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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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In peak health, Annabeth is at once incredibly solid and somewhat primitive in her build. She stands at a respectable 15.1hh, neither incredibly tall, nor remarkably short. Used to hard, sweat inducing work, Anna has nothing in the way of a "sexy strut" and generally walks like a particularly determined badger. She takes little care in her appearance, often only dealing with the worst snarls in her mane and tail when she can no longer avoid putting it off. Unfortunately for this habit, she has rather long, black tresses which she refuses to cut. Oftentimes twigs and leaves get caught in the knots and if someone else doesn't point it out, they may remain there for days. If she remembers to address this problem before it becomes an issue, she will french braid her mane and wrap her tail into a thick bun.

Annabeth has a bay dun coat that is typically bleached a lighter cream by prolonged exposure to the sun in the summer months. Sooty black points clad her legs, with primitive stripes streaking her forearms and gaskins. Tufts of thin feathering sprout from her fetlocks and are hardly long enough to reach her ebony hooves. Her muzzle is a pale lavender/pink and house strong white teeth which she takes prodigious care of.

Her most prominent features are a pair of wooden horns that sprout from between dark, walnut colored eyes. Though stronger than they appear, they are unlike most typical unicorn horns as they are not sharp enough to impale. Annabeth's primary use for them is in planting and tending crops. Depending on the season and Anna's own health, they can become thick enough to deal a hefty blow and if broken can regrow.
In her youth, Annabeth was the poster child for the words (+) capable and (+) dependable. She was a sturdy country girl who could be trusted to get things done without complaining. Now in this new world, she is (+) hopeful that she can find help to not only regain her confidence, but get her back home as well. Her (+) warmth when with friends and equines she trusts is legendary. Anna seems to know instinctively when someone needs to talk or just needs some company and idle chatter.

Above all else, Anna is most comfortable when she has a job to do. She hates being idle and it can make her stir crazy. While this is generally a good thing and a coping mechanism for her past, it's not always healthy. Often she will use the jobs she has to hide behind and avoid addressing the problems that arise. In that regard, there is a good portion of Anna that (-) lives in denial. She believes that one day she will be able to find a way back to her birthplace and family. Never mind the fact that she traveled a solid year over land and sea only to be carried off by the unpredictable currents onto a realm that she has never even heard of.

After her abduction and mistreatment at the hands of her captors, she has become more (-) uncertain when faced with new experiences. Anna used to be a (+) dreamer and would leap at the opportunity to try her hoof at anything that came her way. Now she is much more (-) cautious, only doing things she knows are safe or are in her comfort zone. Due to the nature of her arrival in Novus, Anna has extreme (-) thalassophobia and will not go within 50ft of salt water. Her fear also extends to overly large bodies of freshwater and having her head submerged in any way. She is relatively comfortable in fresh water as long as her hooves can feel the bed of the lake or stream and she doesn't think about it too much.

One of the most comforting things she can do to ease her transition in Novus is to plant and grow crops. Though it is a painful reminder of her family, the actions associated with tending growing things are more soothing and meditative than anything else Anna could do. She is incredibly (+) nurturing and that trait extends to all living things, not just those with chlorophyll.

After Annabeth's time as a stallwarmer for first the stallion who kidnapped her, then the mare who transported her over sea, Anna is hesitant to start romantic relationships. Their casual use of her body has left her incredibly wary of those who would do the same. As much as she will guard the deep recesses of her heart, there is a part of her subconscious that longs to be held and share the warmth of another consensually. Though she is hopeful that a sweet, understanding stallion will undertake the quest for her affections, unbeknownst to her, she would be just as content if a mare did as well...
trigger warning: sexual abuse Like every country filly, Annabeth grew up dreaming of the day her prince would come and sweep her off her hooves. Tucked in a remote valley, and completely surrounded by mountains, the closest thing her village had to royalty was the duke (a particularly old and lazy sheep dog who spent most of his time sleeping). That didn't stop Anna from dreaming. After a day in the fields helping her father and six brothers tend the crops, Anna would race to meet her best friend Eliza. They would hide themselves away in their "secret" meadow and take turns at playing princess. Sometimes a mighty beast (aka Eliza's incredibly fat family cat) would stand in the way of true love, but never fear! For every princess had a trusty confidant and handmaiden who would risk everything to deliver a message of love from her lady to the distant prince.

As time passed, the two fillies grew older and the dashing princes they dreamed of slowly began to resemble the baker's son or the blacksmith's apprentice. Annabeth, dusted with sun and surrounded by brothers became a strong, hardworking filly. She may not have turned too many heads when she passed by, but there was a warmth to her that made everyone nearby relax in her presence. Eliza, the only daughter of an innkeeper and widower was the true diamond in the rough among their small village. Anna's dear friend was a dainty and curvaceous tobiano whose merry eyes could lead a stallion to sinful thoughts quicker than the beat of a hummingbird's wing. As Eliza came closer to maturity, it made for very good business at the tavern.

Annabeth would be a liar if she ever said she wasn't jealous of Eliza's good looks, but the two of them were closer than sisters. Besides, they had a pact. If they both ever liked the same stallion, then neither of them could have him. It was as simple as that.

Of course, nothing can remain simple for long.

Unbeknownst to their small village, their kingdom had fought in a great war and lost. Due to the remote nature of the valley, by the time Annabeth and her parents heard that the kingdom was preparing for war, the Canxin Empire was already executing all of the remaining royalty. At the time, the village wasn't overly concerned. They knew that it was generally too much of a bother for recruiters to come so far or demand supplies for the campaign. The most bureaucratic presence they had to deal with was a tax collector who only came once every two years.

Imagine their surprise then, when a squad of very foreign, incredibly cold pegasus' landed in their valley and told them to prepare to meet the demands of a small army heading their way. Without any other explanation, the squad took off and left the village in chaos. News of the war had come only a month ago and yet this clearly appeared to be a foreign victory. Annabeth was just shy of her third year at the time and she remembers the anxiety this news caused her parents. These backwater country equines hardly knew the etiquette to deal with their own militia... how would handle an exotic, hostile army of foreigners? As young as they were, Eliza and Annabeth believed their parents when they said everything was going to be ok.

A few days later saw the Canxin army spilling from the mountains and into the valley. Annabeth and Eliza, fascinated by the idea of seeing these foreigners, hid in an outcropping and watched them pass. The fillies, with the eyes of youth, were enchanted by the dashing figures all the soldiers made. Certainly life wouldn't be so bad if these handsome stallions were in charge? They giggled to eachother on the way back to their homes, imagining what it would be like to catch the eye of one of the foreigners. They didn't have to wait long to find out.

While the fillies were ogling the invaders, the village elders met with the commander of the army. In addition to the tariffs, taxes and various supplies demanded, there was one more thing. The Canxin Emperor was a stallion of prodigious lusts and mercurial temperament. He kept a vast harem of beautiful mares to entertain him, but had the habit of becoming far too violent whilst in the act of passion. Scarred and maimed concubines were released in the dozens from week to week, and that did not include the unfortunates who never drew breath again. To sate his appetite, every region he controlled was required to send a certain number of maids every year to become a part of his harem. As soon as he was done with them, they were allowed to go, but there was no guarantee of their health or beauty after.

Naturally, the village elders argued fiercely over this, but the unflappable Canxin commander only twitched an ear and told them that they had three days to decide who they would send, or he would do it for them. As soon as the elders told the rest of the village, outrage filled the valley. Food, metal, and other supplies they had in plenty and could spare for the regime to ensure their survival, but their daughters?! They would be sex slaves for who knows how long and could only come back home terribly maimed, or dead!

When Eliza's father heard the news his eyes went cold and he refused to speak. No one would take away his precious girl. The next day his head was mounted on a spike next to several other stallions who had attempted a reckless fight against the Canxin army. Two of Annabeth's brother's were among them. When Eliza found out, her keening broke the hearts of all that heard it. She threw herself at the hooves of the commander and begged him to leave them be. It would have been better if she had mourned in silence. The moment the commander laid his eyes on the beautiful Eliza, he knew that she would make a perfect addition to the emperor's harem. She was just his type.

Using the attack as an excuse to shorten the time given to the village, the commander rounded up all the fillies and mares. He didn't care if the ones he picked were too young, or already married with a suckling foal. All he cared about was a pretty face and sumptuous curves. Worse, he didn't refrain from picking mares that he, or his favorites would enjoy as well. For it was a long journey back to the Canxin empire and it didn't hurt to have a personal stall warmer. Annabeth, with her sturdy form and tangled mane wasn't worthy of serving the emperor, but the commander had a weak spot for farm girls.

And so Annabeth and Eliza received their childhood wish to be swept off their hooves for a royal.

Their departure and journey was nothing short of hell. Eliza became withdrawn and distant, never speaking a word, even to her best friend. The other nine mares who were conscripted acted much the same. Without Annabeth, one, if not more, would have surely thrown themselves off a cliff. Annabeth became their rock during the journey. She woke up every dawn and cajoled, begged and bribed the others to just go one more day. She shielded them from the worst of the soldier's advances, astutely observing that the emperor would want first pick (though she did not yet know that some of the mares, including herself, were hardly his type). Anna convinced herself that she did all of this out of true selflessness, but there was a deeper reason. While she was taking care of everyone else, she didn't have to think. She didn't have to remember her brother's contorted faces spiked haphazardly with their swollen tongues hanging out. She couldn't see her mother bruised and bloodied by soldiers when she tried to run after her only daughter. It was an escape and a lie that worked just as well and Eliza's muteness.

After a few weeks of letting Annabeth live her little lie, the commander began to send for her every night after the troop had finished marching. Of those evenings Anna does not wish to speak or relive.

Several months later found Anna, Eliza and the other mares penned in with hundreds of other females brought from every reach of the kingdom. They waited and watched as ship after ship was loaded and sent off towards the distant Canxin. When soldiers came to take Eliza away, she went berserk as she realized that Anna was not coming along as well. Nothing seemed to stop her until the commander reluctantly intervened and decided to send Anna along as well. They could always drug Eliza once she got to Canxin to get Anna away from her and it wasn't like there weren't plenty of other farmgirls.

So it passed that Eliza and Anna became the charges of the sultry Captain Serene. Informed by the commander of Anna's ineligibility for the emperor, Serene also sent for Anna during the long nights at sea. A month into the voyage, Serene had taken quite a shine to her personal whore (Anna) and was making arrangements to keep the farmgirl on the ship after the rest of the cargo had been dropped off for the emperor. Perhaps if circumstances had been different, Anna would have even stayed willingly

The storm came out from nowhere and waves like a vengeful god dashed the ship to pieces. Screams, and sobs were drowned out by thunder in pitch darkness. Flashes of cold lightning illuminated the wreckage as equines flailed everywhere to find something to cling to. Annabeth was swept under by a vicious current and pulled far away from the ship. By the time she resurfaced, there was no one in sight and only sheer luck sent her a plank to buoy her. Anna has no idea how long or how far she swam. In hallucination she would sometimes think that strange creatures were following her and once she swore she saw the face of an equine break water before diving down again.

The body that was once hers has washed up upon the shores of Novus. Emaciated and hardly breathing, without help she will surely perish with the next tide as she has no more strength left to swim.
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