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Year 500.
Day One, Winter - Erasmus is born into the Wilds, a secret and forbidden product of the chieftain's mistress and their shaman, during a mild winter. His true lineage is unknown to the tribe - his conception propagated by means of a "ritual" after years of unsuccessful pregnancies - and his arrival was celebrated as royalty and a blessing. 
Day 12, Winter - As a foal he is thrown to the "pits" a week after he learns to effectively run, trained to brawl among other colts of a similar age as is a tradition in a tribe that found its infamy in wars. 

Year 501.
Five Months, Spring - Bruised, battered, and beaten through rigorous training that persists daily, his only comfort is by a mother who assures him that his blood is a thing of titans and his existence is by some celestial providence, instilling early confidence (and arrogance) that ensures his success through his struggles. He begins wandering off into the forests he was forbidden, encountering many odd encounters that seem to serve as trials of his strength and will. 
Seven Months, Summer - After months of showing promise and an increasing talent in the pits he is fully accepted by the chieftain into royal matters, taking part in more tribe matters that are a part of the regalities that royalty entails - grooming him as a possible heir. He takes part as audience to their war preparations, their farming plots, offerings, and on. 
Despite the pleasures of royalty and the prestige that came with it, he often preferred the grit of the pits over the softer parts of royal matters, sometimes even skipping important engagements to train among the other colts. 
Year One, Winter - He is expected to take part in yearling trials – their achievements crowned by an effort to steal a hostage from a rival tribe. As an heir to the Chieftain, Erasmus is given the responsibility to lead. He is expected to plan their pursuit as well as execute everything smoothly and successfully. They procure the abductee, but not without two losses and a number of injuries. Despite returning in rough shape, their success is highly regarded and pledged only possible by Erasmus's leadership.
Year One, Winter - Erasmus is taken into the ranks of the official warriors, taking part in their wars as well as aiding in their planning. He is still expected to attend royal matters, though has never outgrown the stronger avidity for rougher and darker things. Among all his penchants, he is engrossed with brawling still, as well as taking a liking for the history of “Titans”, the nature of toxic plants, the collection of skeletal fragments, and "heretic" beliefs.

Year 502.
Year One, Spring - Certain members of the tribe begin to grow wary of Erasmus's powers, successes, and interests. Some find their concerns out of fear, others out of jealousy. The advisors begin to question his lineage, and whisper lulls of treachery in the Chieftain's ear. His mother and the shaman are put to death – but not before word spreads before then. His mother relents the truth to him and ushers him out of the tribe at her own expense. The shaman is discovered to have already vanished. While his mother is tortured and put to death, Erasmus flees to the Deep that surrounds the Wilds, acres upon acres of forestry and perilous wilderness that they all as children were warned not to stray.
Year One, Spring – Autumn - A price is placed on his head for “treason”, a paranoia growing with the Chieftain that Erasmus would return with a rival tribe and destroy everything they had. In the Deep he struggled to survive against the elements, thieves, bounty hunters, and otherwise murderers and rival tribe members who either sought the bounty or the glory. For months he traveled alone through the outskirts until he reached a section that bordered the Terminus Sea, taking up a settlement in the nestle of a hollow that overlooked the northern Ridges.
Year Two, Winter - Erasmus is encroached upon by a group of thieves whose alternative murder was for him to join them. Intrigued by the offer as it was, he accepted and took ranks among them, finding that keeping himself in the numbers of others provided the benefit of avoiding solitary ambushes – of which he found himself an often victim of. Within their ranks he also found and honed stealth, a value he formerly disregarded for blatant brutality.

Year 503.
Year Two, Spring - For months he remained with them until he tired of their antics, restless and craving more than what they had to offer – petty crimes, the thievery of wandering passerby who often had very little to pillage, the often lack of tact or class that often led to haphazard narrow escapes – and attempted to leave. Offended by this perceived lack of faith and disgusted by what he assumed was a streak of condescending morality, he regarded Erasmus as a permanent enemy, and the boy was again left to his own devices in a world full of enemies.
Year Two, Summer - Making himself temporary camps, Erasmus traveled point to point along the northern edge of the continent, rarely remaining in one place for long. It was one of these nights that he was approached by a quiet stranger, and led by that stranger to the northern Ridges that faced a long stretch of ocean between it and Novus. Having lost the trail of the stranger at sunrise, he wandered the Ridges before being struck unconscious. When he woke, he found himself struggling against the vastness of the Terminus in the twilight of a dusk storm, rolled wave over wave as he choked and sputtered and swam against the raging currents. He had almost succumbed to the ocean when he was dragged to the closest shore, and as his weary body drifted to sleep on the warm sands of the beach, he thought he had caught a glimpse of the same dark stranger he had followed through the Ridges.
Minas Morgul - Year Two, Summer - Washed ashore, Erasmus wakes to a thief that had presumed him dead. After reclaiming his stolen items (as well as a few other goods) and interrogating the thief as to his new whereabouts, he resolves to make himself useful to Denocte. Shortly after his arrival in the Night Court he discovers that he has arrived on the verge of an arousing tension - Raum has attacked the Queen and all of Denocte is put on guard. With whispers of rising tensions rampant in the streets he finds it an opportune time to pledge fealty as a warrior to a Queen who may need the muscle. A bit malnourished and sea-washed, a less-than-primed Erasmus arrives at the door of Night Queen Isra, on the pretense that he holds information on her enemy, Raum.
Let the Fires Burn - Year Two, Summer - A bell toll in the night signifies something wrong, terrible - all of Denocte tremors with it and arrives in the halls of the Night Court. Erasmus slips between and behind them, a shadow curling at their heels as Moira announces their travesty. Their Queen stolen away, another dead. Raum has taken the throne in Solterra from their child queen. Some mourn, some gasp, and Erasmus listens. He does not care for warring royalties. He does not mourn the disappearance of their dragon taming sovereign, their sea queen. And yet, he steps forward from the crowd when Moira asks for champions - he has sworn to Denocte, but not to Isra. Unknown to him, a budding curiosity grows to the true nature of Raum, blossoming respect for the villain's chaotic successes.
house of the rising sun - Year Two, Autumn - As Erasmus spends his days in leisure before preparing to set out to gather more information on the new name in Solterra, he is selected from the crowd by the eye of a wandering bounty hunter. Chased out into the vast, witness-less prairie, he cuts the hunter's throat with his own knife and loots the body, discovering an odd card on his person. The insignia of the scarab is familiar and leads him to a door he formerly disregarded - the door that holds nothing but a shining scarab knocker, one that unlocks with a slip of the card. Was the card meant for him, after all?
stranger in a strange land - Year Two, Autumn - He follows the spine of the Arma Mountains which will lead him into the home of Solterra, but finds himself distracted at the sight of a great white temple in the mountain wilderness. It gleams in the dying sunlight, opaque like quartz but milky white where the shadows fall. It is like granite, streaked with gold and silvery veins that draw him in kinship - and he is enamored in its mystery... before his calm is interrupted by two strangers. 
altar of the moon - Year Two, Autumn - After leaving before it pleased him to nights before, he returns to the temple to observe in quiet after most the passerby have begun to leave it be. He is fascinated by the markings on the wall and craftsmanship of the beautiful architecture, engrossed in all its matter before someone arrives again, equally curious.
ares manifesto - Year Three, Winter - Erasmus arrives in Solterra at the edges of the Elatus Canyon. Night falls and he moves to explore its trails on the way for the Day Court, pursuing the infamy of Raum and any who benefit his cause. Shortly after his descent into the maze of crumbling rock shelves that seem to fall on into endless night, he meets Eik, unsure of his intentions at first - but his intentions are the least of his worries as a monstrous shadow passes over the both of them.
cask of amontillado - Year Three, Winter - tbw

Year 504.
SWP | I . II . III . - Year Three, Spring - He arrives at The Bridge to Nowhere and observes the note pinned to the statue, but he does not know what it means for him. tbw.
No Church In The Wild - Year Three, Winter

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