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(the worst ref ever, sorry. first time drawing/rping a horse)

brown - dark brown - white - dual color eye red and yellow - fit - tall - muscular

Ever since he was a kid, he has always been the big one. The tallest. The strongest. At least around the others he used to call friends. That no longer hold that title. Not because they aren't, but because of the cruel fate they met.

His large body is coated in brown, dark brown and white chocolate color. As sweet as it sounds indeed. Brown main coat, with white splotches and the color extends to his tail and mane that are meduim in lenght and always kept tidy and well. His legs bathed in dark chocolate socks, covered with white splotches after. His face dual colored with white and brown. As if showing who he was and who he is now. Scarring from attles all over his body. Deep and not so deep. Hidden below the short brown furs and standing out a bit too much. His left eye holds fiery colors. Red and yellow. His father always believed he was kissed by the gods because of that eye. His other missing, due a battle. His horn broken. His ears ripped. His face masked witha large scar over the missing eye. A medallion of victory.. Or a scar of war. Take it however you want. Nothing fancy and yet so sweet.. Almost painfully sweet appearance.

loyal - fair - gentleman - sympathetic - precise - confident - family man - greedy - bold - observant - quiet - diplomatic - calculative

First and only child to Kronos and Margaret. Unfortunately he never got to know his mother better, but his father never left her out and always talked about her. So Avilius grew to know her and love her as if she was there. Loyal always to his family and to the ones he trusts, even if those numbers are quite low after everything that happened.

Confident in what he knows and what his father thaught him. In what he thaught himself and what he saw and learned from others. How he survived and how he lived. Precise in what he does and calculative with decisions.. at times.

He is also bold with his words and actions at times and greedy.. Greed has pleagued his heart ever since his father died. He wanted the most, so he could be well. So the ones he treasures could be well. And greed.. evn in it's most polished and kind form... is still greed. And he can't get rid of it.

Observant and quiet walk hand in hand. As he is both. He likes to take in his surroundings and learn about others before acting. And of course a murder is never planned outloud.

Sympathetic towards others and their pain. Towards actions and grieve. Towards beliefs and disbeliefs. If he can help, he would. A goody two shoes and sometimes wrath in it's purest form.

A gentleman and a family man. He knows how to make a girl feel special, but recently he has never found a reason to do that anymore. And having a family is something he has always wanted.. Maybe someday..

And finally he is fair and diplomatic. Everyone is equal and he believes in that. He acts fairly and knows how to work politics. Some may say he was born a leader.. but he knows better. He's an ex fighter, that is only looking for love and family.

the ex gladiator

Discipline. Loyalty. Confidence. Diplomacy. Courage.

Avilius' childhood was far from the ones in fairy tails. His mother passed away after she gave birth to him and the little boy was left under his father's care.

The man wasn't good, he was great. When the boy grew up enough, Kronos told him about his mother. What were her dreams for him. What she wanted him to become. How she loved him. The boy grew up to respect his father and love his mother.

Avilius grew from a boy to a man. With the help of his father. Unfortunately things didn't go so smooth after he reached his teen years. The land they lived upon was raided. The women raped and killed, the men colonised to fight. It was a gruesome scene.. before and after the colonisation. The big figures wanted entertainment after the land was successfuly captured with all it's inhabitants. That's when the arena got created and gladiators were made.

Grown men were brought to an arena where the rules were simple. Kill or be killed. A fight to prove which were worthy. The foals and the teens were forced to fight as well. Those dark years changed everyone.. Kronos in the end died in battle, leaving Avilius alone. But the boy had already grown up to live up to his father. A polished warrior and a loyal friend.

Years passed and Avilius had earned hia place among the big figures. The gladiator, they called him. It was the hardest title to get. You had to become a cold blooded killer and wear that with pride. No matter how much he despised it, he had to do it. And after awhile it became everyday life. Win and live. The arena shook with fear whenever he fought. And then just like the first time they came, it all vanished-- under the force of the earth and the gods. Earthquakes shook the lands, floods, drowned everything and everyone.. except the strong. The strong always survived. The weak died. That was the rule.. It always ended up that way.

Ever since he was freed from the "slavery" of a fighter he swore he'll never fight again.

He swore on his dead mother, he'll live up to be what she always wanted him to be..

It was time to leave the destiny his old man had brought upon him and forge a new one.

A better one.

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- has insomnia
- hallucinations
- CIPA (unable to feel pain)

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