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There is a gentle whistle of hot, desert wind that twists and curls through Elatus Canyon - not so strong that the dust becomes unsettled in its place on the ground, but just enough to tousle the knotted hair of rotting bodies that lay slouched over sandstone. Avdotya pauses at each one, noting the similarities they all shared. Malnourished, sick, weak. She knows whose hand their deaths came from, she knows that Raum - the man she agreed to serve - is no better a king than the pompous boy who lay with his throat slit at her feet years ago. She knows he needs to die, for her own sake and the Davke’s. A crow’s promise never held much value to a snake, after all.

Eventually the bodies begin to blend in, just another piece to the canyon like the rock and sand. Feliks still pauses briefly at each one, sniffing them carefully for reasons only a dog would understand. Avdotya ignores him, if only to spare herself the irritation each time he realizes how far he has fallen behind and gallops over with excessive enthusiasm.

At least until the borzoi reaches the next carcass. His reaction is different; he breathes in, then turns sharply to look at Avdotya with an expression she knew to be grave. Bad, he says through their connection. Her eyes narrow. The markings are familiar, she recognizes those spiraling horns and that fiery orange mane. Sister. Feliks’ voice murmurs in her mind, quieter than when he last spoke. It does not take long to confirm that it is Makeda when she reaches the girl’s side, ribby and devoid of the spice it once harboured. She stares wordlessly for a moment, unsure of what emotion it was that she felt brewing in her chest; it is white hot, unlike any other Avdotya has felt. Though the sisters were never as close as other siblings may be, they were still family. Makeda was the last true familial connection she had in this life... and now she is gone.

The viper’s ears flatten against her neck.

And she remembers - she remembers that a snake’s promise would never hold value to a crow, either.

How true, she thinks.

@toulouse i hope i tagged the right toulouse

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