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look at the stars
look how they shine for you
The morning was a peaceful one. Looking out across the expanse of land that stretched forth from the citadel, Regis admired the way the snow, freshly fallen through the night, glittered like gemstones beneath the rising sun. It was quiet with only the occasional murmur of a voice or clack of hooves against the cobblestone of the courtyard, and while the silence was peaceful, there was a small hole left somewhere in the Prince’s soul when he failed to hear the birdsong he’d come to love early on. They’d be back in another month or two, he knew, but it felt like so far away.
Squinting his eyes as the sun peaked over the horizon, Regis shifted so as not to be blinded by its morning radiance, but continued to look on with a pleasant smile for a little while longer. The sky itself was painted lavender with dashes of amber and shades of pink, and the sun was a fierce orange, and the yearling was surprised when he found himself reminded of the kind woman he’d met a few months prior in Denocte – which, much to his pride, he now knew how to properly pronounce. An idea quickly flickered to life in his head, and with a smile he turned his back on the other-worldly sight of the sunrise, heading back inside with Milo ever at his side.
It was only after breakfast that Regis set to his task, grabbing a sheet of parchment along with ink and quill, and lastly, a delectable treat he’d set aside from his own breakfast – a cinnamon roll. Calling on all of the lessons he’d received in formal affairs, Regis did his best to sound cordial and took his time in writing his letter, which would prove to be great practice for his still somewhat childish penmanship.
“Salutations, Miss Moira,
It’s morning in Delumine, and all the pretty colors in the sunrise made me think of you. I hope you’re doing well in Denocte and eating all the sweets you can find. I heard my papa and some of the others here talking about some trouble that’s happening all across Novus, and I really hope that you’re okay and nobody tries to bother you. If they do, me and Milo will come and help you. Momma and papa, too, if they’re really mean.
I remember you telling me that cinnamon rolls were your favorite, so I saved the one I got for breakfast and thought that you might enjoy it more. Ours aren’t quite as cinnamony as yours, but the icing is very sweet. If you have the time, I hope that you can write back to me some day.
Peace to you and your loved ones, and may Oriens guide you, Miss Moira.
Regards from your friend,

Young as he was, Regis approached his parents to ask for the proper coinage to send the letter off via a messenger. The Prince smiled and thanked them sincerely upon payment, and bid the messenger a farewell as they turned to head for Denocte, letter and cinnamon roll in tow.


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