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Uzi nodded as he spoke. "Definitely is, but there is a certain beauty to the harsher desert. Even under the beauty, we each have our hidden teeth that make certain areas more dangerous to explore than others." She laughed softly, referring to the creature that the past king had hunted and the secretive one that hid deep in the swamps of her own court.

As he settled in, she found herself doing the same. This was going so much better than the last sovereign meeting she had entertained with Day court. When he thanked her again, she dipped her head slightly. "Of course. I dont see the point in starting things on a bad hoof and heaven knows that I can be more motherly than I should be at times." She laughed softly as Neema dipped her head at the stallion.

Uzi found herself nodding as he spoke. "I honestly have very little information on whatever this tension was caused by to begin with, other than it was something between Leviathan and Liam. I am hesitant to leap into alliances at first glance, but I would be honored to start with a truce and build from there. Your court has so much to bring to the world and I want nothing more than to see it grow strong again." He was honest and didnt try to overwork the conversation with flowery words. It was a refreshing surprise. "There has been so much that happened and I am thankful that you have reached out. I was hoping to make my way to your court to at least speak soon." She stated, smiling up at a servant that brought out tea and set it up on the table between them. A softly murmured thanks followed the mare out and she poured each a cup.

"How has the transition been?" She asked softly, wondering if there was as much tension as Liam's leaving had caused.

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