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Dawn Court Artisan
Male [He / Him / His] // 6 [Year 499 Spring] // 15 hh // Hth: 12 — Atk: 8 — Exp: 10 // Active Magic: N/A // Bonded: N/A

Fall 504 (1)

the sun also rises
The stallion introduces himself to the Dawn Court and assumes position as an Artisan.

life is short, nature is infinite

the fascinating wonders of the world
Meets Andras in The Library and wanders what a peculiar young fellow he was.

sky full of stars
Races the Rapax River and is met by Leonidas.

we are the wanderers who don't stop at night
Discovers the Colosseum where he meets Lucinda and her dragon.

the sky ocean is flooding
Decides against the ascendance of the Arma Mountains and finds Below Zero caught in the storm.

the cycle of life
Travels out of Delumine to Sideralis Prairie and skins a deer with the company of Callynite.


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Vagabond Citizen
Female [She/her/hers] // 7 [Year 497 Winter] // 16.1 hh // Hth: 10 — Atk: 10 — Exp: 10 // Active Magic: N/A // Bonded: N/A

Fall 504 (1)

all the good girls go to hell
Daunt topples her home and enters Novus at the Arma Mountains.

disappearing easy as breath
Bumps into Red at the Night Market


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