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Spanish Mustang


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Rouge has the typical look of a Spanish Mustang, though tall for his breed, standing at 16.2 hands. He is lean, but sturdy, with an arched, stalwart neck and angled, muscular shoulders. What he lacks in bulk, he makes up for in athleticism; his legs are long and well-boned, with large, strong tendons and ligaments. These powerful appendages are able to carry him far distances at a fast pace, and aiding him in battle when he needs to avoid melee attacks. His hooves are sturdy, with his back feet bowing out slightly to allow for graceful movements. Rou’s hindquarters are sloped, his loins set deep and strong - he can be quite the force to be reckoned with. He has a convex face, evidence of his Iberian ancesty. His ears are fine and narrow, slightly curved at the tips; his eyes are low and wide, an intense and icy shade of blue. His coat is a classic red roan, with his middle section being very light shade of crimson; his legs and head are a dark russet. His mane and tail are medium in length, and are a deep shade of copper; two bat wings of a similar color rest against his frame, almost as long as the stallion himself. Rou is a very powerful, handsome horse, handling himself well in all situations.

As a child/young adult, Rou was best known for his spitfire attitude and his fiery temper. As he’s grown and gained more experience, however, he’s learned that to get what he wants in life, he doesn’t have to be rude all the time. He isn’t “soft,” per say (he can still be the stubborn and hotheaded colt he once was); rather, he’s learned to take things in stride and has become more easy-going. He’s usually guarded at first, assessing everyone through a wall of his own making - though once he softens up, he is simply the best friend to have. He loves his family and his friends, and could most accurately be described as “loyal to a fault.” He would die for those he loves, especially his children. He’s open and honest - if something doesn't sit well with him, he isn’t afraid to voice his opinion on the matter. He enjoys taking charge of important situations; this means he can be overbearing, but he tries to be understanding in every aspect. Though a leader in his own right, he is eager to learn and willing to please (but not so willing that he’d lose his own morals...) those who have already claimed territories he wants to be a part of. That being said, he extremely intelligent and a hard worker, and is charming in his own funny way.

Pros: leader, affectionate, compassionate, protective, honest, loyal, forgiving, hardworking, intelligent, strong moral compass.
Cons: anxious, temperamental at times, hard-headed, questioning.

Pre-Eternal, Beqanna: Brought to Tephra by Ellyse, he chose to stay there, enamored by the heat of the volcano and those who lived there. He stayed there for awhile as a member of the Guard, then met a child by the name of Kaiode, who was abandoned by his mother. Unsure of what to do, Rou sought out the help of a mare named Tangerine, who was raising her own two children at the time, Solace and Svedka. Things were fine for a time (they were a close-knit family unit), until one fateful day that would change Rou forever. Kaiode accidentally jumped off a ledge by the volcano Rou had grown to love; Solace’s light beam hit him, worsening an already terrible wound. Heartbroken, Diable Rouge left Tephra with no intentions of going back. After being found in the forest by AuroraElis, he traveled back to Tephra to face his demons. They fall in love, and ultimately have a child together, Phoebus. But the broken Rou still misses Kaiode, and befriends Warrick after a thoughtful encounter beneath the stars. Rou decided to go to Hyaline to meet with Solace, now grown, and tell her he was not mad at her. After a heartfelt meeting, and feeling free from his own guilt, he goes home to Tephra, and gives AuroraElis one last child. He passes away on the beach of his home.

Pre-Novus, Eternal - Rouge travels through the veil and finds Ellyse, given force field manipulation from a goddess named Aya. He follows Ellyse and is brought to Astraldune and finds the leader, Solomon. They have a discussion that eventually leads the two men to befriend each other. After realizing there may be a chance to find all of those he loves, he travels back to the Veil and finds AuroraElis; the two make love and he ends up impregnating her with twins. After living in the Dunes peacefully for a time, an evil stallion named Gryffen overtakes the territory in Solomon’s absence. Angry and refusing to allow Gryffen to steal the territory so easily, he takes a stand and refuses to leave. During this time he meets a mare named Delphine on the river, and begins developing feelings towards her to the dismay of his lover, Aurora. During a discussion with Delphine, he meets the opposing kingdom’s leader along the bordering river, where they have a falling out. Rou meets a mare by the name of Nikoline while she is giving birth, and discovers that her child is Solomon’s - they become quick friends. He takes over Astraldune when Gryffen disappears, in the midst of an Ice Age. Months go on and his kingdom began to run out of food, so he went on quest through Gleamleaf and is awarded cold immunity. Here, he and Grimdark have another falling out, but eventually come to an agreement to find their territories food together. They travel to the Wreckage, along with two other stallions, and end up getting stuck at the shrines of their gods. The Ice Age ends up killing him and Eternal shrivels into oblivion.

Novus: Arrives.

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Accessory - small leather pouch that wraps around his right forearm for his dagger. Weapon - dagger

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