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we will carve our place

species; pegasus
breed; lusitano x quarter horse x warmblood
eyes; fiery vermilion
coat; blue roan
scent; sea air and saltwater

Charlie favors her father in appearance, with steel blue colors hugging her curves. Her coat is darkest on her legs and her face, creating a mask from which her bright vermillion eyes look out of, a trait clearly given to her by her mother. She is not the feminine example set by her mother, not lithe and svelte but stockier, built with compact, powerful muscle on a shorter frame with a wide chest and strong hindquarters. Combined with her short, messy mane and the almost constant look of a troublemaker, Charlie has quite the boyish appearance. Her hair is black, darker even than her points, and frames her face wild and unkempt. Where most equines would have a tail of hair Charlie’s is that of a bird’s, often splayed out in a fan shape in her general excitement.

Her wings are shaped much like a crow’s, intended for bursts of speed and acrobatics. They allow her to get off the ground quickly, take tight turns and maybe show off a little while in the sky. Her wings are plain in color, silver blue like the rest of her, rather than the brilliant black and white barring of her father’s. Different than either of her parents, Charlie’s ears are strangely quite long and across the bridge of her nose and the tops are her cheeks are sprinkled fair colored freckles, as ivory as her mother’s coat. Charlie’s general appearance is that of someone who isn’t afraid to get dirty, and she can often be found coated in a layer of dust or with any manner of debris tangled in her hair and feathers. She wears a simple scarf, as fiery in color as her eyes.

into time and space

fearless, spunky, independent, determined, compassionate, bright, bold, resourceful, loyal
headstrong, troublemaker, reckless, cheeky, outspoken, impulsive

Charlie is incredibly tomboyish. She is not one for tea parties and dress up. She is fearless and wild and a lover of adventure and exploring. It can be difficult to keep her in one place for long, as almost anything will catch her eye and have her off investigating. She doesn’t mind getting messy, and in fact may even enjoy it a little too much. Where she is stubborn and maybe a little reckless, Charlie can often get herself into trouble, though she fully believes she is capable of getting herself out of it. Here she is almost too headstrong for her own good, and while her independence means she is quite capable of taking care of herself, it also means she is likely to run off on her own even when she shouldn’t.

She has a measure of confidence that keeps her holding her head up high, and a bravado that is very rarely faked for the sake of those around her. Charlie is bright, and wily and this makes her rather resourceful when she is on her own, giving her an edge to be quick on her feet. When you first meet her you might be surprised to find a smart mouthed girl with a little vigor in her. She is not mannerless but not also not terribly apologetic, and brazenness is quick to show itself in expression and voice alike. While not rude, she can certainly be abrasive at first to those who do not know her well as she’s quite outspoken.

Still, Charlie is nothing if not loyal and compassionate to those she loves and cares for. Those she considers as closest friends and like family are her strongest bond, and when she is around them it’s as if she is a different girl. She is gentle, kind and considerate, if not perhaps a bit more lively, relaxed and let-loose. While she is not afraid to stand up for herself and speak her mind, her assertiveness also extends to those around her. Charlie would immediately step in to defend someone close to her, or someone who she sees as being wronged. She is a friend for life, and would do anything, go to any lengths, to help those who she sees as needing it.

we will find our way

Born to Ulric and Israfel in the Dusk Court.

This young filly's history has yet to be written.

What sorts of adventures, victories and troubles will it hold?

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

indy, the osprey

Indy is, physically, every bit your typical Osprey. Her underbelly and head are a stark white, in contrast to the dark tops of her wings and the brown stripe along each side of her head, beginning at her eyes. Eyes, which are bright and shining gold, far more piercing and intimidating than the avian is herself. The undersides of her wings are mostly light, with brown wrists and strongly barred flight feathers. Indy's legs are scaled and slightly grey, and her talons and beak a deep charcoal grey. She also can have a distinct crest of feathers visible on her head, depending upon her mood. As an adult, Indy will be an impressively long and slender Osprey, with a length of approximately 22 inches and a wingspan that rivals the height of her companion at just over 5 feet across.

Indy's personality is where she truly shines, even despite her rather imposing size. Having been raised together, Charlie and Indy are as much like sisters as any blood-related siblings, if not more. They share a bond far deeper than the one gifted to them, something intrinsic to both of them. Indy is sassy, smart, clever and a little bit bossy. She likes to think herself the older sister, and it shows. She is very protective of Charlie, even knowing that her bondmate can take care of herself. Indy will pass judgment quickly and harshly (in the best interest of Charlie, of course) but can be warmed up with good intentions and maybe a few compliments tossed in here or there. Although to a stranger she may seem cold and aloof, when it's just her and Charlie it's easy to see how much Indy adores her, and wants nothing but the best for her equine little sister.

Size Comparison

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

the sea's apprentice

Charlie wears a simple cotton scarf the same bright and fiery vermilion as her eyes, that she obtained while in Denocte. It is slightly tassled at the ends, and seems rather unremarkable appearance-wise.

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