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Guidebook Supplement  - Court Ideals

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Court Ideals

This guidebook supplement will describe the ideals that each Court holds, as well as the personalities that can typically be found within them. This goes hand in hand with Novus' backstory. Please use this as a reference when creating your characters! Keep in mind that these are guidelines; your character may fluctuate from their Court values, but should always have some aspect that makes them a part of their Realm.

Dawn Court
Deity: Oriens, God of Dawn
Typical Traits: Wisdom, curiosity, honesty, neutrality, calmness

Dawn Court citizens are the most educated upon Novus. Others often seek them out for their wisdom and sage opinions. Their honesty can be quite blunt, and they are often the mediator in troubling times. Their thirst for knowledge and curiosity for life holds no boundaries; it is very common to see them as guests in other Courts, only settling in their home Realm when old age starts to affect them physically.

Day Court
Deity: Solis, God of Day
Typical Traits: Pride, strength, humor, honor, playfulness, violence

Day Court citizens are often seen as the most lively. They are the warriors of Novus, known for their battle tactics and brute strength. They are extremely proud of their Court and their God, and inflated egos often go hand-in-hand with pride. Despite their sometimes conceited frame of mind, they can also be quite humorous, leading others to like them and appreciate their company despite their often infuriating view of life.

Dusk Court
Deity: Vespera, Goddess of Dusk
Typical Traits: Secrecy, shyness, modesty, caring, loving, fearful

Dusk Court citizens are the empaths of Novus. Their capacity for love is massive, often overwhelming them. Because of this, many of them prefer the confines of their Realm and the company of fellow citizens. History has taught them that caring for others can often be used against them. They lead simple yet fulfilling lives, taking enjoyment from the world that surrounds them and avoiding conflict as much as possible.

Night Court
Deity: Caligo, Demi-Goddess of Night
Typical Traits: Passionate, protective, defensive, disbelieving, watchful

Night Court citizens are the black sheep of Novus. They are perhaps the ones who feel the plight of their Goddess the most, and are extremely protective of their Court and their fellow citizens because of it. Their passion for life is vibrant and oftentimes chaotic. They are very distrustful of other Courts. This leads the other Courts to view them as sinister, a belief that directly contradicts their devotion to each other.


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