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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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Age: 7 [Year 496 Fall]
Gender: Male
Pronouns: He/Him/His
Orientation: Heterosexual
Breed: Andalusian x
Height: 16.1 hh
Health: 12
Attack: 8
Experience: 10
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-By Selkie

Beware the man painted in gold
His words are clever and bright
But his soul is wicked and cold
Mischief and trouble is his delight


Breed :: Spanish Mix (closest: Andalusian)
Gender :: Brute
Age :: Five Autumns
Species :: Unicorn
Horn :: Two impala like horns
Eyes :: Chocolate/Earth brown with gold flecks
Mane :: Creamy white
Body :: Golden Palomino
Hooves:: Cloven grey
Markings :: Brown dorsal stripe with 3 bars on his hip and 1 on shoulder. A leaf like shape on his forehead.
Tail :: Lion like tail with locks running off with thicker locks towards the end.


He thinks he a looker, and to many he may be. His Spanish lines have given him a broad face, but still sleek head, and a thick neck but not ask bold as a draft’s. His chest is deep and back compact but fitting. His legs are of a warm built but not as delicate looking as others. All in all an athletic creature who is moving into his prime. Covering this skeleton is a rich palomino coat. Taking pride in it he does try to keep it clean, again, he thinks he’s a looker. Got to look sharp for those ladies.

Not much mars his coat of gold. One or two scars, but no more than roughing it with loners will cause. The only notable ones are a faint one circling his neck and very light ones on his right hind. Bother barely noticeable. On his forehead is a white leaf like shape. It’s very sharp and defined. Most of the time it is missed as it hides behind cream locks. These are rather already growing long for his age and will likely grow longer still. Also at times hidden are his earth brown eyes, speckled with gold. He does have a curious feature in the form of a dorsal stripe in rich brown, not far from the color of his eyes. It extends down in the form of a bar on his shoulder curved back and three on his hip curved forward.

The lad is a Unicorn, and his horns he’ll proud show you. Not a traditional straight horn, these take on the form of an impala. They grow before his ears and curve up over then back, and finally reach back forward towards the end. They are ridged and will not grow much more. He also shows his species through his cloven hooves and lion like tail. Uniquely though his tail has thin cream locks hanging all the way down growing thicker as it goes. This will also continue to grow. He is particularly found of curling it up and whipping it. Watch carefully, its likely a more honest voice than his mouth.


Independent. Intelligent. Humorous. Observant. Bold. Clever. Manipulative. Possessive. Vengeful. Deviant. Liar. Stubborn.

Let yourself not be fooled by his golden angel appearance, he’s a tricky. Devilish, and with a strong streak of mischief he’s more likely to slip into shadows than walk in the light. And he knows a horse’s mind. Keen observation trained and skilled for a couple of years he will notice the slight flinch of a lip, or whisk of a tail, and it shall inform him of all your secrets. Not that he can read minds, and he does get it wrong at times (much to his inner frustration) but he’s getting better and better. He likes tricks, enjoying a bit of fun, even at the other’s expense. It does not matter to this golden boy if the one receiving these are wounded, his heart was sealed up long ago. Beware if you think you can love this one, his heart was blacked (or broken?) long ago, and he’s not looking for a repair-maiden. But he’ll use you any way he thinks he needs to twist you. His job is separate from his personal life, and that’s how he’d like to keep it. He’s usually just after what he wants, and alliances mean well, rather little to him. Make it worth wide though and he’ll be a good boy, but otherwise beware of alternate motives. He likes power, but he’d make a poor king. Ruling in the spotlight was never meant for him. Instead likes having a reputation, and over all loves a good laugh mostly at the expense of others. A lover of games and riddles, preferring words to actions. Preferring to twist and mettle than run out and go all blitzkrieg. He’s in control of himself enough to not let his mask fall, but when it comes to it (though admitted it has not very often) he can have a wicked temper. If you press the right buttons, BINGO, you win a raging golden, driven to the ends of this world rain hell upon your head. It can drive him to acts he will regret, or will get him in over his head, but feeling his prime coming in and flexing his muscle he says bring it. No he’s not a golden angel, but he’ll play one for you, if the price it right.


-Speaker, Link

What you may hear…

He has traveled far to arrive here from the land of Cairo. In those lands there was much turmoil, and foals were conditioned to know their place. He, being the son of an adviser to the lord, was raised in the ways of a spy for his kingdom. Quickly he gained a talent for it. The lord was impressed and he was quickly promoted up the ranks, despite his age. When he turned two his battle practice turned more serious and he was delighted to find he was having a growing effect of the ladies. Everything for this golden boy was well…golden.

It all came to an end, as all those moment do. Not much is known why he left when he was four. There are rumors of a lady being involved (the king’s daughter no less!), and a spar which he lost resulting in his banishment. How those lie together is unknown, for there are also rumors of him facing down a full dragon (or griffon) head on head, and leaping a canyon, ridiculous! And yet he does not try to disprove them, enjoying them. He now has crossed beyond those rumors into Novus.


Background of Cairo. Rise and Fall of the Fire Valkyrie : Tauriel Vignettes of a Youth.

The truth as it always seems, is less glorious, and filled with much more heartache and agony. It’s a woeful tale, for happy ever afters are just the lies you tell yourself before bed.
(OOC:: Greatest apologies for its length…I just love telling this story. There is much more to know as well! So if ever interested in it, or in bringing a character from Cairo please feel free to ask!)

Cairo. His story begins before even his birth in land far from this with a rigid caste system, but unstable in the face of a weakened peace. Here each stallion took a single mare for life (except for soldiers), and the land was ruled by a Lord, surrounded by his council. Each caste, the Royals, Nobles, Keepers, Officers, Citizens, and Soldiers, had unique horns and codes. It was a comfortable life, except for the soldiers, who beyond being fighting fit, were kept in low conditions with little rights.

Rise of Tauriel. That changed with Tauriel, a mare who on a losing battlefield, stood up against an invader for her lover (though all believed it was for the fallen Lord beside him). Her inspiration spread like widefire, and caused the herd to hold the line. She showed an intelligence, and humility not typical, and the throngs fell in love with her, and the herd was carried to many victories.

Fall of Tauriel. The soldiers, officers, and citizens, unprecedentedly, demanded her promotion. Not wanting to lose control in a fresh victory, the Lord consented, but with a devilish twist. He paired Tauriel to Celeborn, the adviser who’s error cost them the first near defeat. He already having a mate, Galandriel, so wanted to refuse, but his past error kept him obedient. Tauriel was more defiant. It was only a bluff of her comrade’s possible destruction that caused her to give in.

The golden son. The agreement placed Tauriel in a glass box, and stole from her her fire. Nothing was hers and hatred was everywhere in her new ranks. So for herself, she asked her new mate, Celeborn, for one gift- a son. That son was Thranduil. He was smaller for his age, born in a time of drought, but he was bold, playful, and a fast learner. Tauriel taught him everything she could, and placed in him her fire.

Pheonix. The drought continued, the land being already arid, it began to take its toll on the herd. The Queen, never one of strong health in the first place, fell. She left a daughter, Arwen. It was at the Queen’s funeral Thranduil and Arwen first met as he made her laugh. It was at this time Celeborn, Galandriel, her son, Tauriel, and Thranduil, all felt the weather's affects. Tauriel was the first to fall having so little soul left. For the her there was little to no funeral, so when Thranduil was left to grieve on his own, Arwen found him and their friendship was sealed. When Galandriel fell to the drought, and her son soon after, all the grief of Celeborn became hardened and sharped, ever aiming at the one who survived who never should have, Thranduil. The young colt was thriving though, he found a fellow troublemaker in Arwen, and console in a Keeper’s daughter (and secretly the Lord’s bastard) Nellas. They grew, Thranduil in skill, Arwen in beauty, and Nellas in her love for the gold.

Pledges. Jealousy at his friendship with Nellas grew in Arwen, and she forced from Thanduil a pledge of love forever. Discovered, Nellas turned on them, and told of this growing love to the Lord. Seeking to end this toxic relationship it was announced the first child (of three) of the Lord, Arwen, would pair with a foreign prince, for an alliance. In a panic the two feared the future, but settled to face it together, as one, and consummated such a promise. It was two months later Arwen disappeared.

Lost. The herd was in a panic, and the Lord showed his growing age more than ever, but also his rage. He sent every tracker, sneak, and strong soldier out to look for his daughter, except for one – Thranduil. When he protested, it was enforced with irons. The scars of which today, he still bears on his right hind fetlock and neck. Only after months of failure, as the match day with the foreign prince drew near did the Lord relent. He freed the gold, and sent him on his task.

Found. It took only a week. She had hidden way in another land, but there she was, pregnant. The gold was over joyed, but he was the only one, for this meant there was no hiding their relationship now. Nellas had gone for a healing plant for the Lord. Celeborn attacked him. And the Lord and council sought to banish him. When he refused, he challenged for Arwen, thinking it meant challenging the aging Lord. Celeborn disowned his son. The Lord was just as sly as his spy though, and set the match carefully…for the arrival of the Prince. For at that point, he would be the one who held her claim.

Destruction. Shocked at the change, the gold fought anyway, but he was surely outmatched. The other was a draft built warrior Pegasus, aged into his prime (who’d been manipulated into thinking the worst of the gold). The gold was still a Spanish youth, trained, but not in pure force. His tricks were of no use here. Still he held his own for a time, then he didn’t. Muscles bled, bones cracked, all of them his. On the third time of going down, he did not rise. It wasn’t supposed to go on, but blood lust ran high as the brute rose for a final dive. It was then Arwen broke from those hold her back, and leaped to the gold’s side. It was a crash of bodies and chaos.

Torn. The casualty list was high. Thranduil was near death. Arwen had internal damage, sending her into labor. The prince in an effort to change course had crashed and wounded a front leg. And the Lord aged heart could not take it, and went into shock. Thranduil was locked away, many thinking death suiting, as they saw to the others. That afternoon, Nellas returned. The plant was meant for the Lord, and would save him…it could save Arwen, but she chose treasonously, Thranduil and with the help of the old story teller Oracle, broke him from his cell. While waiting for a storm to rise and cover their trail…the news spread. The Lord, and Arwen had both passed. When asking, heartbroken after his child so that he might go and claim it, Nellas, still bitter to seem him so grieved for them, lied and told of its death.

Runaway. He stole away in the cover of a thunderstorm, the last of summer. For months he was a ghost of himself, before his finally began to pull together his famous golden cloak. The years he’s walked since have not changed him much. Though each scar of this story he covered, each memory he locked away until there was nothing left but the gold you see today. He’s become so good at lies, because he’s told himself so many.
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