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Pan is a unique looking creature, to say the least. His body is lithe and thin, very obviously a youth. He is short in stature, but gracefully formed and almost beautiful in his appearance. His frame and stature is that of an Arabian mix with a grey base coat. Most uniquely though, there is a splash of green and silver scales which overlay his coat, splayed over his stomach, legs, and around his eyes. His mane and tail are long and curled into almost perfectly sculpted beachy waves. He has emerald green eyes.

Along Pan’s haunch on the left side of his frame, there is a blue marking in a compass pattern. This was the gift of the water god Selke, when he bonded with the element in a previous life. It is a marking which shows that he belongs to the sea, but also one that outlines his quest and thirst for adventure. In places where his magic is more defined, it can also glow when danger is near... but here in Novus, his magic remains undiscovered at this time.

Pan is a creature who will always have the appearance of a child. He is frozen in time, destined to never abandon his childhood and playful demeanor.

Pan is, in a word, a child. He approaches the world with a curious nature, and a personality that screams naivety. He sees the good in the world and those within it, and it’s hard to not find yourself caught in his infectious and playful demeanor. Pan is a kind soul, gentle and caring to a fault. He strives to make friends with all sorts of creatures, even the most unfriendly of them… and even those who make it clear they have no interest in being his friends. He’s tenacious, and is unlikely to understand others who do not approach life with the same cheerful outlook.

Pan is an adventurer, always looking for a new place to explore or a new friend to meet. He’s struck by wanderlust quite often, and tends to grow bored when staying in one place for long… but he’s also drawn to the sea. It is often the sea that calls him home, and he feels more at home in the water than anywhere else in the world.

He is an avid learner who tries to soak up the wisdom of those around him, and he has a strong desire to serve whatever cause he puts his mind to. In his past, he has tried to focus on learning new skills, and he is particularly interested in learning about how the world around him works (whether that is learning the lore, the magic, the religion, etc.) Once he puts his mind to something, he approaches tasks with an all-in attitude.

The boy is fiercely loyal, standing by his friends even when the world stands against them. He will always fight to see the best in people, and rarely lets his feelings become hurt. Instead, he simply keeps looking for a way to break through other’s shells, and offers a smile and a quippy story to get through their defenses.

- Adventurer
- Inquisitive
- Kind
- Outgoing
- Playful
- Loyal

Negative Traits:
- Naïve
- Talkative
- Immature
- Obnoxious

Pan is a quintessential lost boy. He began his life long ago in the land of Neverland. It could be said that Pan came from the earth itself, for no one could tell you who his parents were or where he had actually come from… one day, he simply appeared. During his time in Neverland, he led a merry band of lost boys (and girls) and lived by the mantra of “never grow up”… but the simple peace of childhood could not last forever. Always seeking a new adventure, Pan left the comforts of his life in Neverland, finding his way to a place of elemental magic called Ravos. It was here that Pan discovered his fate a water elemental and learned to wield the powers that came from the water.

He lived in the sea kingdom of Eirhelm, serving as a “brave knight” for Commander Shepard and her herd – and true to form, Pan was always seeking a new adventure. One of these very adventures brought him to the next chapter of his life. While playing in the dangerous borderlands, he found himself falling into “the sky”, barreling into a magical rift and through time to a new and strange place.

In the Rift, he changed once more – never letting go of the boy who he was destined to remain forever, but learning to coexist with the old and mysterious magic of the Riftlands. It is here that Pan met some of his greatest friends, eventually rediscovering his Neverland home and reuniting with the Lost Boys once again. Though time had stolen away years from the boy, in the magic of the Rift, it was like time was inconsequential and changed at a whim. Here too, he honed his control over the magic around him… but all of that is lost to Novus now.

He’s been here before, but this time it’s different. This time, Pan remembers very little of the life he led before. When he thinks of his past, there are fuzzy snippets – memories of quiet days on sunny shores, the laugh of a flower-haired girl, the tickle of an otter’s claws against his back – but the memories are incomplete. Who he will become here remains a mystery, just as the past which he tries so desperately to remember… but as always, the youthful lost boy will approach his time here with one goal in mind – adventure and joyful exuberance.

Active & Parvus Magic

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets


Brown River Otter
Pan's bonded is a brown river otter named Oliver. In many ways, his personality mirrors Pan's. He is simply the otter manifestation of the boy. Like his master, Oliver is extremely playful and up for adventures. He is very food driven, and can often be seen searching for fish or shellfish. He is a collector of sorts, and he regularly brings Pan shiny baubles, fish bones, or other items of interest from the times when he's out fishing or scouring for food. He does not speak in a traditional sense, but appears to communicate with Pan through clicks and whistles, which cannot be interpreted by others.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Pan wears a faded brown satchel slung over his shoulder, to carry his treasures. He found the bag on the beach, washed ashore by the waves.

Music Box
A small music box which plays gypsy music - little more than a pretty token to remind Pan of the night court.

Enchanted Tattoo - (Deep Sea Shell)
Pan's compass tattoo has been enchanted to allow him to breathe underwater in one thread per IC season (Summer Solstice prize) - it has a slight ‘scale’ like shine.

Enchanted Map
A map that gives off a mysterious aura... and will reveal to the owner the location of every character in the capitals of each court at any given moment. (Summer Solstice prize)

Moon Glow Pendant Necklace (click to view)
A delicate necklace with a moonstone pendant. The light that emanates from it pulses softly, lighting the path four feet ahead of the wearer. (Summer Solstice prize)

Agora Items & Awards

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Pan is immortal and will never age past his current child-like state. It is unknown how old he really is... he's been around for a very long time, but has always been a child who doesn't age.

Played by:

Firefly (PM Player)


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01/18/19 Character application accepted, +20 signos for visual reference. Vagabond Court approved. -SID
01/19/19 Immortality inputted. -SID
01/27/19 +25 signos for worship thread TID3086. -INKBONE
01/27/19 +2EXP - Pan used TID3072 to claim "gaining major agora item (immortality) and completing quest thread.". -INKBONE 01/27/19 +2EXP for participating in the Year 503 Summer Solstice Masquerade, TID3073 (all 4 replies). -INKBONE
02/07/19 +50 signos awarded from RE event "Water so bright it burns," TID3133. -SID
02/09/19 +20 for completing TID3073. -INKBONE
02/09/19 +80 for 1st time with Zombie TID3073, Griffin TID3071, Sparrow TID3078, Nestle TID3092. -INKBONE
02/16/19 +20 signos for completing TID3082. -AIMLESS
02/16/19 +50 signos for visiting on Valentine's Day. -AIMLESS
02/22/19 +60 signos for completing TID3092, 3071, 3078. -AIMLESS
02/22/19 +25 signos for worship thread TID3173. -AIMLESS
02/22/19 +40 signos for first time threading with Katherine (ID#524) and rallidae (ID#246) in TID3139. -AIMLESS
02/24/19 +3 EXP for completing 5 threads, TIDs 3082, 3092, 3073, 3078, 3071. -SID
03/01/19- Character given the moon necklace, enchanted map and deep-sea shell from the NC Masquerade. Tracker TID 2925 - NESTLE
03/03/19 Added one of their 3 free accessories, since Pan only joined with one (satchel). Second free accessory is a music box. -INKBONE
03/07/19 +2 EXP for participation in IC event TID3139. -AIMLESS
03/07/19 +40 signos for 1st time threading with Aurora (#772) and Rae (#234) in TID2942 and TID3101. -AIMLESS
03/07/19 +40 signos for completing TID3139 and 3101. -AIMLESS
03/09/19 Realistic Bonded redemption approved and added to the Records. Quest pending. -SID
03/12/19 +2EXP for Gaining and Questing for Bonded, TID3294. -INKBONE
03/14/19 +20 signos for first time threading with Elidhu in TID3089. -AIMLESS
03/22/19 +25 signos for worship thread, TID3325. -SID
04/03/19 Awarded common agora item Breeding: Healthy Pregnancy for participating in RE "Each one a treasure," TID3397. -SID
04/22/19 +20 signos for 1st time with Muirgen TID3202. -INKBONE
07/13/19 Rank changed from Vagabond Gatherer to Inactive per member request. -INKBONE
04/11/20 Character reactivated to Vagabond Gatherer per member request. -INKBONE
04/11/20 +50 signos for visiting on Passover April8-16. -INKBONE
04/18/20 +3EXP for Firefly's 1st Novus anniversary -LAYLA
04/20/20 +20 signos for completing TID2942 -LAYLA
05/30/20 +20 signos for completing TID4823 -LAYLA
06/03/20 +2EXP for completing an island thread, TID4823 (505 summer). -SID 06/06/20 +2EXP for participating in an IC event (Denocte Summerfest), TIDs 4838 & 4946 -LAYLA
06/06/20 +10HTH/+10ATK for 25EXP milestone -LAYLA
10/11/20 +20 signos for completing TID4837. -INKBONE
10/11/10 +3 EXP for 5 complete threads, TID3101, 3139, 2942, 4823, 4837. -INKBONE
10/27/20 +20 signos for completing TID4838. -INKBONE
12/07/20 +2 EXP for gathering 5 herbs, TIDs 3082, 3089, 3100, 3101, 5758. -SID
12/07/20 +2 EXP for IC event participation (Dusk 506 spring, TID5758.) -SID
12/11/20 +2EXP for participating in Year 506 Spring island, TID5720 -LAYLA
12/11/20 +5EXP for reaching 100 posts -LAYLA
01/08/21 Rank changed from Vagabond Gatherer to Inactive. -INKBONE