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Portal IC Event  - THE TERRASTELLAN PORTAL — 506 Winter: A strange arrival

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Curiously different

It had been a couple days since the towering sandstone walls of the Elatus Canyon had started to crumble and give way to the creation of Solterra's Portal. A couple days of silence, but the rumors continued to bubble. 

The first Portal appeared in Ruris, at the mouth of the Abigo Caves.

The second two days later in Delumine, nestled in the Viride Forest.

The third a day after in Solterra, carved into the walls of the Elatus Canyon.

The fourth four days later, here in Terrastella, nearly hidden among Tinea's trees.

The fifth alongside the fourth, now in Denocte, burrowed into the Arma Mountains.

eyes that watch you from below the swamp


The Tinean Swamp, even in winter, was mysterious and looming. The humidity it oozed also seeped into the cold and made it that much more painful, more biting as it settled into your bones and marrow. The ice underfoot crunched and cracked, turning the muck of the swamp into a dirty slush.

But still deep within the swamps, winter fought a losing fight in its attempts to overtake. The ice and snow settled, freezing the ground and water... but in areas of heavy vegetation — most of Tinea, to be truthful — it never stayed frozen for long... 

It was in one such area that the magic clawed through, its needle piercing and ripping a seam into the warping, static-heavy air. The muck below reacted almost violently to the intrusion; as if it had a mind of its own, it crawled up itself. Two towering columns of slush-filled muck and reeds formed, surrounding  the edges of the portal as it ripped open. As the Portal's electricity crackled: up and up they continued to climb, leaning around the circular curve of the portal, until eventually they linked at the top.

As they joined and formed the Portal's dripping border, the air in its center suddenly changed. No longer were you looking through its warping center to the other side of the Tinean swamp... but instead, a bog that looked eerily unfamiliar. 

There was no immediate harm that would come to you should you pass through the Tinean Portal to explore the bog on the other side - but you may just come face to face with some distinctly non-equine-like beings.

But unlike the local fauna you may be used to encountering... these non-equines - Cervines, in fact - were very clearly sentient and able to speak the same language as you, their equine counterparts. Their initial hesitation around you and all other Novians is just the same as your hesitation around them.

And should you be brave enough to now visit Tinea at night.... you may run into a curious creature that happened to slip through the portal one evening. She — they — tower above all.. they grew on top of one another, their legs oozing out of the others back like jelly.

But despite their nearly nightmare-enducing appearance, should you stop to talk to them instead of run away... they may be kinder than you are expecting.

Why are they here, and where did they come from?  — They could say the same about you.
How will you react and interact with them, if at all?  — They may or may not feel the same about you, too.
Are they here to stay? — These questions boggle them the same as they do you.

... — Maybe you're not so different.

Earn EXP for your character!

This is an extension of The Portals board Year 506 Winter event. Seems multiple Portals have opened up - and not at the Terminus Shoreline, but rather within the continents themselves! There have been strange reports of odd, non-equine creatures passing through these portals, too...

To redeem the EXP once you meet the criteria below: Go to the Experience Updates thread and post a redemption for "Participating in Seasonal Portal IC Event (506 Winter)." Link to the Portal thread/s you posted in and THIS Portal info thread.

  • You can reply in this thread OR make your own exploring the Abigo portal - you must use the [Portal IC Event] prefix OR include [Portal] in your thread title!

  • Your character will need (4) posts in a thread started during the timeframe of that season's event. Any post started during that timeframe and completed within (2) months of that start date can redeem the +2 EXP.

  • Like other IC events, you can claim those (4) posts across multiple threads as long as they were all completed during the same (2) month period.

  • As the Portals will change on the first day of each new season, all threads started after that date will not count towards the 506 Winter season's IC Event.

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