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Private  - silver lining [vendetta]

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"Change is coming for you, more than you have seen already. You cannot escape it - you can only face it with the grace of the Mother."

The star-shed's voice range in Morrighan's ears as she left the tent after receiving her reading. Half of what the mare said confused her and, if anything, she left with more questions than she had arrived with. Then again, could anyone really read the future? That just didn't seem possible.

"I suppose, that whatever I say it is only yourself you will listen to."

The grullo mare scoffed at that line. What did she know anyway? Psychic weirdo. They were simply one of the many acts within the festival that targeted the gullible, only Morrighan was smart enough to see through their scheme. Even if some things that were said seemed eerily accurate, they had to be mere coincidences and she wasn't going to fall for it.

Suddenly she was bounced backward and realized she just ran into another horse. Wow, I'm an idiot. They were a mare, only slightly taller than Morrighan, and her coat was an interesting combination of patchy and spotted. The mare's horns were slightly intimidating, but she made sure not to show any kind of vulnerability.

"Maybe watch where you're standing?" she said with a huff, not caring that she was blaming this on someone else. Though, they were in the middle of the market road here so it didn't make a very good place to stand. This mare could've gone off to the side or somewhere away from the traffic. Idiot.


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Vendetta had decided it was time she made her way to the markets, considering they were the real reason she had come to Denocte in the first place. Not to make friends or actually take part in the events. No, of all the courts the only one with a blackmarket that could possibly rival hers was that of the Night Court’s. If one could even call them a rival.

Regardless, she was here and she knew that if there was going to be any hope of finding more out about it, it would be now. The court was flooded with travelers from all over Novus and no doubt more than one of them would be interested in the… less than legal wares that Denocte had to offer. Someplace here, in the torchlit market, she would find them, and that thought only made her more keen.

She paused in the street, allowing the crowd to flow around her as her ruby red eyes swept across the markets, looking for the shadows that hid the seedy ongoings that everyone else ignored. The firelight danced off of her skin, making the dark look black and the ivory look like it was almost glowing. Her skirt draped behind her, light as air, and she no longer wore the black velvet mask that had adorned her face for much of the night. No, she needed to be able to see everything now.

Unfortunately, that didn’t seem to save her from the inconsideration of others, as another mare clearly not paying attention walked straight into her. Vendetta’s eyes gleamed like daggers when she turned to face the offender, looking down upon her with equal measures of scrutiny and impatience. “Perhaps,” she began, her voice doing nothing to hide her contempt, “You should just move along. I’ve no time for disrespectful children.”


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