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Character Application

Player: Sea @Sea
Referred By: n/a
Characters: @Emersyn
Are all characters active? YES
When was your last character approved? 7/29/19
Have you filled out the "OOC Account ID" Field?Yes

Name: Cernunnos (Hey Tree!  Cern)
Age: 6
Birth season: Fall
Court: Dawn court best court!
Rank: Outcast  (position will change once Cern is introduced to society/takes up friendships)

Attack: 5
Items: None!
Restricted Item Redemption Post: None
Incentives: None
Other: We hope to contribute to a chunk of Lore about Viride and Tree spirits.  Cernunnos is fresh in this incarnation (first corporeal body).  He serves Tempus, Oriens, and has no allegiance to the capitol or the ranks which make up the society.  Over time, we hope he will leave the comfort of his forest home and become an established member of society and play an active part within it.  He is native to Delumine, his life(lives) have been spent within an isolated oak grove within Viride Forest.  

ooc: If I have missed something here, could you pretty please DM me (Sea!) on discord, I cannot navigate from my mobile to check messages.  Thank you so much! : )



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Our apologies!

Sorry, but all current characters must be considered active before creating a new character! This means that all of your current characters have to have at least three IC posts in the 30 days prior to the date you posted this application. Once you've made them all active, respond to this thread again and we'll review your character!



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Activity was boosted for Emersyn, and I purchased passive magic (I have also updated it on his profile).  Let me know if I need to do anything further.  Thanks Nestle!


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Your character has been approved! This thread has been moved to the Accepted Characters forum. If you make any significant updates to your character's profile, make sure to respond to this and let us know!

Yep. I adore him. More than anything

@Ipomoea is the Dawn Court Sovereign!

His passive magic has been approved and added to the records. <3




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