touch of sabino, but instead of white markings it’s twilight that’s touched him, blues and silvers and the barest of rose that brindles his rump and his belly, the silver of cold stars that’s shot through his mane and tail.

It’s an apt look for him, a dreamer’s look that matches his dreamer’s heart. His eyes are deepest brown, and curious, and kind, but his heart is full of longing, a low-banked fire that comes through, sometimes, when he looks at you. He could be a warrior, with enough training — he has the body for it, though he’s less brawny than slender. He might fill out, in time, being only four years old. But then, there’s an absence of hardness in him, and it comes through in the way he walks, the grace of a deer rather than a wolf or a lion.

Woe, though, to the one that points this out to him.

For better or for worse, Asterion is more dreamer than doer, though he wants badly to be the latter. Someday, he’s sure, he’ll get there - but another of the stallion’s flaws is that he needs a north star, a guiding purpose, a direction for his dreaming. In part because of his quiet, safe upbringing, he comes off as younger than the nearly five he is; maybe he’ll always be a tousle-haired boy, in some respects.

He’s kind and hopeful, with a moral center inherited from his father that he closely adheres to. His inexperience and generally trusting nature make him more gullible than perhaps he ought to be; so far nobody has taken advantage of him for it, but there comes a time for everything.

Asterion is courageous in a quiet, cautious sort of way, and perhaps puts too much stock in being noble (it’s rarely a world where being noble puts you on top). When he finds himself a hero, he’s often blind to their flaws, another drawback to his own guilelessness. He is a bad liar and a good friend, unerringly loyal.

But he inherited from his father a wanderlust that he can’t quite shake. He spent too long on the beaches of his youth, dreaming of seeing the world, but as he grows older he wonders if he’ll ever be content to call a place home again. It’s this that gives a dark edge to his dreaming, plus a guilt he carries for his inability to save his twin in all the ways she (in his eyes) required rescuing. He could never see that she never wanted a rescuer, that not everyone longs for a knight or a hero.

Optimism and restlessness, given to fancy and and tall tales, Asterion goes through life like a boy on an endless quest. He’s just not sure what he’s looking for.

Positive: Hopeful, Loyal, Quick to Make Friends, Trusting, Gentle, Thoughtful
Negative: Directionless, Gullible, Self-Doubting, Shy, Foolish

Asterion was born to a grim wanderer of a father and a wild dreamer of a mother and raised in a quiet inlet along a northern sea. His father left before he could remember anything of him but his color, a vibrant red, and though he begged for stories his mother would typically only smile, and look to sea, and say very little.

He also is a twin, and his golden sister is the source of the bulk of his fears and his failures. For all they shared, there in the quiet darkness of their mother, he ought to have known her better. Ought to have saved her (she did not want saving, but he could never see that; Asterion’s head has ever been full of heroes and dreams). Perhaps his twin, Talia, had more of their father than Asterion did, for she was quick to leave. The soft wildness of their mother had hardened in her.

It became something else in him, his head full of wanderlust and star stuff, tales of white knights and their heroic deeds. When he was ready he left home, longing for sights other than a quiet, safe beach, longing for adventures with villains other than seagulls and crabs.

He found his adventures in a place called Ravos, a place of gods and wild magic and something shifting beneath the surface. He also found his twin - found her and lost her again. Perhaps the most important thing he found was a unicorn, the last of her kind, and she was the hero he’d always imagined: bold and deadly, passionate and fearless. In her passion he found purpose; she was going to teach him to fight, to become the hero he’d dreamed of being - to become worthy of her, so different and so like his twin.

Asterion was on his way to her when she left, leaping into a rift that godless, wild magic had created - one that lead to death or the unknown. For a long time, he did not follow; he was too new for adventure, too shy for glory. But the lands dwindled and began to fade until if he stayed he would be the only one left. In the end, his fear of death (or whatever lay in that terrible ripple of fierce magic) was less than his fear of being alone, and so he leapt, his heart in his throat, his hope that wherever he landed, she would be there.

But the lawless, hungry magic left him in Novus, and alone.

Active & Parvus Magic

Tier 1: Discipuli

Asterion is only just beginning to discover his magic. When he truly concentrates, he can seemingly manipulate the waves - a minuscule adjustment in size or speed, and nothing more. He seems to have a better ability to find water, and knows better than most when rain is coming. When he does manipulate it, he feels very dehydrated, and none of his abilities are very reliable.

Tier 2: Vexillum

Asterion must still be around water to use his gifts. Now he can control bodies of water with more ease, directing waves or calming them, and can summon mist/light rain, though such an effort will tire him for the rest of the day. He can also begin to draw water from the earth, though nothing so deep as a well - he can only reach what is a few feet below the surface.

Tier 3: Periti

He is much more comfortable in using his magic. With concentration he can summon a rainstorm, ringing water from nearby clouds - or direct one away. If he is within eyesight of the sea he can raise great waves, or adjust the strength of a tide. For brief periods of time he can draw away water from an area altogether, temporarily clearing a floodplain, riverbed or beach. He can draw water from deeper depths in the earth and from plants, and if he is near a source of water he can make a ‘wall’ of it, to close in an enemy or defend himself or another. He can form creatures from available water and sustain them for up to an hour, unless they are used to attack, at which point they become simply water again. Anything particularly strenuous will leave him dehydrated and weak for several hours.

Tier 4: Dominus

Asterion has mastered his magic. In addition to the previous levels, he can redirect small rivers, call up tidal waves, cause small amounts of flooding, and draw a powerful storm from miles away. He can manipulate the water in all living things, dehydrating them by pulling it out of their cells (or flooding them by drowning them from within). He can use any level of moisture in the air to create rain or a puddle to drink from. Asterion can walk on water.

Parvus Magic

At lower levels, Asterion's body seems to "weep" water in states of heightened emotions. It rolls from him like tears or streams from his mane and tail. Once he begins to master his magic he can control this, but sometimes water rises in the hoof-prints he leaves behind, and at level 3 and 4 he can stay dry in a rainstorm if he wishes it, his skin repelling water.

Passive Magic


Cirrus, the Pallas' Gull.

Reference of species here

There is nothing particularly special about the Pallas’ Gull named Cirrus. She is a little bigger than most of her kind, with a 70-inch wingspan, and weighs around three pounds. For a seagull she is striking, with a pitch-black head, a white body and storm-grey wings with white at the tip. Her legs are yellow and her bill is tipped in red. Her eyes are large and black and watchful.

Cirrus possesses none of her bonded’s doubt. She is confident and focused, fearless and impatient. Like most gulls she is arrogant and possessive, and can be distracted by food or anything that gleams in the light. The bird is not remotely shy, and quick to chide Asterion when she feels he is being willfully hesitant.

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