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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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"Are there lines she's crossing? Should she toe them or touch them with a pole and stay away wholly? But to avoid such a storm he offers, such a taste of life; to withhold herself from the chance to taste starlight, to love satin and silk and swallow pomegranate seeds not yet offered... She should be stronger." — Moira in
Small as a wish in a well

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Age:5 [Year 498 Summer]
Gender: Female
Pronouns: She/Her/Hers
Orientation: Bisexual
Breed: Arabian x Paint x Shire
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Attack: 12
Experience: 10
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Efphion is draped in the robes of elegance, from the distinct cuve of her face to the accesories accenting her lithe figure. Her coat has been burned to a charcoal gray, giving way only to oceans of light gray starting at her muzzle and cascading down much of her lower half. Black ink splashes the tip of her muzzle, crawling just past her nares. The same ink embraces her eye and drips from each side in one elegant line. Each orb is as vibrant and tempestuous as the sun itself. Vibrant explosions of reds, oranges, and golds adorn her irises, undoubtedly a gift from Xamis. In her left thorn nests two spiraled rings that pierce through the velveteen flesh. Each ring is delicately crafted, lovingly carved with small intricate details, they give the impression of being individual pieces. From her neck drapes a familial necklace, delicate and light. It looks as though it was pulled from a bed of stars with each strand that encircles her nape. From her crest and flank cascades rivers of lustrous ashen hair. Rivers of ash, curling at the edges, and falling just below the major joints of her legs.
"For such passionate violence, that even love yields to these flames that pour from the depths of thy soul."

"You were sculpted from the seas of ashes, conjured from the enemies our kin have decimated. The artist loved you greatly, but they did not love you without fury and violence. In their rage, and darkness you came to him like the visions of a fever. Carved from the anguish, despair, and wrath, and painted with the soot and ash of our enemies. Within your appearance lies the darkness, the fear, anger and the uncertainty that plagues all mortals. One such as you cannot live without fire, without violence and for that each love will burn and scar you like no other before you. Make no mistake of your existence, though you are born from our greatest sorrows and fury, you are necessary. Great destruction will follow you in swaths, and seas of crimson will flow from your feet. There has been no weapon nor fury greater. You are the Wrath of the Sun."
Efphion was molded by the flames of violence and is equally the result of opportunity. Her childhood was fraught with peril and chaos upon the departure of many reknowned children of the sun. Her wild nature encouraged by the forges of chaos. Efphion as always been the type to react without much thought, and has been exceedingly lucky in her endeavors. Those in power praised her prowess in battle from an early age, but could do little to sate her destructive storms. Effy is as authentic as they come, and while she is not always honest she easily boasts her true self. Effy is a storm that is as hot as the surface of the sun, and as unpredictable as the great waves of typhoons. She embraces the notions that she is volatile and virulent, these notions thrust upon her by the fellow solar children. Effy does not know any variation of the word 'cease.' She is as ceasless as she is fearless. No task nor obstacle is to great for her to overcome. Effy is quick to use force and has a voracious appetite for battle, but unlike her kin she is not a respectful soldier. Efphion is one of the most callous and ruthless when crossed, and cannot spar for the sake of the sport. She is able to recognize others as her equal, despite her nature, and those that have proven themselves will always have her loyalty. Efphion is eager and quick to swear loyalty to a crown, and devote herself to a kingdom. Effy is particular to others who worship or even entertain the idea the the Sun is the source of the greatest power. She lives, breaths, and battles in the name of the sun. Effy sees former kin as traitors for leaving Reth, such as her sister Noctiilucent. Her hatred is as endless as the vast expanse of space, and forgiveness is just as foreign. Effy is a violent, loveless creature that will cease her endeavors no shorter than total destruction of her enemies.
  • Persistant
  • Confident
  • Authentic
  • Energetic
  • Loyal
  • Courageous
  • Negative
  • Violent
  • Deceptive
  • Aggressive
  • Fearless
  • Callous
  • Resentful

  • "Until this child, I had thought that the child consumed by anguish had been one of the most monumentally problematic. And then the child born beneath my sign spilled into Reth. Xamis help her, she was so violently wild. Just as her sister's passion and love rivaled my father's, this child's wrath, and resentment too rivaled my father. She was so white hot, and so destructive, I had never felt so responsible nor angry with a child. This child would never know harmony, and so she sowed seeds of discord anywhere she could. No amount of compassion, love, nor patience could penetrate the endless depthts of her anger. She was a force of nature outside of our control, and she burned us as hotly as Xamis himself. A child with the wrath of the sun, and so I bestowed unto her that title the day she danced into battle. Effy would never be the eloquent child so many born beneath my sign before her had been. How I ached for my dawnbringer, never did I dream what this would mean for Effy. I resented her from the moment she set foot in my temple, and watched as she desecrated the beautiful place my mother had made flourish. Burned to the ground, til nothing but boulders of marble were strewn in my little patch of valley. Oh I writhed and burned to see such destruction brought upon me. It was only my dear, compassionate brother who ceased my decimation of her. Even Solomnus could not help her."
    Effy was born into the same world that her elder sister, Noctiilucent, was born into. Instead of being born beneath what her kin revered as one of the most beautiful occurances, she was born in a time when they feared for their survival. Upon the departure of her sister, a great fury had broken out among the gods. They punished their mortal childrent for the sins and burdens that her elder sister had placed upon them. It is said that their retaliation is what shaped her relentless fury. She stood in opposition to Xamis, openly challenging him in battles of all sorts. Effy was never truly able to break out from her sister's shadow, at least not until a few years after her sister had departed. Effy quickly gained a reputation for her virulent behavior, she was the warrior that every father hoped their child would be. Her frequent challenging of Xamis earned her the title of Wrath of the Sun when she proved to the gods that she deserved it upon the admission of Xamis that her fury rivalled his own.

    Effy only believed in the gods when she wanted or needed something, and desecrated important relics if they displeased her. In a a way she had seen herself as untouchable, since Noctiilucent had been punished so severely. Efphion soon found this to be an illusion when Xamis sent messengers to her to test her prowess in battle. She bested these messengers, who were all mortals of the greatest devotion to the temple of the sun. Upon her victory she stormed the temple of Xamis, viciously attacking his very identity. Effy had approached what was known to the Children of the Sun as "The Great Beacon" with the intent to destroy it. She had a deep hatred for icons, and had always held the opinion the gods should show themselves to their followers for worship, and not to place such heavy reliance upon icons or symbols. For the first time in many centuries, Xamis appeared before a mortal.

    Effy had been stricken with awe by his sheer presence, and the fact that she stood before the very god the Children of the Sun claimed to love the most passionately. Xamis answered her challenge and burned her in much the same ways that she had burned the gods with her fury. They exchanged blows, and Efphion walked away with her once vibrant coat charred beyond recognition. Her pelt did not grow back into the once brilliant gold she had been born with, instead, she appeared as though she was born from the cinders and ashes of the sunfire. Efphion earned her title after this event, when three witnesses, the devotees of Xamis came forward to testify that she had indeed been burned by the Father Sun himself.

    Efphion was regarded much more highly after this, though she had lost when faced with the god she know held the most respect for. Effy's ways did not change, and upon inflicting more suffering on the immortal children of Xamis, he expelled her from Reth. Effy left to honour the fact she truly did respect him, and vowed to always carry on in his name. Efphion decided upon her expulsion from Reth that she would reform and live to truly be the Wrath of the Sun.
    "I envisioned her as the eye of all storms, and knew many days before her birth that she would bring great floods, whether that would be by floods of fire or floods caused by her torrential rains I was not certain."

    "The visions this child brought unto me perturbed me greatly when it was received. From the depths of the cosmos that were aeons old, they still could not prepare me for the child that was born as a storm. I saw her, billowing clouds of ash and fury long before her conception. I warned my siblings of the approaching child that would become a storm like no other before. They had scoffed at me, though many visions had proved true of the problem children. The cosmos have always warned me, and this child was no different. Efphion was born the half-sister of one who had also brought trouble, but no strife that her sister had brought would rival that which this child would rain down upon Reth. I was the first to encounter her, and even from a distance, her fury had burned into me a fear I had never known before. Upon the eve of her birth, I withdrew my knowledge of her. Her parents did not seek me out, and I was forced to watch in fear of what this child would do. I had warned them, but none had heeded the sirens I sounded. Effy would bring a great pain and burning within all that she touched or loved. I had never seen a love so furious nor a love so toxic before. "
    "This child could not be documented in study alone, one had to live and breathe every twitch of the fibers in her muscles. They had to live her joy and feel the great valleys of sorrow that extended the fuel of her violence."

    "Oh, how this child intrigued me so. Perhaps it is her bloodline that lended unto her such a unique existence, but she was truly one of a kind nonetheless. I will not attribute credit to things I cannot know, but will commend this child for such prowess. This was a child after my own heart, whose fury allowed her to excell on the fields of battle. How I relished in the blood she shed in our name, she decimated the enemies of our children just as she desecrated the temples of my father and siblings. Oh, I burned at her hooves, and I burned for her. I had never loved fury before, nor had I ever fell in love with a mortal prior to her. Effy shaped a very visceral reality for all my siblings, as well as in me. I was torn in ways I cannot begin to explain, and was forced to love her from such a great distance. How I yearned to lie beside my beautiful maiden of wrath. She was the huntress I had waited for my entire existence. Yet she caused me such pain, she violated my temple despite the multiple gifts of beauty I had bestowed upon her. Effy would never love me as I loved her, and it set my heart on fire with the flames of her rejection, and still, I smolder for the love I cannot have from the child of wrath. And still I desire to whisk her away, and make her my queen, no matter how virulent she is."
    "This insolent child has evoked a wrath so great that it threatened to consume the domain of the sun. I cast her from Reth with the hopes of saving my kingdom from the floods of fire she would bring with her. I protected Reth from the child who would bring nothing but ashes and destruction in her wake, despite her love for me and claims to shed blood in my name."

    "This child, oh how my fury for her burns with the violence of the solar storms across the cosmos. I do not care that she was the first in centuries to become my adversary, for I felt that she was worthy. I had earned her respect upon besting her in the flood plains of fire. I never personally had a problem with her again, not after my victory. But my children she caused to suffer such seering pain. I could not forgive her. I could not forgive the disrespect, and reckless violence she brought to my children. No matter if she was a child of mine, I would not stand for it. When she stirred a great anguish in Xephine with her fiery rejections, I acted. Love was not made for the violence and ashes she brought with her, and so I cast this child from Reth. No longer would Efphion belong to my children, no matter how much she proclaimed to shed blood in my name. She had become one of the enemies she believed she was fighting, and I wished that she would fight herself. No child has ever rivalled my wrath, and had she not rejected Xephine I would have made her a daughter beside her. Efphion could have been a queen and a fiery goddess of all huntresses. Yet she loved so violently that she would have caused the decimation of Reth, and for that I could not stand. I could not stand to see my masterpiece burned to cinder and ash because of a lone selfish child."
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    Small Accessories One Spiraled Earring - appears as though it is six separate piercings, though it is one spiral. It pops out of her left ear in three places. One necklace - gifted to her by a goddess of her homeland as a display of love for her, lines of beads drip down along her nape, and appears to be made of pure silver. there are four total bands that circle her nape. At the front the bands dangle down the front of her throat.

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