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OOC  - Novus Easter Egg Hunt! ENDED

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Novus Easter Egg Hunt!

How many of y’all have noticed the eggs being hidden? c;

Happy holidays Novus!! To celebrate the beginning of spring (for most of us), staff have hidden some fun easter eggs @Katherine was kind enough to make for us around the site for you to find! And as with any easter egg hunt, there are some fun prizes in store if you choose to play along!

Interested? Read on to find out how to participate c;

How it Works:

Easter eggs have been hidden around the site! Find one, you’ll earn some signos! Find them all, you’ll earn a prize!
  • The eggs are hidden in various places around Novus!

  • 15 eggs will be hidden at a time! However, 3 sets of eggs will be hidden; that means there will be a total of 45 eggs to find!
  • You have 1 week to find each set of eggs! That means this event will be running for 3 weeks total. c:

Round 3 has ended!
The easter egg hunt is officially over!


  • Each egg will also be an imbedded link; this link will take you to its prize page!

  • Prizes are awarded according to difficulty! There are 3 tiers:
    • Tier 1: Easy
        10 signos per found egg
    • Tier 2: Intermediate
        50 signos per found egg
    • Tier 1: Hard
        100 signos per found egg

    • Find all 45 eggs:
        Receive one free Restricted Item for any one character and a special golden easter egg badge to display in your profile!

  • Out of each set, there will be 10 easy eggs, 4 intermediate eggs, and 1 hard egg!

  • This means that if you complete each set, you will get 400 signos per set (1200 total!!) plus a free restricted item and a super cool badge!

  • Rules:

    • Once you've found an egg, please PM @sid or @aimless on Novus or on Discord!
      • To avoid spamming us, we ask that you wait until you've found as many eggs as you think you'll find before sending us a message, that way we can review them all at once! c:

    • Please don’t cheat!! We’re trusting you all to be good and honest sports. c:
      • If we find you cheating, we will be forced to revoke your rewards and bar you from further participating in this contest! :c This applies to both parties (those who show others where to find eggs, and those who ask where to find them.)

    • If you find an egg hidden in one of your profiles or posts…
      • Please be a good sport and leave them where you found them, so that others may also find them. c;


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Round 3 started on May 7th!
The third set of 15 must be found by: Tuesday, May 14th, by 11:59 PM EST

All eggs from the first and second set have been removed to avoid confusion, so any eggs you find will be from this current round! c: Good luck!


Played by Offline sid [PM] Posts: 59 — Threads: 4
Signos: 6,960

The Easter Egg hunt has officially ended
Thank you so much to everyone who participated, I hope you enjoyed this mini event as much as @aimless and myself did. <3

Aim and I decided to take a second look at the prizes - the signos value attached to each egg remains the same, as well as the golden easter egg icon, but we will be offering a free Restricted Item to anyone who found 40 or more eggs!

We've kept a running list of everyone's total, so we'll be handing out the rest of the prizes and contacting those who earned the free agora item. c: Congrats again to everyone, and thank you so much for participating!!

If you'd like to see the locations of all 45 eggs, check out this link!


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