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Beautifully drawn by Sid (Erasvita@DA)!
Current Novus date and time is
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 Year || 503
 Season || Fall
 Temp || 35℉ (℃) - 69℉ (℃)
 Weather || The iron grip of Summer has slowly faded into the gentler Fall embrace. The morning dew frosts over in the early morning hours and melts by the time the sun hits high in the sky. Many of the trees have traded their lush, vivid green for a more suitable array of red and orange hues. But don't blink, for Winter's cold embrace is fast upon Fall's heels.


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"Are there lines she's crossing? Should she toe them or touch them with a pole and stay away wholly? But to avoid such a storm he offers, such a taste of life; to withhold herself from the chance to taste starlight, to love satin and silk and swallow pomegranate seeds not yet offered... She should be stronger." — Moira in
Small as a wish in a well

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The Character


Age: 4 [Year 499 Spring]
Gender: Female
Pronouns: she/her/hers
Orientation: Heterosexual
Breed: camarillo white horse
Height: 15 hh
Health: 15
Attack: 5
Experience: 10
Signos: 215 (Donate)

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An average sized female at 15hh, shorter rather than taller, lithe, slender. Reckitt is on the verge of being ‘pony’ height, though sometimes there are big things inside small packages, in her case- a very big heart. Some would say she is thin, unshapely, lacking in voluptuous curves. She takes after her Mother in this way, a willowy woman, unmuscled and rather weak in comparison to most. Reckitt is no fighter. Not over dressed, Reckitt is a humble looking creature, with just a hint of out of the ordinary coloring. They say she is plain, she sees the beauty in the ordinary. Pale, a vision in white, which makes up her overall base coloring thanks to her camarillo white horse heritage. Three dots of blue [#0066ff] mark her beneath each eye, highlighting and bringing attention to her stare of gold amber.
A long, straight, mane and tail adorn her neck and her rear. Silky and just as frosted in color as the rest of her, her hooves are pale and tan in color.
Reckitt, is a breath of warmth and positivity, often seeing the good in others- even when they might not see it themselves. Welcoming friendly and upbeat. Kitt can be easily labeled as an open book in most cases, offering herself and her knowledge freely. Giving what she feels the most useful and fruitful of opinions, though she is open to seeing all sides and options of a vision. Overall she is a pleasant personality, quick to offer greeting, slow to hold a grudge. She is trusting, at times overly so, that is her downfall, and has led her to grief and disappointment many a time. Calm, a thinker, the pale woman often takes things in stride, carefully considering her options and making decisions based on the bigger picture. A 'judger', some might say, faced with a problem she will do what she thinks or feels is right. Neither an extrovert, nor an introvert, she thrives on interaction with others, welcomes it, though just as easily can enjoy the quiet and stillness of her own company. A lover, with a big heart, she is at times exuberant with her connections bleeding with an overflow of positive energy and emotion.

overly trusting- even in those that are portrayed as ominous
skittish- can be spooked and fearful when faced with obvious danger
docile, submissive- will willingly bend her knee
emotional- wears her heart on her sleeve
Reckitt was born in the spring, with the snow just leaving the valley, and resting as permafrost against the mountains. Her family was much the same as any other, with two of three pups surviving to adulthood come next Spring. The loss of her Sister was tragic, but that was nature, she accepted it. A traditional childhood, spent learning the ways of the pack, play-fighting with her brother and the practice of the hunt. Something she wasn’t exceptionally skilled at, but she did well enough to make due- she knew enough to survive and fill her belly. On the up side (if you asked her) she had a knack for care taking, often being found with the new pups, and tending to the sick and elderly. Soft heart, some called her in hushed whispers, though she would never hold it against them, she sort of liked it. That was her strength, being selfless, singing lullabies to children, and lending a listening ear to the old. Additionally, Reckitt was known for having an affinity for learning about natural remedies, using her surroundings and means of the earth to soothe the ill.

Ourania was a world filled with magnificence and Magic for the Omega, she fell into a world of wonder and hardly looked back. Though there were still times of homesickness, she acclimated to the change rather well. In her time at Ourania she never met an enemy, forging easy friendships with all she encountered, lending a compassionate ear to those often begrudged for appearance or status. Her heart was too open for the Rift, coming together with like minded individuals to forge a Kingdom of peace, acceptance, alongside Verona. In a world of species pitted against one another from War, this was a potentially volatile companionship- but she wouldn’t have it any other way.

Upon entering the world of Novus, she awoke in a much different form, a long-face as she often referred to them- a horse.

vulnerability slight limp. Reckitt was born with a slight limp, in her right foreleg. Making her slightly ungraceful and not especially skilled at running. Slower than others, portrayed as an easy target, and can stumble if she gets to moving too quickly or the ground is uneven and unforgiving. The joint aches in cold weather, causing her discomfort, additionally she rests often because of it.
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Armor, Outfit, and Accessories

leather satchel with a leaf emblem, she keeps organic items she has gathered in here

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