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The world spins as waters rise and bodies gather, it never ceases to spin, but for the pale goddess at the top of the shores, she seems to shrink away from crashing waves and endless ocean for but a moment. Green eyes avoid the great expanse, long, fluttering threads upon her head shiver and quake, but her feet move forward. A‌ trail along the cliff leads downward, zig-zagging back and forth, a saw-tooth track until those without wings are upon the sands.

‌ Although she has wings, Juniper uses the land like a crutch near the sea, clinging to rock’s edge until it scratches her dove-colored sides, until she is sure that she has reached the beaches below. Only then does the breath, pent up for far too long, the entire duration of her downward trek, come out in a great whoosh as she nearly gulps for more of the precious gas. Once the muscle within her breast stops racing, once blood cools and settles into niches and organs again, once the imminent threat of death at the hands of the great unknown passes, only then does the land-bound goddess seem to move. Vespera’s priestess is a sight in the sky, and equally fair on sand as she floats above it. Hoof prints mar pebbled surfaces, grains sullied and pushed too far down, leaving traces of those that come and go. They lead her to the single pair that enters into a cave so narrow her great, lovely grey and white wings must be tucked in tightly against sparrow-boned ribs.

‌ Soon, the passage ends. Soon, there is a light from somewhere that illuminates the pathway. Further back it goes, into the recesses, past cells, until only one is before her.

‌Footsteps behind alert the priestess his presence first, and then a horned man is near enough her shoulder in these confined spaces that she can feel his body’s heat. Green eyes tilt up toward him briefly, dismissing the wingless man to read the message left for them all.
    One great eye gazes out from the ocean.
    Laid to waste by that which eats but has no mouth,
    Always hungry, fed by those black of heart.
    Roman greensward west by south.
Brows rise up and she smiles, thinking of possibilities.

"Have you any idea?“ She asks innocently, dulcet tones a mixture of sweetness and curiosities, overlain with tones suggesting of something more. So few things rise from the ocean - but islands do. Oh yes, islands do. "We go to the end of these lands, to the bottom of the world. You’re recruited because I’ll need help and you’ll provide it if you’ve any interest of finding Prudence.”

@Toulouse @redandblack | "speaks" | notes: Well she just adopted him for this, onward and upward! we goin to the island at the end of dusk

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The way down the cliffside had not been easy - however, Toulouse had landed on these shores once, when the boat he had bartered a ride upon had dumped him unceremoniously on Terrastella’s rocky shores. He had found a similar path then, one that twisted its way up the side of the rock and deposited him safely on the grass above.

Perhaps that was why he had braved the cliffside now, with its treacherous path and the sea wind clawing at his hair - because of experience.

He would have laughed then, if he wasn’t concentrating on where to put his feet.

Toulouse picks his way carefully along the past, and his relief is nearly palpable when the cliffside opens up and reveals a cave cut into the side. Any sense of caution is thrown to the wind then as he lets the shadows swallow him alive, and he treads where only dark and vile creatures dwell. Somehow it feels right, although he doesn’t admit so even to himself.

His footsteps ring out against the stone floor, polished smooth by the waves and the wind and whatever chisels the carvers had used. They echo across through the cave, bouncing off the walls - and as he pushes aside the cell door, he sees for the first time that he is not alone. He had half expected to find a prisoner here - or perhaps the remains of one - but one looks tells him that she is no outlaw, and she did not write the note that has been left for them.

He draws alongside her silently, and tilts his eyes up to read.

One great eye gazes out from the ocean.
Laid to waste by that which eats but has no mouth,
Always hungry, fed by those black of heart.
Roman greensward west by south.

He lifts one brow, mirroring her expression.

“Not even a bit.” His voice is smooth, almost lazy; as if it had been a small amount of effort that brought him here. He looks at her from the corner of one eye, gaze lingering over the smile that turns her lips upwards.

That which eats, but has no mouth…

A thousand possibilities race through his mind, but only one seems to fit.

“The ocean carved these caves, at least in the beginning, before Terarstella’s builders further remodeled them,” he says slowly, thoughtfully. “The ocean. It eats away at the rock until only a pillar remains, and that too, eventually falls prey to it.” Perhaps that was Novus’ fate, to one day be reduced to sand to line the bottom of an ever-growing ocean. He shakes his head.

“We?” He looks at her properly now, with interest. She would do nicely. Toulouse had not intended to accept help from this venture - but she was offering. And the innocence he found in her voice was strangely alluring. It reminds him distantly of the boy from Dawn, the pegasus that was only too eager to say whatever it was Toulouse wanted to hear…

He smiles back, and the wolfish glint in his eyes is fleeting. 

“Is there an island south of Terrastella, do you know?”

@Juniper these will get better I promise
I love jun


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