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Interactive Quest  - a song of fire and ice

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intertwined, freezing and boiling

Within the chilled embrace of the Arma Mountains, one might believe that Fall had already given way to Winter's deathly grasp. The wind howled a forlorn song between the trees, the branches, the rocks, and the looming face of the mountains themselves... it whispered into the cracks and buried itself deep within the grains of soil and snow. It was a haunting melody that breathed life from between the grasp of Winter's cruel claws.

Through the ice, so much thrived - the birds and creatures answered Fall's song, flirted with it as the snow peppered along their fur and feathers. Winter may feel that these creatures were merely mocking it, but oh, not Fall! The season knew of the beauty that it helped thrive when Tempus blessed the sky and earth. It knew, in its quiet sentience... even when it wore the mask of Winter year round while cradled in the Arma Mountains.

But not all creatures knew why like Fall did. Certainly not Hajduk.

He may not know how he came here.. but he knew someone raised him, even if he did not know exactly who. How could he not remember his own... family? Was it his family that raised him, or was it a kind stranger? And if not either, could it have been Mother Nature or Tempus himself?

All he knew was he was now here, alone. The silence that surrounded the cub was deafening — not even the birds sang nor did the foxes yip. Something had somehow beckoned him here, but now he felt so abandoned, as if the world no longer wished to greet him. It was unfair and childish, if he was to be so honest... and his dissatisfaction with nature's reception of him was met with a mewling grumble, throaty and mildly petulant. His breath frosted his whiskers, colder even than the icicles above him.

His iridescent eyes dropped down to his too-large paws as they crunched on the fresh snow beneath them. It was startling to see how well his fur nearly disappeared alongside something so similar a hue... but it was short lived. He felt the comforting warmth of his paw pads, and a purr escaped his throat as he watched the snow melt beneath his claws and toes. 

Hajduk's purr faded into silence, and the six month old cub peered curiously about. All he could see was snow for as far as his opal eyes could see, except for the immediate area around him... where the snow had fully melted in an approximate 2 foot perimeter. He settled down and laid upon the ground, curious and unsure eyes peering curiously above the ridge of snow that had formed around him. 

And he called. He did not know to who... or why. The call was a sad mixture of a cub's mewl and a budding, grumbling roar... not quite developed enough to be intimidating, but loud enough to carry across the rock faces of the Mountain.

Hello? Is anyone there?... Even his thoughts were deafening, suffocating. He did not feel at home here. But why?

@El Toro may find himself near the bottom of the Arma Mountains... and it is there, he will stumble upon an adolescent, 6-month old Hajduk. The white cub has taken up perch in a patch of melted snow, peering curiously over the ridge that has formed around him. Hajduk does not know where he is or why he is here, or even how he got here... but everything happens for a reason, right?

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♥♥♥ from ink! Excuse the corny title, it was too perfect not to reference ;)

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He was surely damned for going back to these mountains. Every time he made this trek, pissed off or physically incapacitated, things went weird and sad and strange in ways he liked to pretend did not effect him, did not occur in his life. But, alas. He was here again. And it felt different this time. Something was calling - pulling - guiding him to this place, these mountains, snow-capped and torn by whipping winds that made the late autumn chill below seem like a summer breeze. It was, for all intents and purposes, inhospitable (and certainly unwise). 

And yet.

The trees had begun to thin as he ascended; nearing the treeline was a sign that he had come too far, certainly, but all he felt was farther, higher and so he continued on. El Toro had never been bred for the cold, and for all his time in Solterra he was certainly not accustomed to it. 

Farther, higher.

Of course he desired companionship. Who’s asking? Friends are important. He didn’t need them, no. No real warrior needs friends. But they’re nice to have, you know. If they’re steadfast. Reliable. Loyal. Transparent…

What was so great about them anyway? Someone to talk to? Someone to tell your feelings too? When was the last time he’d needed to do that? Anzhelo went in and pressured him; they’d only just met and he’d gone and accused Toro of wanting to end his own life. Really! Why would you tell anyone your feelings when they’d just go and make assumptions before you even opened your mouth? 

But it might be nice if somebody around here understood.

Well, maybe not here, but, you know- 

Something mewled. Mewled? Mewled, yeah. A cat. That’s a cat noise, right. All the way up here, at the edge of the tree line, sure, that’s right, a c-

”Hello? Is anyone there?”


El Toro stretched his head high to, ears swiveling, but he kept moving, because he did not need his senses to tell him where to find what he was looking for. ”Hello?” he called, and he felt it, that tug, that guiding sensation, so strong now but-


Toro jumped back, startled. He looked around, then - down at his hooves.

A cat. Cat thing, kind of big and round looking-

I’m a lion.

Toro blinked. ”Right. Lions live up here? Are you sure?”


”Well, okay, then. It’s kind of cold.” He saw then that the snow around the cub was melted, steaming, even, about his paws. ”Did you do that?”

But the little cub ignored him, standing and stretching in the puddle he’d made at his feet. There was more snow below, of course, and it’d soon freeze again, along with his soaking belly and legs. 

”Hajduk, you’re all wet. Come on. Whaddya gonna do on the way back?”


”I have to take you back home, you know.”

Deep in his heart he felt some understanding, and he knew then that the little cub had thought himself abandoned. Lost. Alone.

And Toro said, ”Never,” and it was only then when he saw his eyes in Hajduk’s did he realize he had never questioned the little life before him. 

Their bond was so fresh and so tender, but it carried the weight of true friendship. Of brotherhood. And as little Hajduk shook himself off and all the little thoughts about snow and cold and warm and horns and trees and home knocked into Toro’s brain faster than he could listen, he knew he had gotten exactly what he needed, and so had Hajduk. 


"What I say,"

What I think,

What Hajduk thinks,


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