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hen Morrighan wakes from her sleep after returning from the island, she finds that the sun has not set. In fact, it barely moved at all from where she remembered it being before she fell asleep. Was she still dreaming? No, she was not. She found that out the hard way when she stood up and stumbled into the wall. Not one of her finest moments.

Thankfully, no one had seen that as she had been in her house. She walks out the door in a sour mood and heads towards the markets, wondering if anyone else was seeing this. There were many standing around and staring, so it apparently wasn't just her. Morrighan can't recall anything very significant happening on the island to cause this. Maybe the gods existed after all and were taking their anger out on… something. Or if this was simply Caligo's doing, it made no sense. She remembers the off feeling of the statue's gaze during the snow storm, but does not see it now. In fact, there is nothing there when she stares at the statue. It's entirely absent of feeling. She frowns and shakes her head.

There is a noise to her left and she sees Runaveig appear. The woman is always so oddly chipper no matter the situation and it makes Morrighan cringe. It's always the happy and perky ones that she can't figure out. They certainly got on her nerves quickly, but somehow she is on the fence about Runa. Maybe it was the way the woman listened before and offered her a rice cake. They didn't have those in Ourania and she felt like she had missed out all these years.

"Can you believe this shit?" she asks Runa as she comes near, looking up at the sky and the broken sun. "The world doesn't seem to be the same since the island. Is this just the norm here?"

@Runaveig I'm not really sure what this is xD #imbadatstartersrip


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