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Pure of Heart
Uzuri stretched her wings as she paced through the summer grasses. She was less likely to fly around now that she had a maned wolf that she was determined to keep in her sights whenever possible. The multi-hued soldier still took morning flights to keep her wings ready for anything, but during the day, she found herself grounded and laughing at the antics of the adolescent creature. A call sounded, causing Uzi to pause in her trek and look for Neema. The reddish orange pelt of the maned wolf was easy enough to spot as she bounded toward Uzi.

Searching the skies for the source of the call, Uzi noted a figure flying closer. "Neema... Stay close please." Uzi called to the canid, smiling as Neema bounced to her side and flopped under her stomach. Neema's bright green eyes watched the bird as it came closer.

"Isnt that Solaris? Warden Israfel's companion phoenix?" Uzuri nodded as she watched the ivory and gold creature. "Good morning, Solaris. I hope everything is well." Uzuri called, her greeting light as she watched the massive avian with warm chocolate eyes. The bird nodded and then motioned for the pair to follow before lifting higher and beginning to draw away.

"Looks to me like she wants us to follow..." Neema quipped happily, getting to her paws and shaking her thick coat to dislodge the dirt that had settled in. "That would be my guess..." Uzi laughed, ruffling the canid's coat before trotting after the pale creature that was flying through the warm blue skies. The pair of young females trailed after the phoenix, softly conversing as they moved through the early summer afternoon.

Cresting a small rise, they noted the warden seeming to be waiting. Israfel's ivory dun coat was gleaming in the sunlight and always made Uzi feel like she was too dark and almost dingy looking in comparison. Shaking her mostly black mane, she slowed to a walk and nudged Neema to stay by her side. "Hello, Warden." Uzi greeted respectfully, dipping her head for a moment. "Lovely day, isnt it?"

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