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Information  - The Festival Markets & Tarot Readings

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Festival Market
There are merchants of every kind, selling anything found in Novus (and many things you’ve never seen). Exotic spices and colorful fabrics, baubles and charms from the Seasonal Courts, instruments and parchment and pens made with the feathers of fanciful birds. There is a jeweler taking commissions as they come and turning out such delicate necklaces of silver and gold and at thousand other things beside. (There are other merchants, too, the kind that sell things - old strange coins, dusty bottles of green liquor, strangely carved knives and chests - not gotten by quite legal means.) 

In between and among them all are the performers, an oh! It is hard to know which to watch. There are the pygmy-dragon trainers, whose small but fiery creatures twine around and through hoops and ribbons, spitting fire and smoke and gleaming like jewels. There are fire-breathers and sword-swallowers and singers with veiled faces. There are magicians and poets and comedians and even a stand where anyone - even you - can step upon the platform and tell a story or a joke or a poem of your own. 

But all these things are a hallmark of Denocte. There is another, here in the markets only for this event: an observatory, hastily but lovingly constructed, round and pale as pearl at the end of the markets, next to the sea. Step within, and you can see Caligo’s beloved stars, constellations and planets for yourself. There are telescopes set up and pointing across the diamond-scattered sky. One is set on the moon and it looks real enough to walk upon. One is pointed toward Caligo’s star, Lux Aeterna, commonly called Caligo’s Eye. It sits like a crown jewel at the top of its constellation. Then there are planets, red and blue and emerald green, and oh they look close enough to dream of. 

Perhaps the stars make you wonder of your fortune, of your own future path in this wild, lovely world - and there is a place to discover that, too.

Between two bonfires there is a tent that’s almost impossible to see through all the smoke and moving bodies. The canvas of it is a dark steel color and fleck with something that looks a little like shards of ruby dust. It billows in the breeze and shadows darker than the night sky seem to pour from the doorway when the fires around it dance and sway as merchants toss more and more wood onto them. Inside the tent is a single mare with silver, shining eyes. She’s a shed-star, the oldest of the one’s currently living. 

“Sit.” she tells everyone who enters her tent, and gestures with her shaggy muzzle towards a pile of stain pillows that are ruby red as the glitz woven into this tent. “Would you to know what the cards say?”

The braver ones always say, “yes.


If you decide to take part in having your character’s tarot cards read, please tag @Official Night Account in any post that you want followed with a reading. Also just tag nestle in discord so none of them are missed! 

The readings can be done for single characters or as part of a group thread. Just have your character post a question starting with what or how (as those are easiest to read) and a reading will be done in RL and posted as the shed-star. 


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