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Interactive Quest  - it cries through the night

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praying someone will come

There had been a storm the night before with wind that had howled and pounded against the Dusk Court -- mothers held their children against their sides as the rain poured down, had prompted them into cover with nips and squeals -- but in the rising light of dawn, the entire Court is beginning to awaken to weak sunlight and a clear sky of blue. There are signs of spring beginning to peek through, small buds nestled down amongst the grass, and yet there is damage as well -- destruction from the storm blocks the path of a young explorer eager to roam.

And in the early hours of the morning comes a song -- there is something calling you, weaving its way into the midst of your very heart. There its grip tightens and grows cold, and it yanks you trembling to your feet. You may resist it at first or you may bound into the swamp immediately -- but the result is the same either way. You will follow, and it seems to know and delight in that fact. 

However, finding your way around the downed trees and across the swampy ground is no easy feet. The song guiding you seems to pull you straight into the heart of the swamp, but you must make your own path. It grows louder the closer you get to the Cliffs, like a cicada buzzing in your ears, like the waves crashing against the salt-crusted rock. Help me, the voice calls out, loud and piercing the closer you get, over and over again until it feels like your heart might break along with whoever is crying.

At the top of the cliffs, you will find a mighty tree that has fallen onto its side, and the crying is coming from within the tangled mess of branches and leaves. In a small pocket of free space within the limbs sits a destroyed nest with an osprey chick inside, crying out for the parents who never returned from the storm -- but you have found her instead, and when you look at each other, you think perhaps that it is fate that drove you to find each other after all.

@Charlotte will be awoken by the call, a song without words that speaks directly to her heart. And when she finally gives in it will lead her through the swamp to the cliffs, where it will intensify exponentially, like a crescendo. There she will find a tree, downed by the storm from the night before.

But there is a chick in the tree, where a destroyed nest has been abandoned. And it may seem to her, that it has been the chick calling her all along, or something magical bringing her here.

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This quest was written by the lovely @bruiser and edited by sid.


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