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Andalusian x Appaloosa


16.3 hh







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From a distance, and sometimes (with his lack of care over his appearance) even up close, Ulysses comes across as very plain. His dull coat is painted in a solid shade that could put even a starless sky to shame. But there is a little more to see than what meets the eye, just above his left hip, closer to being on his back rather than on his side are three little white spots that if connected by a thin line would create a triangle. These markings, other than scarring caused by his disorder (described in his personality section), are the only sign that his breeding is anything other than that of the strong spanish lines that create his broad and muscular frame.

His mane and tail are simple, ink stained and long. In an almost perpetual state of tangled, if you look closely enough you can make out a braid or two in the thick mass of hair that sprouts along his spine. The only thing spectacular that stands out about this stallion is the fact that he sees the world through pools of flame.

Build wise, Ulysses screams that of a normal Andalusian. Nothing even remotely giving away the fact that his sire had blood of a pure appaloosa running through his veins aside from the three spots on his rear. Even his mane and tail are full and thick, unlike that of the other half of his breeding. Long legs bring his bulky frame to a total of 16.3hh.

breeding; andalusian x appaloosa
coat; non-fading black few spot appaloosa
eyes; orange
height; 16.3hh when fully grown
genetics; Ee/nLp

headstrong | loyal | aggressive | distant | distrusting | man of few words | ambitious | adventurous | aloof | quick witted | sarcastic | self destructive | dare-devil

From a very young age Ulysses could be described as jaded. He was never overly outgoing or playful as a child, as he didn't have much of a childhood. Forced into growing up early, and without a family to love and dote on him as most normal children did, the one with few spots has turned into a distant and aloof creature who speaks as few words as he has spots.

More apt to act out on his emotions rather that use words to express those feelings, he tends to be more on the aggressive side of things. Definitely a fighter, not so much a lover, the idea of forming any kind of close bond with another being is terrifying and something likely to send the midnight steed running for the hills. Ulysses can be found more often off on his own, venturing to find some new kind of adventure he has yet to explore. This tends to get him in trouble as boundaries are something he finds laughable and has no qualms over getting into a physical altercation with someone much larger than himself. The experience is worth the pain suffered.

Ulysses' mouth, when it does open, tends to get him in quite a bit of trouble. The filter placed between your brain and your slack jawed mouth seems to have been misplaced when putting this troublemaker together. He either gives himself too much time to think before speaking, or not enough and promptly putting his foot in his mouth.

Due to being abandoned as a child, Ulysses finds it hard to trust anyone. Mostly out of fear of being left again, but he won't ever tell you that. But if there is someone out there stubborn enough to stick around and fight to gain his trust then they have found a life long companion. An ally who will give you a stronger alliance than that of NATO.

Ulysses suffers from a rare genetic disorder called congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA. This disorder takes away his ability to feel pain or temperature, rather he just feels mild pressure in the location where the pain should be. Due to this, Ulysses tends to injure himself without knowing it, his lip is almost always cracked from being bitten while nervously chewing on his lip. you can read more on his disorder here & feel free to direct any questions to Semper over discord

Unlike the majority of the population, Ulysses was not brought into the world in a moment of love and passion. There were no rose petals, no candle light, no soft music playing in the background. Soft words were not uttered between his mother and father, there were no loving emotions involved in his creation, and if you were to somehow find his mother now, she would spit in your face and tell you that the fear and hatred that ran livid through her veins on the eve of his conception caused the twisted creature you have come to know and love.

His mother was a beautiful, gentle creature before the events transpired. She had her life planned out for her, working away at the temple of the earth god. Worshipping from sun up until sun down and then some every day. This had been her life for as long as she could remember, her parents had been poor folk and unable to care for her so they had deposited their beloved daughter on the steps of the temple to be raised and cared for by those who could. Or at least that was what she had always been told. Ayleen was one of the more favored of the temple maidens, her smile lighting up the room and her laugh sounding like the first bird song after a long, hard winter.

But all of that changed when the blanketed stallion began visiting the temple. There was a darkness to him that startled everyone, sucked the light and life from the temple as soon as he placed a hoof on the steps. Many in the temple wanted to chase him off, feeling too uncomfortable by his presence. But Ayleen was determined to welcome all who walked through the door as she had been taught all these years.

Pregnancy was not a welcomed idea to the maiden. The birth of the child was even less welcomed since the stranger had left immediately following the events, leaving her sobbing and broken in the shadows of her home.

Even worse was when the child came forth, dark as night with eyes like fire. And the unseeming ability to feel pain, he was distant, mean, and would wander away from her side quite often. Just to return bleeding from a new location with a big grin on his face. It was all too much for the young mare to handle, so as soon as Ulysses was no longer reliant on nursing to survive the maid headed towards the closest court she could find to repeat her own history over once again.

Not a single tear was shed from either party as Ayleen told her son to remain here by the path, flaming eyes watched as she disappeared into the night, never to be seen again.

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Ulysses and Acantha have been bonded since right around the time his mother deserted him in the Tinea Swamp of the Dusk Court. She is the bright and cheerful to his more dark, distant demeanor. Acantha is very friendly and likely to walk right up to their company to "introduce" herself and her less than outgoing companion. She is the only thing that the boy believes he can truly love and is honestly quite confused as to if he loves her because there is the final possibility of loving something or if it is just because their souls are tied together.

Acantha is a simple red European Fox. She is small for her species, standing in at only 14inches at her shoulder and 18inches from the tip of her nose to the end of her tail, weighing in at a tiny 6.5 pounds. Her coloring is a bright orangey red that fades into black on her muzzle, limbs, tips of her ears, and her tail. The very tip of her tail is a pristine snowy white as is the bottom of her chin, her chest and her belly. Acantha sees the world through warm orange-brown eyes and can generally be found darting around her bonded's feet or curled up on his back basking in the sunlight.

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semper here! feel free to hit me up on discord for plots with this handsome boy~

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