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When Morrighan set foot back on Novus again, she realized that the sun hadn't just stopped on the island, but everywhere. It felt strange to be in a state of always day. Quite frankly, she hated it and wished for the night to return.

Since it's been made clear that that isn't going to happen, she decides to set out and do something to keep her occupied. She remembers the spar her and Isra had where her fire magic finally cooperated. It had taken so long for her to spark more than embers, but then suddenly it was a grand fire engulfing the plains. Could she do that again?

The grullo mare stands facing the mountains, recalling how the moon would sit at its peak at night. That is absent today once again as the sun beats down on the lands. Perhaps she had been wrong about the gods not being present. It was clear that they were up to something and… really they just seemed like total assholes. Did someone piss them off so much that they decided to scorch the lands? If there was anyone to punish, it was simply Raum alone.

She decides to take advantage of the dry brush as it'll make much better kindling than usual. Morrighan so badly wants to set off another bonfire, but this time she knows she should keep it more under control. As much as she enjoys burning everything in sight, she doesn't feel like destroying her home (at least not today).

Morrighan sets down a pile of sticks and brush in front of her and focuses her mind on it. She can feel the fire twisting and turning inside of her wanting to come out. Seconds go by with nothing until suddenly- a flame. It started with a few embers, but quickly grew to be a decent sized fire. It eats away at the sticks and brambles as she sets rocks in a circle to surround the fire. Thankfully, this seems to keep it at bay enough for now.

There's something calming about the way fire moves and seeing the flicker of warm tones. She is not fazed by the heat it gives off, although it doesn't feel much different from the summer heat surrounding her. The mare sits down and watches her work, finally feeling at ease with herself.

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