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Hi everyone! You can call me Eleven (or Ven for short!) and I'm super excited to start writing with you all! 

I'm 24, and have been RPing for 12 years now. I started in horses and have mainly stuck to the theme since then, mostly because I tend to hang around one site until it's dead or close to it before moving on. I started on Arrowhead Mountains, then came Cimoron Island, I was briefly on Mysste (my one foray into the human side of things) but not for very long - I think they closed not long after I joined. There might be a couple I'm forgetting, but since Mysste I've been on hiatus. 

I'm Canadian, currently in university, and work as a cashier at a grocery store. I live with a senior border collie named Brody (he's almost entirely deaf and developing cataracts, but otherwise enjoying life), a rescue Australian shepherd named Faial (she's bouncy, hates loud noises, and likes to stop barking as soon as she gets Brody going so that he gets in trouble), and a cat named Bodie (he's massive, smug, and has no concept of personal space). And yes, we do frequently mess up Brody and Bodie's names, but they both came with them and we weren't about to change them. I also have a few siblings who are all younger than me by at least a decade, but they live with our mum a couple hours north so I only see them during holidays and readings weeks.

Feel free to hit me up! I like chatting with people - about interests, their day, anything really. I'd also love to throw @Ianthe at as many characters as possible so if you're interested in a meet n' greet or even some sort of plot let me know! :)


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Hey Eleven welcome to Novus! It's lovely to have you with us :).

Ah I have a 10 year old border collie - collies are <3 :). Both your dogs sound wonderful. I also have 2 siamese cats who have no respect for personal space (both are currently plastered to my legs as I write this lol). 

I play Florentine (Flora for short) who is soon to go on hiatus as she was my main character for a very long time and I want to avoid her muse going stale. 

I also have Raum who is an absolute rotter. He is currently causing chaos in the Night and Day Courts. He is just dangerously mad.

Lastly is Leto. She is my new girl and I am still working her out. 

I am at college so life for me is a little slow right now but I am around as much as I can be. I should love to have a thread with you, though i am painfully slow at times, so please forgive me <3.

If you haven't already, you should join our Discord channel: It's where we all lurk ;)

Lovely to have you with us!

Obsi <3 <3


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Hi Eleven! Let me join Obsi in welcoming you to Novus <3 We're happy to have you!

If you like to hang out virtually, I echo her on the discord link - you can find folks around almost all day :) it's a great community, especially if you love chatting with some wonderful folks.

Your animal buddies sound awesome and I was definitely wondering that about Brodie/Bodie, ha! So I am glad you answered that. One of our two rescues is a cattle dog mix who was originally called Mary Sue (lol) but she was only 12 weeks old when we got her so I do not feel bad about changing her name to Elsa (after the lion in Born Free, not the Disney Princess, ha!) She and the other dog my husband and I have, Onyx (some sort of mix who looks a bit like a flat-coated retriever) are both 7 and not slowing down yet. Elsa is the first dog I've truly lived with - I grew up with outside dogs in the country (midwest US) - and I'm not sure how I'll handle her aging.


Ianthe sounds awesome and I'd love to thread with you! I have quite a crew, though it's going to shrink a little bit here in the next few weeks. My main characters right now are Asterion, Amaroq, Elif and Acton, who are dusk, night, day, and night respectively.

We're so glad you've joined us and I can't wait to read your girl!


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Thank you both for the warm welcome! I'll definitely join up on discord :)

@Obsidian I don't know how you manage to get anything done with two cats vying for your attention! Collies are fantastic, and they don't seem to slow down with age at all, lol. Raum sounds really interesting - you've got to love the mad ones xD Don't worry about taking your time to post! I understand that college and life in general takes time, so if ever you feel you want to take on another thread I'd be happy to!

@griffin Dogs aging can be hard, growing up my mum had a cattle dog named Texas and it was heartbreaking when he passed away, but I think the hard times are worth it for all the good they give us. Elsa and Onyx sound great - I'm sure they keep you busy if they're half as high energy as the breeds they're mixed with/look like are any indication! Whenever you're ready to thread feel free to jump into one I have open or to start one up and tag me in :)


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I'm totally a little late this this party, but welcome!

Border collies are the best ever. But also Aussies are great too. Really I just love every herding type dog ever. I have a 3 year old border collie, a mal, a labx and a shiba. I demand that you post lots of pictures of them in the fuzzy animal section of the discord because I live for seeing all the puppers and other pets.


I also adore your girl already and your writing style is such a pleasure to read. I play Isra, Calliope, Thana and Veer. I'd love to thread one of them with her if/when you are up for it.


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@nestle - Thank you, I'm glad to be here! I agree, herding dogs are fantastic - they have so much energy in them. I'll try and dig up some pictures to post on discord soon. I'd love to thread with any of your characters, maybe we could arrange something once I'm more sure on what's happening with her wing for continuity sake? And thank you again! I wasn't sure on how my style for her was coming across, so I'm glad to hear it's working out :)


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Hi Eleven, nice to meet you! I love Ianthe...can't wait to see her around more. Let me know if you would like to write together in the future! I have Pavetta in Dawn Court and Jahin from Day Court. Pavetta usually travels a lot, Jahin not so much. I'm always up for plots and I love to chat on discord....probably too much....then i don't get any writing done....ooops

I own Australian Shepherds too! They are the best...and the the same time :P


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