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There is nothing eye-catching about her.

She's nothing more than a bay mare, dished in the face and long legged. Her coat is the color of a damp forest floor and the black running up her legs and down her nose is as shiny as a pool oil ink. Three of her legs are dipped in white, as colorless as whale bones. The last is just plain and black, as plain as she looks in a glance.

Her hair is long, too long. But she'll never cut it because she loves the way the forest tangles in her hair and lets itself be carried home with her. The desert clings to her. The sea braids weeds and knots into her. Nature clings to her wild hair, as so she will never cut it because she wants to be as free as all the animals in the woods. So instead she braids it sometimes when she takes to the streets and the stages.

There is nothing eye-catching about her--

until she dances.

It's easy to wonder then how the eye ever passed over her dark skin and never saw all that gold draped across her and embedded between her golden eyes. Her feet start to move and she doesn't seem dark but bright as life. Each of her steps is lighter than the last and she moves over stone and wood like a doe moves through a field. Each step is also more wild than the last, and she spins and spins until the world seems dizzy with her. Her gold sings and chimes like a story forgotten. It seems sometimes as if her gold has possessed her.

When she dances there is nothing about her that does not catch the eye.

Wise, Clever, Charismatic, Well-Spoken , Intelligent, Graceful
Reckless, Feral, Strange, Brutal

Despite her true age, Al'Zahra, acts in a way more fitting for the youthful form she's taken. She's bold and brave, clever and as graceful as a doe. There is no crowd large enough to make her pause and falter and in her dancing. Adventure is something she's always looking for. She treats each day as it she must fit a hundred days in between each revolution of the sun.

No mortal in the world could make her bow, for she holds her freedom and that rush of blood through her veins as something holy she will not surrender. She looks at the courts as a strange society and she holds in her nothing but disdain for all the gods that came after her.

Her knowledge of the arcane workings of magic is almost absurd but she never tells anyone how she knows the things that she does. But she sometimes will help a child by giving them roots whose purpose has been lost to time. Other-times she'll only use dance to show the mortals all the things they have forgotten. When she dances the world holds its breath.

But sometimes, when the clouds are low and thick like a cage around her, she remembers that she should hate all mortals around her. Sometimes she remembers that they are so very easy to fool. It's those days that she'll trick a stallion out of all his wealth or trap a merchant into a sale that holds nothing in it for them.

Sometimes she remembers that she's not like the rest of them.

She was there when the ocean pulled back from the shore and the first granule of sand rose up from the dry, salted earth. She counted each pearl of dirt and dust and it rose up to fill the sky with dunes of red-brown. She walked with the dragons and the giants as they moved four legged and mighty through the world and created mountains with their fists.

There was no moment in which the world was created that she did not behold in the way fire beholds oxygen. Everything changed at what she liked to call the end of her (for she floated through the skies, over the dunes, through the mountain valleys). For years she existed as a string of magic floating through the heavens like a breeze full of all the things hidden beneath volcanoes.

She thought that would have gone on forever, her life as magic flowing wild and free through everything. Each of her sisters and brothers thought the same, they were wild children full of raw power with no parents to tether them. There was nothing they wanted that could not be wished into existence with a blink of their shapeless eyes. No form was a mystery to them.

One day she would fly as a bird through the forest. The next she would swim to the belly of the earth by way of fin and gill. Once she spent a week as dragon, curled in a mountain cave upon a bed of treasure. For a year she ran through the tall grasses with legs as slender and quick as a doe. It never mattered what skin she wore because she was always free.

But then mortals started to rise with the tides. Horses started to walk about of the mountains, with magic they gained from killing her sisters and brothers. They looked at all the creatures in this world she watched grow and each time they opened their mouths the word, god, poured out like a wound.

Oh she didn't understand! She didn't know to be afraid of these mortals and their gods with avarice running through their hearts instead of blood.

But she learned.

It happened on a summer day when she was flying through the forest in a bluebird skin. The leaves were fat with rain and the ground thick with mist from a passing storm. She was quick as a arrow through the branches and the hawk circling above her stood no chance at a meal.

Sometimes she thinks that she should have let the hawk have her.

In her wild flight she came across a stallion by a fire. Around him lay piles of gold dust. Each pile had golden etchings around them in a pattern she didn't understand. The smoke form his fire tasted like magic, but it wasn't her magic. It tasted bitter like rotten fruit and sweet like burned sugar. She flew closer, curious as all birds made of raw magic are. Her wings settled and she landed upon a branch hanging over the fire and she watched the stallion, who was starting to chant, with a curiosity she had never knows before.

The stallion looked at her and she looked back. He looked at her, and chanted, and still the magic tasted not right on her bird tongue.

And then she wasn't a bird anymore. The gold piles formed themselves in a cage, metal and so very small. She found herself being broken down into her true form of nothing but raw magic given a soul that should not have been. Her form battered against all the gold and her heart broke where this new cage could not break.

That is how she became cursed by the mortals with greed and their gods. Each time a creature made of flesh and bone touched the golden walls of her cage she was beholden to them. All her freedom was nothing more than a distant dream, and soon all her sisters and brothers found themselves trapped as she was or they were killed so that their magic might take a new form.

Three wishes she had to give to every horse foolish enough to think that all her magic had no cost. For years she tricked them all. She made princes out nothing only to find themselves hung for treason. Wealth could be had for nothing more than the right words, but they always found their lives ending by some sudden tragic disaster. She started to call herself, Al'Zahra, the illuminated. The name was ironic only to her.

On and on it went, magic and death, magic and gold, magic and death.

On it went until the universe took pity on her. Her tiny cage was lost to the sea, swallowed by a whale and when the whale died she found herself trapped in a cage of bones. Until a creature of the sea who had eaten one of her sisters looked at all the gold holding in her and crushed it between a massive claw. She rose from the waves in the last form she had taken, a simple bay mare, and the last of her golden cage reformed as chains around her body, thin and lovely. Three shards of it embedded themselves between her eyes like scars. Four bangles twined themselves around her hooves like snakes.

The rest of her cage was swept out to the belly of the earth where she would never find it again.

And so Al'Zahra found herself walking the lands once more. But this time her skin could not change. Blood and bones filled her form instead of magic. She had never been happier, even though she could already feel time dodging her steps like a reaper.

It didn't matter anymore how long she lived as long as she could live free.

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She has a chain that runs across her body, it's thin but oddly sturdy. It drapes from a point hidden under her forelock. She has small bangles around each hoof. She also has triangles of gold in different sizes embedded on her face.

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