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Pure of Heart
Uzuri smiled softly as she paced through the Dusk Court. She loved her home, loved the court that had taken her in after the loss of her mother. Uzi had trained and struggled to become a soldier that was able to provide some protection to the court and those that were in it. Her brother called her a patriot... but then he also hated the idea of belonging anywhere it seemed. The idea of him belonging was enough to make her laugh and she shook her head as she walked.

"Judging by the shake of your head... I would imagine that you are laughing at your brother again. He is a fool, but he is good for comedic relief." The lanky adolescent maned wolf rolled her eyes at the thought of the arrogant, vain, and completely obnoxious stallion. Neema hated him, refused to play nice no matter how many times Uzi threw her and Huehuecoyotl together. It just was not going to happen. Uzi had finally admitted defeat at the idea and quit trying.

"Who else? Not like I have many to fall back on thinking outside of the big butthead." It was true. She had spent a large part of her life alone and lonely. That was probably why Uzuri was so thankful to have Neema beside her. It gave her someone to confide in... someone to enjoy the company of. This was the first reliable relationship she had been able to keep since the loss of her mother. Even the horses that had trained her as a soldier came and went as easily as a leaf in the sea. A soft frown fluttered over her face before Uzi shooed it away. Pausing in a fairly clear area of the Court, she gazed at the citadel and wondered what it would be like to truly belong and be a part of the realm. Of course, she wasnt paying attention and had placed herself in a place where she could easily be in the way as well.

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His morning had been relatively uneventful. He had gone to the cliffs in order to watch the sunrise, as he did almost every morning. He checked in on his oak tree and used a little more of his magic to draw the roots deeper into the earth so they might latch onto the rocky hillside a little more securely. Growing an oak in such a strange location was difficult, but he knew that with his magic, he could eventually get the roots to take on a much deeper hold to the earth and grow the oak big and strong.

But it was after the sun had finally risen that the stallion made his way back towards the citadel amongst the hustle and bustle of Dusk Court. He much preferred the countryside living as opposed to the city, but with his new role, he needed to be seen far more than he cared for. It wasn’t that he didn’t make friends easily or that he disliked court life, he just preferred a quiet life. After all, he had retired from leading kingdoms to live out his life in peaceful solitude. The only thing that he was missing in his life was someone to share his heart with.

Deep in thought, Rhone was hardly paying much attention to where he was walking. Even though there weren’t that many people up and moving at this early hour, they were moving in a direction and speed that he was not following.

As he rounded a corner, he hardly noticed the blue, black, and white mare as she stood quietly in the middle of the walkway. Rhone hardly had time to react, let alone stop. He scrambled to halt his momentum but failed. He bumped into the mare, jumping back quickly and getting out of her personal space. "I’m sorry miss, I was not paying attention. Please forgive my clumsiness." He supposed he had assumed she was moving at the speed of the others. Perhaps he thought that he could round the corner and just flow into the crowd. Unfortunately, that was not what happened and it left him feeling rather embarrassed and unsure of if he had harmed her in any way.



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