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Erreselith is a rather strange looking mare when you aren't used to her appearance. While her right side seems almost normal with her auburn eyes and the only scratch on this side being on her neck, her left side is another story. The first thing others usually noticed was her icy blue, clouded eye that had a scar running through it. She wasn't completely blind on that side since she could still see shadows and some blobs of color, but she did prefer to tilt her head away from those who would kept staring and to actually see who she was talking to clearly. Her left side had more scarring, a few little ones scattered over her body but the ones on her lip, withers, and legs were a bit more visible. It doesn't hurt anymore, but when touched these places still tended to be really sensitive.

Other than that, Erreselith has long, silky manes in a shade of green which had given her the name "Forest Being" on multiple occasions - not that she really minded. She also had a few markings located on her head, belly, and legs, the one on her head and her left back leg being the most striking ones due to the shape it had.

Caring - Listener - Neutral - Clearheaded - Considerate - Loyal
Anxious - Cautious - Insecure - Soft

Despite her appearance, Erreselith is a very caring one and is always ready to care for those who need it the most. She approaches difficulties with a sense of cautiousness, neutrality, and clear-headedness which got her in both good and bad situations in the past. Many would think she was a strong, bold mare but she was anything but. She did what she could do for those she deemed trustworthy but her insecurity and anxiety due to her past experiences it tended to hold her back.

Even when she doesn't easily approach others, she will lend a listening ear when they need it and ask nothing in return. She is extremely considerate towards others but this, unfortunately, came at the expense of her own happiness. She has always put others before herself even when she was but a youngling, even to those who had simply walked over her like she was a piece of dirt, making her rather insecure about both her appearance and ability to do well.

But no matter how her body is reeling with anxiety and insecurity, when presented with a task she will make sure to do everything in her power to complete her duty. She is fiercely loyal to those who are willing to take her in and makes sure nobody gets left behind like she was, no matter how young or old they were.

Her past may have scarred her, both psychically and mentally. Some may avoid her just because of this, but even so, she will never give up and gets strength from the smallest things around her. The wind in her manes, the sun shining on her body, those are the reasons she is still here today. She is a fighter deep at heart, and fight she will for those close inside of her heart.

Deep inside the forest, where trees made way for a simple clearing, amidst various shrubbery and flowers, is when Erreselith’s story began. Erreselith was the firstborn to a young couple named Allisyn and Valtan, who had given birth to her brother Xytis two years after. Her life in the small little herd they had was nothing out of the ordinary, really, she and her brother had their differences in things but they got along fine. They lived a pretty sheltered life with not much outside contact but that was our normal. It wasn’t until she turned four years old when things took a turn. They had been hunted by a pack of wolves and driven into a corner. Erreselith didn’t remember much of what had happened a few days before and during, all she could remember was not being able to see through her left side and the pain running through her body, along with not seeing her family at all and seemingly been left for dead by these creatures. She was fortunate enough to be picked up by a bunch of nomads who took care of her until she was healthy. During that time, she learned the bodies of her parents were found near a river, her brother still missing. Once she decided to travel on her own is when her goals completely set on finding him. Now, so many years later, Erreselith was still searching for Xytis, hoping to one day be reunited with him. Deep in her heart, she knew he was still out there and that it would only be a matter of time until she found him. In the meantime she focused on staying alive as well, she roamed the forests in search of a place to stay awhile and to hopefully get some company once in a while. She was getting lonely, and even though her resolve was still strong, things would fall into place eventually. If it came to the worst and Xytis was dead, she knew he would have wanted her to be happy.

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