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Tempus has spoken!

It’s early morning when the raven arrives, alighting on a light post in the center of the courtyard. For several minutes the bird sits and watches, preening his dark feathers and observing the comings and goings of the Court.

Until he spies the Sovereign.

He puffs up his feathers, dark eyes gleaming with excitement in the early morning light. He wastes no time in leaving his post and flying into the path of the Sovereign, a flash of feathers and shadows.

His feathers are darker than the shadows entwined about the Sovereign's frame, darker than the starless night Caligo watches over so tenderly. He stops before the bay gypsy man, and waits: Reichenbach has no choice but to wait for the bird to move, or to make his way around him. Something in the bird's intelligent eyes imply he should stop and listen. 

After a moment of staring him down, ensuring he has captured Reichenbach's attention, the raven speaks.

Not with the voice of a raven--but one of a God, spoken in the common tongue. And it sounds not like one voice, but several, perhaps even hundreds: young and old, a different version of the same voice for every age, speaking in unison across the yard and throughout the entirety of the Court:

“You will come.”

The parchment tied to his ankle comes undone by its own accord, invisible hands pulling its ends apart. It unfurls in mid air, hovering just before the Sovereign so that he and any others might read what is written within:

Now that I have your attention,
Your presence is required a week from today. I have cleared a section of Veneror Peak for us to meet.
Bring with you two others whom you trust. Do not think you can hide from me.

Go in peace.

There is no signature, no hint as to who wrote the letter... but something tells you this can only be the work of the deities. 

Welcome to Novus’ first Summit! Your Sovereign is required to participate in this SWP. This will be a political meeting for the four Courts to come together on neutral grounds and discuss relations. 

It is highly encouraged for the Sovereign to attend: be aware, Tempus will not respond kindly if Reichenbach is absent. It is expected for all  members of the Regime to attend the meeting (@Reichenbach @Aislinn @Isorath) however, if one of more Regime members cannot attend, it is up to @Reichenbach to choose who to send to the meeting in their stead. Choose wisely!

Everyone else is allowed to post in this board and explore the area! Please be aware: the meeting area itself is currently sealed, and only the Regime and their chosen representatives will be allowed in! That being said, feel free to post threads wondering what the heck is going on! ;D

As for this thread: @Reichenbach has priority in replying. After he has, any other Court members are welcome to voice their thoughts!


The meeting will start on June 1st and will last until June 14th. A new thread will be started giving more instructions for the Sovereigns at that time.

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it's dark, there's no need for lights
when the fire in his eyes burns so bright

For a man ruling the Court of Night, I see a lot of sunrises...

The thought wafted through his head like smoke in the early morning. Sleep escaped him — though that was nothing new. He was a man bursting with life and laughter, and sleep took too much time away from the important things in life. 

This morning he had risen early simply to feel the coolness of the air on his skin, where soon the sun would blaze and warm the sleeping city. Soon he would open the Gates and they would rejoice, for none of Caligo's people liked being held within the walls. Most of them were travellers, wanderers and gypsies with a fierce need for open air. Still, the Gates closing had not been all for naught.. tensions had cooled and citizens had stepped up to the plate to fulfil their roles in society with new vigour. 

A flutter of darkness caught his argent eye and Reichenbach started slightly as a gleaming raven landed before him. The bird was unnaturally dark, as if it absorbed light rather than reflected it... it reminded him starkly of the tale he had been telling Moira only days before of Ulla and her raven skin. 

Reichenbach raised a brow at the bird, coming to a complete stop before the sharp eyed creature.

"You will come."

His brows only lifted higher as the parchment hovered before him, his keen eyes picking the words apart curiously. His eyes lifted to the raven as he dipped his head in acknowledgement, then turned and strode purposefully inside to find his Regent and Emissary. 



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Deafening Silence

The Raven cocked its curious head at the silent Sovereign, bright eyes watching the bay stallion as the note was plucked from the air and Reichenbach strode inside the palace. The Raven knew what he was going to do, he was sure of it even before the note was within his grasp. Not a sound passed his beak, and the silence of the Court around him was deafening in its infinity. 

And still without a sound, the Raven took to the skies and disappeared towards the mountains. Maybe Tempus will need him the future, but for now, his work was done.

The Raven has left the Night Court, and could be seen gliding towards the Arma Mountains.

Everyone is allowed to post in this thread, along with heading out to explore the general Summit area. Please be aware: the meeting area itself is currently restricted, and only the Regime and their chosen representatives are allowed in!


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