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Corrdelia's coat pattern is primarily a dapple gray, only instead of the traditional gray tones, there is a slight purple-gray tint. She has darker points around her snout, throat, girth and covering the majority of her legs. There are small light gray fleck marks along her eyelids and also on each ankle.

Her eyes are a piercing silver, which can come across as a bit terrifying in certain lighting. She won't mean to, but she can definitely look "crazy-eyed" at times. Her magnificent wings are colored similarly to her mane and tail, starting out a dark gray and fading into silver points. Overall she has a small stature and has an average build.

Optimistic - Wise - Altruistic - Empathetic - Honest - Imaginative
Eccentric - Scatterbrained - Socially awkward - Obnoxious

The "crow witch" as she's often called can be best described as "unhinged". To anyone that meets her, she certainly comes across as having a screw loose. While she means well and is generally optimistic, Corr is often in her own world and strays a bit from reality. She talks to herself a lot, although sometimes she is communicating with her bonded, Hāsta, out loud. Since she is so eccentric, she does have some social awkwardness but it doesn't stop her from enjoying her life. Corr is not a recluse, but she tends to be most comfortable when alone and having shorter periods of time interacting with others. Though, that's not to say she would refuse to help anyone in need if a situation arose. If anything, she would be the first to jump up and assist in any way that she could.

Healing is her specialty and always has been. From a young age, she picked up the skills of a medic (or a shaman as it was called in her home kingdom) and took pride in her work. Along with these skills, she picked up many methods of psychic reading and uses this as another way of healing. She enjoys bringing clarity to others' lives in the form of spiritual healing and offers many different types to the general public. For the most part, she practices within her court, but off and on she will travel and set up a tent to offer her skills to others. Her strengths lie within tarot and animal spirit readings, but she has dabbled in some astrology as well.

Corr's priority is always to help others and to do things for the greater good. She believes in karma and that whatever energy is put out will return threefold, so she tries to put out only good intentions. She also makes sure to be honest, although to some it may come off as more direct/blunt.

Corrdelia was born outside of Novus within a group called Astreas, followers of the stars. They used their magic to read messages in the constellations and hold gatherings during the special solar events. However, there were dark times before Corrdelia was born.

It was most common in the herd to have light magic, although there were those to possess dark magic (or void magic). This type of magic was rare and much more powerful, which some discovered fairly quickly. A group formed in secret to help develop their skills and come up with a plan. At the time, they were tired of the leader's reign of Astreas and wanted to overthrow him. They felt the herd was weak without stronger presence of void magic and almost that the leader was outcasting any who did not possess some type of light magic. To them, this was unacceptable.

A war broke out, splitting the herd into two sides. Unfortunately, the group of void magic users won the war and so began the dark days of Astreas. The previous leader was slain and a new leader took the throne, deeming any who did not follow him as traitors. To any who did not escape, they were kept as prisoners or executed depending on how they treated the new leader.

Fortunately, this all lasted only about a year before those of the old regime were able to gather enough strength and numbers to fight again. This time, they won and cast out any who did not want to keep peace and balance. For the most part, Astreas' new leader was more understanding, but they never quite forgave those with dark magic. Even for those who remained in the herd and showed their loyalty, they often were met with distrusting glares.

Around this time when Astreas found their peace again was when Corrdelia and her sister, Briar, were born. The two became very close and were hardly seen without each other. They played together, trained together, and even got into trouble together. They were the fearless duo for sure.

When they became old enough to truly develop their magic, however, this relationship changed slightly. As it was still a bit taboo for any in Astreas to possess void magic, Briar discovered that she possessed this type of power. She was certainly not the type to turn on her herd, but this made her extremely nervous. It was bad enough she was born with stubby legs, but she didn't need disliked magic to set her even further apart.

At first, she didn't tell her sister, but it wasn't long before she couldn't keep her secret any longer and she told Corr. At first, she was in shock, but then became extremely protective of Briar. She wouldn't let anything happen to her sister and would help her keep her secret.

The older they got, the harder this burden became on Briar. She received callings- at first, they came every so often, but then they became stronger and more repetitive. It was something she could no longer ignore - she was being called by those who had started the war years ago as she had the mark of a void magic user. If she didn't go find them, she would go mad. The more she had tried to ignore the callings, the worst she felt. Mostly, it was in the form of terrible migraines, but then it started effecting her ability to sleep. Finally, she caved in and found the group.

All while this happened, Corr was left in the dark again until it was almost too late. One night, Briar told her sister everything but claimed she was only doing it to spy on the group and warn their leader. Corr believed her and the two made up a plan to stop the rebellion.

It was messy, but they managed to warn their leader before the rebellion before too much blood was shed. Briar was seen as a hero, although Corr could tell her sister was still getting some dirty looks for being a double agent. Still, she knew her sister was pure at heart and hopefully this would show that not all those with void magic were dangerous. Like light magic, it could be a gift from the universe.

Much time passed with Astreas finally developing a balance with the forces of magic. Corrdelia became a skilled shaman and seer, while Briar became a strong warrior. Corr's methods may have been a bit unconventional at times, but they respected her and often came to her for advice. She liked to think that she could see into the future now that she had truly honed her skills and was able to fully develop her magical abilities. Corr had a connection with the earth around her, but an even stronger connection into others' thoughts and emotions. She called it aura reading and it made it much easier to interact with everyone around her. If their aura was dark, she knew not to bother with them since they were in a sour mood. Her magic was important to her and, quite honestly she relied on it for many things. It helped her become a better and more reliable healer for her herd. When herbs were scarce, she could simply use her magic to heal.

When Corr began to practice psychic readings (tarot, animal spirits, etc.), it was when things began to change. As she became more skilled in reading messages, she received a sign to travel. At first, she didn't focus on it much, but then the signs became stronger. She was also constantly being visited by a pesky crow and had a feeling in her gut that she was being called elsewhere. It was a tough decision to make, but she knew this was her new calling. She had invited Briar to go with her, but she wanted to stay and continue to protect Astreas. The sisters parted ways and Corr made her way off. Oddly, the crow followed.

The unlikely pair traveled onward and after passing through a canopy, suddenly found themselves thrust into another world (Novus). It was then that the bond between the bird and the horse strengthened. It also seemed as if the leylines had shifted upon entering this new land. Corr no longer had as many of the abilities as she used to have, but instead was now able to communicate with the crow. She introduced herself as Hāsta and they have been together ever since. Although, there are some days where Corr wishes she still couldn't hear her as Hāsta can be pretty overwhelming. Still, the crow had been there to help her start her new journey so she wouldn't be alone and Corr will forever be grateful.

Since establishing herself in Novus about six months ago, Corr has been able to call the Dusk Court her new home. They have many traits that remind her of Astreas, but it's clear now why she was called here. Now she strives to help those in Novus and continue to develop her abilities in this new world. Even though she doesn't have her earth and aura magic, she still has the knowledge in her head and can continue her psychic readings. She's setup her home within the swamp and began making a name for herself (although to some, it's "that crazy witch in the swamp", but Corr doesn't mind). She welcomes any who wish to gain clarity into their life or perhaps want to learn more about healing.

Active & Parvus Magic

The power of the empath

Tier 1: Discipuli - At this level, Corr is able to focus on an individual and get a quick preview of their emotions. It's very brief and she's not able to see a clear aura around the individual as it just appears as a cloudy haze. Since she doesn't have a full grasp on her power, this makes her extremely sensitive to emotion in general. Often if she's around several horses at once, their emotions will clash and will make her feel similar to how they feel. However, it's hard for her to distinguish her own emotions to emotions that belong to others at this stage, therefore she doesn't block anything out. Feeling so much makes her tired easily, so she avoids large crowds without entirely knowing why.

Tier 2: Vexillum - She is now a little more aware of her abilities and will practice on not being so sensitive to the emotions of others. She is still able to, especially if the other is feeling something very strong, but being among a crowd has become more tolerable. She's also able to focus on an individual and see the color of their aura for at least two minutes. This allows her to learn more about the art of aura reading and she begins to use it within her own psychic readings and helping others. Lastly, she has begun to have the ability to manipulate others' emotions. At this level, she's only able to manipulate it for a short period of time and it's much more difficult on those who are more guarded.

Tier 3: Periti - By now, she is able to see auras of those around her without having to focus too hard. The colors come through brighter and much more clearly and she has learned what they all stand for. However at times, the colors are a bit overwhelming and give her a headache. She's also now able to block out the emotions of others so that they do not manipulate her own unless she lets it. Sometimes she will do this to more easily get on the level of another horse she's trying to help so she can better understand what they're going through. Her ability to manipulate emotions is stronger now as well with the effects lasting hours. She's able to break through those who are guarded a bit more easily as well.

Tier 4: Dominus - At this final level, Corr is a master at aura reading. The colors, while still bright, are not so bright that they give her a headache. She's able to tone them down when she wants to. She's also able to easily manipulate the emotions and auras of others without tiring.

Passive Magic

Bonded & Pets

Hāsta: Corr's bonded was a female crow, but was killed by poachers in Delumine. Since the tragedy, Corr has lost her grip on reality and refuses to believe that Hāsta is truly dead. She has put the bird's body back together the best she can and stuffed it with various preservation herbs. She carries the bird around and talks to it as if she's still alive. Hāsta had a very sassy and pessimistic personality, but was protective of Corr at times.

Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

Necklace: Corrdelia wears an interesting necklace made of simple black cord with several items tied in a row symmetrically. On both outer ends are a vibrant piece of amethyst, followed by a black feather, then a clear quartz point and another black feather. In the center is a bird skull with a shiny purple stone in each eye socket.

Feather: Sometimes Corr will stick a loose feather in her mane as an extra accessory.

Outfit (Cloak): Her cloak is made of a soft fabric and is a blend of black and medium gray. The trim is made of delicate black lace. A simple black cord keeps the cloak tied securely with the knot at her chest.

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