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One of the most notable characteristics of Morrighan's is her heterochromatic eyes with the left being dark brown and the right being a piercing light blue. It certainly makes her stand out among the rest, although it's a trait likely derived from her paint horse genes. She is a slightly different coloration than a standard paint horse being a grullo paint which gives her main coat color a mousey gray/brown. It's much lighter along her back and then fades to a darker brown with the dun markings along her legs. There is also a dorsal stripe going down her spine to the base of her tail. Her mane and tail are both a dark brown and long in length.

Her white markings are positioned more predominantly along the front of her body. She has a bald face, although the white does not cover her entire head. There is a larger patch along her left side where her shoulder and ribs are that wraps around her belly. Another larger patch can be seen along the inside of her left front leg. On her three legs with the white markings, the hooves are light in color with only one hoof being a dark gray.

Her body was built for speed and agility, although it now shows the aftermath of the war. She has scars on various areas of her body including her left cheek, loin/back and upper right shoulder close to her withers. Lastly, she fashions a very simple necklace made from a dark leather with a bright fire agate stone.

Protective • Fiery • Ambitious • Independent • Persistent • Strong
Cynical • Reserved • Sarcastic • Stubborn • Narrow-minded • Impulsive

Morrighan will often be sarcastic, stubborn and narrow-minded. She likes to stick to her own way of thinking and her own beliefs, only leaning closer to another point of view if shown exact, reliable truth. If that's not the case, she will stick to her way being the right way and/or the only way and will never admit she's in the wrong.

Morr's very cynical and a typical pessimist, always expecting the worst and seeing the negative in situations. This is not to be confused with being a sort of depressed, she just simply has little faith in anyone and tends to think the worst of others. Morr is reserved and does not trust easily. Because of this, she hardly opens up, so there's a lot she keeps to herself. In a way, this has helped her learn not to be gullible and try to analyze others and situations more closely. It would take a lot for her to open up to anyone, especially romantically, so it would have to take someone with great determination and care. The moment anyone does wrong by her, they are usually out and Morr wants nothing to do with them. On the other hand, to those she does hold dear, she will do anything to protect and defend them.

Her actions have a habit of being done through impulse, especially if led on by her temper. Her patience level can be limited, but when she has her mind set on something, she will not give up so easily. She also finds enjoyment in annoying others by testing their patience and trying to find their breaking point. Her best attacks are through her words rather than physical combat, although she'll just as well put up a fight if put into the situation.

Morrighan was born within a large equine kingdom in another world called Ourania. The kingdom called themselves Nieven and their main focus was strength in numbers. Youth were trained from a young age to be strong warriors and those who were not fit to be warriors focused on healing or alchemy with their magic. There were no weak links within the kingdom, although warriors tended to be more highly valued than the healers due to their physical advantage.

Unfortunately for Morrighan, she was a "late bloomer" when it came to her magic and she lacked the same sort of strength that her peers had growing up. She dreamed to be a warrior, but as the years passed, it became more clear that she would need to follow the path of a healer. This reality completely crushed her, and made her a target to many bullies. Her mother tried to be supportive and gave her the pendant she still wears today as a symbol of strength, but it only seemed to make the teasing worse.

Finally, when she turned 2 years old, she felt different. There was a new spark inside her but she couldn't quite figure out what it meant. However, it didn't take her long to find out as she nearly killed one of her bullies in a fight later that day. Apparently, her magic had manifested and she was gifted with the power to wield the fire element. Even more so, she was able to conjure it through her hooves and fought back when the bully tried to push her into the ground. When she kicked them back, they screamed in pain and her hoof left a mark on their side. Needless to say, the bullies never bothered her again.

It was not long after the incident that she switched to warrior training and there was a new light in her eyes. She found ambition to move forward and learn how to use her magic to be more powerful against her enemies. In turn, her fire became her strongest element and what she was known for. She was a bit obsessed with it and using it to protect herself or scare others off. This made her a bit secluded, but then she never really had many friends growing up anyways.

Many years passed and Morrighan made a name for herself within her kingdom. She felt like she was on top of the world and didn't let anyone get away with pissing her off. That's why when a war happened against the canines - the other dominant species of the land - she put her all into the fight. The wolves had already been an annoyance to her, but now this was really it.

Of course, things didn't turn out as they'd hoped. One by one, her kingdom fell and suddenly the ground shook. The world around her seemed to be crumbling apart and she was swallowed into a dark void. When she emerged, she found herself in a completely different world and stripped of her magic. The fire was what gave her a sense of purpose and the strength she needed to live… without that, she was nothing again and more vulnerable. It made her feel helpless, but also angry.

Eventually, she found her way to the Night court after coming into contact with others of the land. Not everyone seemed to like them and were often referred to as the "outcasts", which didn't bother Morrighan at all. It sounded like the best place for her to settle and likely not be bothered as much. Now that she has spent her time within the court, her homesickness has started to fade, although she'll always miss her true home.

Active & Parvus Magic

The power to manipulate fire

Tier 1: Discipuli - Morrighan is just starting to gain her fire magic back at this stage. She can only spark flames using debris or dry kindling. She also lacks the proper control to keep it going for very long, or to stop it from getting out of control. A lot of times, she might start small fires without much effort if her emotions are running high (especially her anger).

Tier 2: Vexillum - At this level, Morrighan has a little more control over her magic. She's able to hold a single, larger flame for several minutes while managing to hold its size and shape. Still tied to her emotions, the strength of her flame may depend on what she's feeling while manipulating it.

Tier 3: Periti - At this stage, Morrighan begins to have more strength in her abilities. When keeping a fire going, she doesn't tire as easily as she did at lower levels, and can even create fire with just her mind. The size of her fires at tier 3 can rival those of large bonfires, and only strong emotional outbursts may affect their blazes.

Tier 4: Dominus - Now the master of her element, Morrighan can start and douse fires with ease. She can conjure fire out of thin air or with help from kindling, whichever she chooses, and can make it whatever size she wants. She's able to keep fire going without tiring much, if at all.

Parvus Magic: Her hooves become heated, especially when angry, and so she tends to leave burned hoofprints in the ground as she walks.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Bram: A brown/black timber wolf that prides himself in being a professional asshole. He's sarcastic and usually has more patience than his companion. He gets amusement over the universe pairing him and Morrighan together. He will typically mess with her due to this fact. Despite all this, he does genuinely care for her wellbeing, even if she doesn't appreciate it yet.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Necklace: A bright fire agate stone tied to a simple cord that she wears around her neck. It's recently been enchanted so the stone flickers and glows like a flame when her magic is in use.

Weapon: A silver dagger with an intricate celtic knot pattern that is cut out to form the handle. Enhanced with an enchantment, Morrighan is able to connect her magic to the blade so that it becomes a flaming dagger whenever she wills it to.

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