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Character Quest? Name Species - Breed RIR Thread Obtained By Date
Corrdelia No Hāsta Avian - American crow Here Purchased 03/14/2019
Somnus Yes Alba Avian - Barn owl Here Purchased 01/17/2017
Senna To come Nestor Avian - Gyrfalcon Here Purchased 05/24/2019
Katniss Yes Finnick Avian - Harpy Eagle Here Purchased 02/04/2019
Charlotte No Indy Avian - Osprey Here Purchased 06/02/2019
Asterion Yes Cirrus Avian - Pallas's Gull Here Purchased 09/29/2017
Selena No See Profile Avian - Purple Martins Here 12-2018 Incentive 12/29/2018
Ipomoea No Odet Avian - Steller's Jay Here Staff audition item 06/01/2017
Avdotya Yes Feliks Canidae - Borzoi Here Purchased 12/25/2017
Kassandra No Oculos Canidae - Borzoi Here 09-2018 Incentive 10/11/2018
Regis Yes Milo Canidae - Red Fox Here 09-2018 Incentive 12/12/2018
Ulysses Yes Acantha Canidae - Red Fox Here Purchased 05/05/2019
Euryale Yes Lilith Canidae - Timber Wolf Here Purchased 01/20/19
Seraphina To come Ereshkigal Fantasty - Bearded Vulture Demon Here Free restricted item 05/05/2019
Samaira To come Alaunus Fantasy - Caladrius Here 09-2018 Incentive 03/09/2019
Maerys To come Vradara Fantasy - Dragon Here Free restricted item 06/02/2019
Roshan No Bandit Fantasy - Ferret-Dragon Here 09-2018 Incentive 12/08/2018
Eulalie Yes Tabbris Fantasy - Gryphon Here Purchased11/09/2018
Veer No Najjad Fantasy - Gryphon Here 09-2018 Incentive 10/09/2018
Rostislav Yes Damaris Fantasy - Hellhound Here Relic contest prize 07/19/2017
El Toro Here Hajduk Fantasy - Mythical Lion Here SWP reward 03/09/2019
Vendetta No Azrail Fantasy - Nightmare Stag Here 09-2018 Incentive 12/01/2018
Israfel Yes Solaris Fantasy - Phoenix Here Raffle prize 03/27/2018
Runaveig No Umbra Fantasy - Pygmy Dragon Here Purchased 02/27/2019
Kratos No Pryna Fantasy - Pygmy Dragon Here Free restricted item 03/06/2019
Odessa No Kai Fantasy - Sea Newt Here 12-2018 Incentive 12/31/2018
Cassilyn No Sorren Fantasy - Spirit Guide Here Free Restricted Item 05/24/2019
Raum Yes Legion Fantasy Massive - Basilisk Here Purchased 03/03/2019
Polyxena Yes Erebos Fantasy Massive - Cerberus Hellhound Here Purchased 05/05/2019
Torstein to come Circe Fantasy Massive - Lammergeier Wyvern Here Purchased 03/09/2019
Isra Yes Fable Fantasy Massive - Sea Dragon Here SWP Participation 12/13/2018
Raymond Yes Ruth Fantasy Massive - Tarrasque Here Purchased 07/06/2018
Makeda No Gazini Fantasy Massive - Yinglong Here Purchased 10/02/2017
Moira Yes Neerja Feline - Malayan Tiger Here Purchased 03/09/2019
Rufio To come Asha Hyaenidae - Striped Hyena Here Purchased04/22/2019
Pan Yes Oliver Mustelid - River Otter Here Purchased03/09/2019
Ciaran No Karsi Ursine - Polar Bear Here Purchased 07/03/2018