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Katniss is an ordinary looking girl. Despite her Pegasus and Kelpie heritage, Katniss did not gain any of their attributes. She has no wings, no fins, no crazy seaweed in her hair. She’s plain. Ordinary. Simple.

Katniss stands tall at 17.2 hands. Her body is built much like a draft – like a Suffolk Punch or Percheron. Her base coat color is silver dapple black and her genetics are as follows: Ee/aa/nZ. Her mane and tail are silver in color and are often brown and dirty. Katniss has feathering on her legs that come up to her knees. While they are supposed to be white in color, they are often brown with dirt and mud. Along her body are scars from her time in battle, hiding the beautiful dapples that seem to glisten in the sunlight. Her eyes are dark red, so red they almost appear black.

From afar, Katniss looks regal, always keeping her head arched and high. She stands with confidence, not allowing any fear to show – even if she’s feeling it. One look at her makes her seem like she is fearless, that she is ready for whatever comes her way…and yet, there is a softness to her eyes, a softness that she does not allow anyone to uncover.

Katniss can be both an easy individual to figure out and yet…she keeps the closest parts of her to herself. First and foremost, Katniss is loyal to a fault. Once she decides that she is going to pledge herself to someone, somebody, or some cause, she will not cease. She does not turn her back on family, friends, or her herd.

Close to this idea is that Katniss has this duty to protect and serve. She will protect the young, the old, and the innocent. While she might not approve of some of the calls made by her ranking herd members, she will not see innocent lives lost to war, famine, or stupidity. Once she calls you family, she’s there to serve that family until her last breath.

Katniss will risk her life for the cause. She has no problem throwing herself into danger, risking her own life to protect those around her, even if it costs her everything. Just because is task is hard or dangerous does not mean she’ll leave it for someone else to do. She will trudge forward headfirst to get the job done, no matter what.

Katniss has been called a warrior in the past. While she does not like war, she has shown skill in that area. She has won wars and protected realms. Her conquests are many.

Most importantly, Katniss is kind and friendly. She has been known to make friends with everyone and everything, good or bad. Even in the most stubborn individuals, she can find goodness. She has been called a friend to many and she takes that bond very seriously.

Perhaps this is what makes her a good leader. All of her good attributes work together to making her a good and strong leader in both small tasks and large. She has had success running her own herd as well as being a contributing member to others. She has that extra quality about her that makes her great.

And yet…Katniss can sometimes seem closed off. She does not often show her emotion and she does not allow others to get close to her. Her past has haunted her and she’s always looking for redemption, but there are some things she just cannot get over. Her emotions are her own and she does not like to be hurt emotionally. So if she doesn’t tell you her whole life story right away, don’t take it personally.

Katniss has many regrets in life that tend to hold her back. While she might exude confidence on the outside, on the inside she beats herself up over past decisions. She never forgets the things she’s done wrong and the past she can’t erase.

Like all mares, she should relish the idea of welcoming a foal into the world. However, Katniss doubts her ability to be a mother. She tried it once before and it went horribly wrong. Now she often wonders if she will ever be a mother and will she be a good one. Perhaps she thinks her place is not motherhood.

And finally, Katniss cannot let go of the one she loves. She thought she would never find someone to love and when she found him, she let him go. She’s always thinking about him, always looking for him, and always praying that he is somewhere safe. Sometimes this can cloud her thoughts and judgement and can definitely hinder her ability to get close to males.

Katniss has had ten years of history which is almost too much for anyone to think about. She ought to have a whole history book written about her life by now. Her life started off as any others, as a foal. She is from Ausus. Her herd was in need of strong warriors, ones that were willing to fight. Her mother Jaye, a kelpie, and her father Rook, a Pegasus, decided that while they did not want to fight, they had the genetics for it. So they decided to have a child together, one that would be trained to fight. And that was how Katniss was born.

From birth she was raised to show no pain and not be swayed by pleas and cries for help. She was toughened and it worked. She grew into the warrior her herd needed, the warrior her parents wanted her to be. Now she has the training behind her and she has learned many skills that will compliment her in battles to come.

She has a half brother and half sister, twins from the devil himself. Cato and Clove are rivals, the two individuals that Katniss would not mind to see killed.

She also has two daughters…somewhere. Those daughters, those unnamed precious children were a fling, a fleeting desire that Katniss has only had the one time. Their birth was something extraordinary on its own. Katniss has been young, only three when they came along. She had been infatuated with a young stallion from a neighboring herd. She gave into her lustful hormones. Unbeknown to her, a power had been used on her pregnancy, one that made her pregnancy unfold from conception to birth in just a matter of minutes. It had scared Katniss and she abandoned the foals. She never saw them again, though she thinks of them often. She knows what she did was unthinkable, unforgivable. She cannot help but regret that single moment where she walked away from innocence. And now, she never will. She always helps those in need because they have no one to help them…much like her daughters had no one when she left them.

After years of wandering, she finally found a home in Rift. It was there that she grew to be a leader, moving up the ranks until she eventually became queen of her own willing subjects. And yet, Katniss never saw herself as queen. She saw herself as their protector and their advocate, but never their queen. She treated them as equals, welcoming any who needed help.

It was there that she met Metaphor – the one stallion who was able to break down her walls and get to know the real her. He was the only one she ever loved and yet…she never told him. She grew close to him, their relationship blossoming and yet, she never made him aware that she cared for him…that she was considering a second try at motherhood…with him. Her heart had never ached so fully for someone, perhaps it was because she guarded her heart so closely. But now he’s gone – something had ripped them apart. He never knew how much she loved him and she often wonders if he ever will. She never forgets him and she’s always looking for him on the horizon.

Active & Parvus Magic

Cell Manipulation
Katniss will be able to shape and manipulate the cells of any sort of organism, including the functions of the cells in the organism. They can help to circulate oxygen in the body, make cells, alter the function of cells, heal any sort of wounds, and/or fight off disease.

At this level, the ability for Katniss to use this power is limited while she is learning to wield this power. Her power is limited to just on her own personal body and a radius of use no more than 3 ft. For example, she can change her melanin production to darken/lighten her coat pigment in a circle of radius 1 ft but the rest of her coat will remain it’s normal, genetic coloring.

Using her magic can be very taxing on her both mentally and physically. She can only sustain her magic for no more than 30 minutes. Prolonged use is impossible, leaving her with a headache that cannot be relieved by any sort of medication, rest, or time. Her energy level will drain almost immediately so she must be very selected about how she uses those gifts that he has been given. If his energy is drained, it will take days for her to feel back to normal.

At this level, Katniss’ powers are starting to become stronger. She can still only use her power on her own person, but she has complete control over her own cells and cell functions. For example, she can change her entire coat color to sorrel or increase her red blood cell count for increased oxygen carrying capacity. She he can sustain her magic for two hours. Instead of taking days for her to regain her energy after use of her power, it only takes a few hours. Headaches are far more mild and they resolve within an hour.

At this point, Katniss is able to completely control the cells (and cell functions) in her body and the cells of other organic material up to a 5 ft radius. For example, she can enhance the olfactory cells of a nearby horse to smell even the most minute smells - think the smelling capacity of a dog. She can sustain her magic for up one day and it only takes minutes to refill her energy. Headaches are very minor and resolve in minutes.

Katniss’ magic is a complete, intricate part of her. She can use it on herself, on others, and even on the plants/animals around her. She no longer loses energy when using her magic and no longer gets headaches. There are no limits to her abilities.

Passive Magic


Bonded & Pets


Finnick is an adult male Harpy Eagle. He’s approximately 3’5” tall with a wingspan of 7ft and weighs roughly 10 lbs. He has a white underbelly and slate gray feathering along his back. His head is light grey in color and like his bonded, he has red eyes. He has strong talons which are mostly used with his skill in battle and to perch in the trees or onto his bonded’s back. There’s a special place on her armor just for him.

Finnick can always be found close to Katniss, usually within a 10-20ft radius of her. If he’s not riding on her back, he’s flying just above her or perched overhead to watch over her. He is her right hand in battle and the two are perfectly in sync. While he is a large eagle, he tends to remain covered, preferring to use the element of surprise to attack his enemy.

Finnick can sometimes come off as a jovial individual when he gets to know you. He has great report with his bonded but he can be slow to befriend strangers. Usually if his bonded has a strong relationship with someone, Finnick usually does to. He can see quiet and reserved but once you get to know him, he keeps the mood light with jokes and pleasant thoughts and stories.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Katniss does have a set of plated armor that she wears into battle. It’s lightweight, but strong. It includes a headpiece that covers the bridge of her nose and her forehead, a breastplate, armor plates along the top and bottom of her neck, and armor plates that run along her back and over her hips. Image of her armor is her profile reference image

She has a think, black, silk mask that when worn into battle, gives her +1 defense.

She also has a satchel that she wears to carry small trinkets that she picks up on her travels. It currently holds a shell necklace that allows her to breathe underwater in one thread per IC season.

Agora Items & Awards

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Whelp. I'm Zombie. I have been writing with well over 15 years. When I'm not writing, I'm working. I'm a labor and delivery nurse (I deliver human babies) and love every second of it. I don't have any kids of my own, but I do have a Great Dane named Denali who is my baby!

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