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After the Court meeting, Corrdelia felt hollow inside. She had gotten to know Asterion better than Florentine or Lysander, but Terrastella still felt lonely without the three. The lingering emotions from her Court still clung to her. It's a mix of sadness, anxiety and some frustration, like the stages of grief in their own way. It makes her feel everything at once and it's a bit overwhelming.

Back at her home afterwards, she had sat down and started to craft. Hāsta looked on at her curiously as she wove some string and wire, wrapping stones and feathers together into a necklace. It almost resembled her own, but with different stones and no skulls. This necklace had a different purpose and would not be for her. In the end it still looked fairly crude as she wasn't the best at this type of work, but the thought would still count.

She carries this necklace with her today as she makes her way back towards the Court keep with Hāsta flying overhead. Corr has a good feeling about it and being able to find Marisol somewhere here. The woman is bringing the necklace as a small gift since it's the least she can do to try and help. As much as she wishes her magic was stronger, it doesn't quite have the capability of changing someone's emotions just yet. She's still working on that, so for now, gifts are all she knows.

When she makes her way toward the citadel, she can see the cliffs in the background, reminding her just how beautiful this land is. The sun continues to shine down, still in its strange not-setting state. It certainly makes the summer even stronger with the bright light and heat, so she left her cloak at home to keep cool. Thankfully, there is decent shade inside and the stone walls provide a sense of coolness.

As Corr suspected, she sees the figure of Marisol a little further down at a window. She does not know the woman too well yet, but perhaps this will be a good a time as any.

"Marisol," she calls, trotting over to the newly appointed Sovereign. The gift necklace hangs around her neck over her own and the stones make a clacking noise while she moves. Hāsta perches above them on a light post, deciding not to be very involved.

"How are you doing, dear?" she asks and offers a warm smile to the other mare. Corr figures she'd check on her first before giving her a gift in case it turns out not to be an appropriate time. Either way she hopes the woman isn't feeling too overwhelmed today.

@Marisol <3
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