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Rhone is a Welsh Cob hybrid. His mother was a full-blooded Welsh Cob and his father was a Freisian x Lusitano. He stands at 15.2 hh and looks more like a Welsh Cob in stature. He’s like a tiny little draft with feathering on his feet and big-boned structure. He has that stocky draft look, but he’s small in stature. He’s dark bay (Ee/Aa) with no white on him at all. He also has some very subtle dappling along his back.

His features are masculine, the line of his jaw sharp and the bridge of his nose straight. He has a beautiful gait when he chooses to show it. His eyes are dark brown and captivating. They resonate a sense of trust and honesty. If one were to look closely at Rhone’s facial features, they will see a lifetime of pain, loss, and heartbreak. Very little has gone right in this boy’s life, so his eyes tell a story that many don’t want to be told.

He tends to carry his weight as if he has something heavy standing on his shoulders. It’s almost like his gait can be slow, his legs struggling to carry his body weight. But it’s the memories that he carries that weigh him down and it makes him seem as though every step is a burden.

Rhone is a natural born leader. He knows what to do to guide his followers to greatness. He has a history of being king to two different kingdoms and leading them successfully. He leads with compassion and yet he knows when to lay down the law when needed.

Rhone is also fiercely loyal, almost to a fault. He will lay down his life for those he considers friends and family. If one of these friends or family ask him to do something, he will do it, no questions asked. He will follow you to the grave in order to protect you.

Rhone is highly personable. He is easy to get along with and rarely does he have qualms with anyone. Conversation comes easily and many feel as though he is very easy to trust. He may sometimes seem depressed, but he does not let that stop him from having a friendly, pleasant conversation.

Rhone can be classified as a hopeless romantic. He has this need to love ever since the moment he was born. He loves deeply and probably a little too easily. While he’s only had two true lovers in his lifetime, he’s always looking for them on the horizon.

Perhaps that leads us to the fact that sometimes, Rhone can struggle with commitment when it comes to women. When he gives his heart to another, he has a hard time letting that love go when another comes around. And so, the love his has for his partners never really goes away, not even when he finds himself in another relationship. He’s always thinking about those that he loves and sometimes, that can hinder his relationships.

Religion is very important to Rhone. He was raised in a land that worshiped the gods of the elements, so that is the basis of his religion. Brighton, the god of the earth, was the one who gave him his first magic and it is Brighton who will forever have Rhone’s praise. But over the years, Rhone has discovered that each god is important in their own way, and he admires them all for different reasons.

Despite all these mostly good qualities, Rhone has a tendency to self-loathe. He has made many mistakes in his life and he takes them very personally. He has come to hate himself over some decisions that he’s made regarding his family. That has led him to feel as though he has failed his lovers, his family, and his kingdom. There are simply some mistakes that cannot be forgiven and Rhone feels them so fully. They weigh heavy on him and it has made him guarded about some aspects of his life. There are many things he wished he could change.

Perhaps that is why he also is always trying to right his wrongs. He tries so hard to do the right thing, even when it isn’t possible or practical. But he tries, he really, truly does.

Rhone’s story is a long one, sad story, so pull up a chair and grab a box of tissues.

Rhone was born to Voraer and Lusitania (Lusi, we will call her) in a land called Hoof Prince. His birth was not ordinary nor was it conventional. His mother had the gift of foresight. She was captured by a band of stallions and held captive. It was there that she foresaw her son’s birth. The king forced himself on her, but Lusi knew what her fate would be and she was at peace with it. The king (Voraer) of the band of stallions (The Rajputs) allowed his mother to go free, with the expectation that when her son was born and became of age, he would return to the Rajputs and take his place as future king. And so Lusi left. It was in the quietness that she gave birth to a son…and it was there that Rhone’s story began.

At a year old, he was given his magic from Brighton, the god of the Earth. He learned to wield his powers and came into them easily. Over time, he was given more gifts – the gift of foresight, of air, of fire, of water, and of darkness (but our story is not about his accomplishments over the elements).

When he was three, it was time for him to return to the land of his father. When he arrived, his father stepped down and he took over the Rajputs as their king. He led them into victory until he fell for a mare named Ariannah. You see, the Rajputs were a stallion band and queens were not allowed. Flings to carry on their lines were, but you see, Rhone cared for Ariannah. Rhone eventually chose to leave the Rajput nation in order to start a family with his new lover, Ariannah.

However, temptation was great and Rhone found himself with a bastard son (Arc was his name) at the same time his true love was pregnant with her own child. Rhone never met his bastard son, but it did put a strain on his relationship with Ariannah. Perhaps that was what had caused Ariannah’s child to come early. Their daughter did not survive and it was by far the greatest tragedy to ever beface the young stallion. Rhone would never forget his daughter born sleeping, his beautiful Alexia. The tragedy had been hard on Rhone and Ariannah, but they had carried on, later to have more children together: Axel, Aurelius, and Arcadia.

Their relationship was not perfect, Rhone came and went, his duties in the Northern kingdom where he settled with Ariannah had him leaving often and he never truly got to know any of his children. Axel was the only one who truly knew his father, but his father’s absence had driven his eldest son away. Rhone has never forgotten his son and he has never stopped trying to find him in order to make amends.

During this time, Rhone was named King of the Northern kingdom, but Ariannah was not his queen. She had left him because he could not stick around and her heart could not take it. His queen had been elected for him and her name was Dierdre. Their relationship had started off plutonic, but their jobs brought them close and eventually, Rhone fell for her. Their love blossomed. Rhone and Dierdre were no longer just king and queen, they were fierce lovers. They had a daughter together, Kismet. And yet, fate tore them apart yet again.

And now Rhone finds himself here after coming and going from one land to another. He’s found himself in sever lands, none of them offering him the redemption he’s looking for. He still longs for Dierdre, for Ariannah, and for all his children that he never truly got to know. Will Novus offer him redemption? Love? Power? Only time till tell.

Active & Parvus Magic

Earth Manipulation
Rhone has the ability to wield the power of the earth and everything within it. He can do everything from growing flowers in a field, to bringing down a mountain. While his power is not as strong as it was in his previous lands, it is powerful and one day, it will return to its former greatness.

In this new land, Rhone’s powers are fresh and new. Even though he can once move mountains, he is quickly discovering that only a small fraction of his magic is available to him. His powers are limited by a radius of only 10-15ft. He can only grow small flowers, shrubs, and bushes or the start of baby trees. He can only cause small tremors in the earth around him or make the ground crack (although those cracks are hardly noticeable). He can only move small boulders, nothing bigger than 10-20lbs.

Using his magic can be very taxing on him both mentally and physically. Prolonged use is impossible, leaving him with a headache that cannot be relieved by any sort of medication, rest, or time. His energy level will drain almost immediately so he must be very selected about how he uses those gifts that he has been given. If his energy is drained, it will take days for him to feel back to normal.

Rhone’s powers are starting to become stronger. He’s finding that he can now grow small trees and his magical radius is growing to at least 15-30 feet. He can move larger boulders ranging from 20-60lbs and he can cause larger tremors that can readily be felt. The cracks he can make in the ground are not up to a few inches wide and can cause another to trip or stumble if one is not paying attention to the ground below them. Now, instead of taking days to regain his strength, it only takes a matter of hours. His headaches are far more mild and he finds that they resolve in hours.

At this point, Rhone is almost feeling a complete connection to the ground beneath his hooves. He can grow large trees and several at a time. His magical radius is now 30-60ft and he can move boulders that range from 60-200lbs. His tremors are now considered earthquakes and can be measured to 5-7 on the Richter scale. The ground may crack up to crevices that measure a foot across. His energy level only takes a few minutes to refill and his headaches are only minor aches that come and go within minutes.

Rhone’s magic is completely at one with himself. He does not tax easily and he no longer gets headaches. He can build forests, tear down mountains, and level an area with a single earthquake that can each a 10 on the Richter Scale. There is no size limits to what he can grow or move and his magical radius has now expanded to whatever is in his eyesight. He can cause large caverns in the ground that can no longer be easily jumped. He can pretty much make new canyons if he so desires.

Parvus Magic
He has a small tattoo on his right hip in the shape of a cherry blossom tree. It blossoms and dies according to his mood. It is something he cannot control, it simply happens with the changing of his mood. When it appears to bloom or die, it appears on the tattoo – no actual flowers bloom or fall, it happens all on the tattoo. When he is happy or excited, it blooms. When he’s depressed or sad, the blossoms begin to fall and the tattoo seems mosaic, as if one can watch the blossoms fall to the ground. When he’s downright angry, it seems that the whole tree seems to wither and die.

Passive Magic

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Bonded & Pets

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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Rhone has a satchel that he carries small keepsakes in from his time in other lands. These keepsakes look ordinary to other people, but they offer Rhone great value in the memories they hold. Two feathers, one white and one black, belong to the two mares who hold his heart. Also in his satchel are small stones, smoothed by a rushing river. They each represent the children that he longs to see once again...

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