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IC  - Relic Contest!

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IC Relic Search Contest

The Relic of Tempus has existed since the beginning of Novus, an ancient trinket said to have come from the God of Time himself. Over the centuries it has been found and lost, found and lost. Its most recent discovery was in the year 500, when the seer Nimue was given the relic from a strange shaman after completing a mysterious maze challenge.

However, Nimue went missing in the year 502. And with her, the relic again disappeared.

This contest will end in 4 weeks (Friday July 5th)! All rewards will be given out during that time.

This is an IC contest! If you'd like to take part, please follow this prompt:

There's a rumor in the air that has your blood thrumming. You can hear it everywhere; in the whisper of the trees, in the murmur of the river, in the whistle of the wind, in the heat of the desert, even in the crashing of the distant ocean waves. From all across Novus the news has spread like wildfire: the Relic has returned. An artifact blessed not by the Court deities but by the ultimate, Tempus himself, once lost but soon to be refound. You've never been involved in a treasure hunt before; the idea intrigues you. What's the harm in exploring a new land full of opportunity and unknown potential?

GENERAL RULES: Are you interested? Great! All you have to do is follow what's outlined below.
  • This is an IC EVENT, an extension of the SWP! Any threads following the below guidelines will count for participation in an IC event (not SWP! There will be plenty of other SWP-exclusive action still to come!)
    • Any threads created by the RE account and tagged


      are eligible to beclaimed for SWP participation.
    • Any threads created by members and tagged

      Relic Contest

      are eligible to claimed for participation in an IC event!

  • All threads must take place in the Bridge to Nowhere forum.

  • All threads must be open for anyone to join (use the [All Welcome] thread prefix).

  • Please add [Relic Contest] to your thread title or OOC section of your post.

  • You can create a new thread OR respond to a current Relic Contest thread. Either count!

  • Reply to this thread using the code below to log your participation. When possible, please update ONE post with all of your active threads.

  • This is a great way for your character to explore the new land, and to meet other characters that they may not have met otherwise! This isn't a race to see who gets to the finish line first - remember to have fun!

  • Any prizes gained from this contest must be put towards the character who earned them!

  • The Relic will be revealed IC'ly.

GENERAL PRIZES: Understand the rules? Awesome! We're sure you're curious as to what rewards you can win!
  • Staff will select random Contest threads to drop items in, or to interfere with the Random Events account.

  • All members who participate will receive 100 signos, regardless of how many characters they join in with. Participants may choose which of their accounts they'd like to have the signos sent to.

  • Each thread with 5+ posts will earn its participant an additional 50 signos, per thread!

Island Explorer Sub-Contest

Objective: For your character to make the most posts on the island!

Reward: Winning characters can choose any (1) Restricted Item, including Massive Bonded.
  • There will be three winners total!
    • The three characters with the highest post counts on the island will be selected as winners!

  • Prize must be used on the character who won the sub contest.

  • ALL posts count, as long as they take place on the island!

To log your participation, please respond to this thread with the following form filled out.

When updating to add more threads, please simply repeat the "Thread(s)" and "Post Count" fields as necessary.


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