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Interactive Quest  - is it safe out there?

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everything looks the same

Sometimes the snow fell in a way that made it seem like time had stopped. Disappointment and anxiety and fear would fold graciously beneath thick layers of glittering white. Stillness and silence would wrap everything up in a gentle embrace and the whole world would be transformed into something pristine and untouched. When the snow fell like that, we all felt just a little more like children, like we were standing at the start of something new and not halfway to the end of it. When the snow fell like that, you could almost forget how the anticipation of war was stiffening the bones of the nation.

But this is not that kind of snowfall.

It begins with a strong, cold breeze that promises there is more, as it tugs on manes and tails, there is more to come, as it rushes from the mountain to the sea. At its insistence, many of the horses in the field wisely begin to head toward shelter. When the snow starts it drifts down light and delicate. Peaceful. It does not stay that way. It thickens, minute by minute, and the wind rises in great gusts that send the snow sideways. Daylight is soon smothered by thick, angry clouds that turn the landscape into a world of grey twilight. It is quickly clear that this is a beast of a storm. It howls and screams as it whips across the land. The cold has teeth, and it bites at anything warm within its reach.

Four great fires are lit on the ramparts of the capital, fortified by magic so that they burn brightly despite the cold and the wind. Regardless, the snow falls so thickly they are near impossible to see by anyone who is not already close to the court.

Where snow does not fall, fear does. In the court, the citizens of Denocte huddle together, safe behind walls of stone and glass-- but they do not feel safe. The great fireplace burns warm and bright-- but they do not feel warm. The wind scratches at the windows and the people shudder at the sound. An uncomfortable quiet fills the room. Most are just standing there, fidgeting in white-eyed, nervous silence. Someone quietly begins to pray. Everyone anxiously wonders the same thing-- did everyone make it to safety?

@Antiope seems to have a knack for being caught in snowstorms! For the second time, is she ready? Her axe may not be enough this time…

(This is an Active Magic quest!)

Antiope is caught in the storm, alone and disoriented. As the wind and cold suck the energy from her body, as the day turns darker and darker, she must find a new way home. Feel free to write NPC’s into this quest!

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This quest was written by the lovely @Rae.


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