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let's be wildflowers
-- --

e can’t bring himself to leave - not yet, not like this - and so, he wanders.

The sand shifts like an ocean around him, and it’s warm and rough against his fetlocks. Perhaps it was  foolish of him, for the desert is endless and he knows the only obvious water has been blocked off already. Ipomoea is not a desert horse, although he could have been, once; this desert is not his friend, and it will not treat him as such.

Yet there’s an instinct gnawing at him, and it draws him ever further into the desert. It’s easy to get lost and yet, he does not fear so. Wildflowers are blooming in his footprints as he treks through the sand, surprisingly sturdy despite the unwelcoming conditions. Grass springs to life around them, bringing life to a wasteland that would and should otherwise be barren.

It fills his chest with pride, when he looks back on the direction he’s come and sees their petals waving at him gently, their colors stark against the pale landscape.

He smiles to himself, although it’s a small and sad shadow of his usual joy. And then he turns and continues farther into the desert.

Ipomoea has not encountered many others since leaving the capitol, but still he turns each horse he finds in the direction of Delumine. Their ribs catch the sunlight and form deep shadows across their skin, and their glassy eyes stare at him wordlessly, hopelessly. But still he pauses and sends them away.

He is not sure if he should laugh or cry as he watches them go, for both seem appropriate to him. So instead he is quiet, and he lets his flowers bloom and form a trail back out of the desert, a trail for himself as much as others. He shakes off any feelings of love and softness as he continues farther and farther, until the sand becomes rolling dunes that threaten to swallow his flowers whole. Still he presses on, and on, and on, further into the place of his birth, until he’s stripped himself bare of his emotions and only the sun and the sand warm him.

And when he sees a figure in the distance, red and white and feral, he heads to him without trepidation.

His flowers curl in the sunlight, and they are the only soft things left of him.

@Ramses | "speaks" | notes: at last!! I am so ready


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Ramses moved quickly over the dunes, the ever shifting sands easily maneuvered by his well muscled frame. He was born and raised here, the sun upon his skin a welcome friend as his tongue darted over his soft lips. He tasted the air, the staleness of it usual as he waited and waited for someone, anyone. The stallion was a predator and he waited eagerly for his next victim and he couldn’t help but smile at the thought of it. It wasn’t so much the death that thrilled him, but it was the chase and the adrenaline; the blood splattered over the pale sand.

He’d stopped for a moment as the heat beat down upon him but it wasn’t long before a figure appeared on the horizon. The stranger’s painted coat was unusual here and the flowers that followed in his wake had Ramses confused. It was shock that appeared on his face as his memories surfaced, those that had been hidden deep within himself. The coyote’s chest hurt as something like emotion rose to the surface. It was him… the child he’d seen cast into the desert, the weak brother who’d he’d lost all those years ago….. But, he was different now, softer with an air of power about him, some kind of politician maybe?

Ramses inhaled, the hot air filled his lungs and crackled inside like fire. How? How had he survived? That tiny colt… there was no way he could have survived the ruthlessness of the desert. He had been so weak, so small….
The thoughts rattled around inside his skull as he slowly moved closer to the coming stranger, his blood boiled inside his veins.
“How? How are you here?” Ramses asked, he voice filled with a savage confusion, it was almost accusatory. There was simply no way… did he even remember him? The man simply couldn’t understand what was happening.

A desert breeze clawed at his red skin, a reminder of where they were. Maybe it was a mirage, a hallucination. No… there was no way, he knew better. He’d grown up here, he was a creature of the sands, a viper hidden beneath the dunes. His face twisted as he stared at his brother, the softer male was so out of place here, a flower to be withered by the sun.

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