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I heard from God today and She sounded just like me
What have I done, and who have I become?
I saw the devil today and he looked a lot like me
I looked away, I turned away

He had done it, he had taken over the court. The weight of his decision was still heavy on his shoulders. He was not a stranger to the importance of politics in such a situation. He was mildly aware of some of the discomfort between the day and dusk courts due to the disagreements between previous monarchs. But he had the unique opportunity to correct some of these issues. He would not let these issues sit and fester any longer. The day court was proud and fierce but he would not let pride get in the way of progress. 

He had yet to meet the sovereign of the dusk court, but his mind naturally wanted to visit these lands first. The mare he had become bonded with was from the dusk court. It was very important in his mind that their courts would be adequately aligned. He was sure there were aspects of each court that would benefit from the interaction. 

He found himself within the rolling green scenery of the dusk herdlands. It could not be more different to his desert home. The lush green shoots of grass tickled at his legs, the colours were all so vibrant.  He wondered what Phoebe’s perception of the desert had been like on her initial arrival. He made a mental note to discuss this with her the next time they met. 

He wondered where she would be on his arrival. He did not wish to disturb her, but he also couldn’t help but hope he would see a glimpse of her.  Perhaps it would be best that he go seek her out after this meeting had concluded. 

He made his way towards the court and citadel. He made his way through the crowds of souls living their lives. Slipping smoothly between the bustling streets. He found his way to the entrance of the citadel. He was still not accustomed to the customs of Novus, there was much still to learn. He stood at the door and knocked, he would wait to be invited in. "Hello, it is Jarek I am here to seek a meeting with Uzuri"

Arms wide open
I stand alone
I'm no hero
And I'm not made of stone

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