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Private  - [fall] FLOWERS OF ANTIMONY

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Denocte was having a celebration. He told himself that’s why he’d come. To celebrate, to wash away the terrible past with liquor and passion and star-readings. It was not to look for Anzhelo, or Isra, or even Michael so soon. And it was certainly not to look for El Rey. Rumor had it that he’d been a soldier here, once, not so long ago. But it was rumor, and rumors were not to be trusted.

Toro stood at the center of the Night Markets, skulls and gourds and star-speckled strangers wandering its streets, so many bodies, and for a moment he felt himself anonymous. He did not think about how they watched. So many eyes, so many eyes, but all he could see was starlight. It was everywhere, peering out of tents, shining out of lanterns, glinting off of jewelry. He wanted a piece of it. The starlight could keep him safe, like Anzhelo’s dragon scale, or even carry him off to another world. To the night sky, full of little white lights and planets far away. Tiny, tiny lights in an expanse of…blackness.

A sudden and vile anger rose up in him. It ached, and it burned, and it clung to his chest like a terrible disease. A black bull shadowed Raum. A black bull raised an axe. A black bull severed a wing, chop, and another, chop chop. A black bull shadowed El Toro. It hunted him. He could not escape. There were moments when he could be somewhere else, where the starlight could draw him in, and then it would be gone, and only the black expanse remained, and the terrible, terrible rage. It hurt how badly he wanted to act on it, to quell the flames, but they were contained within him, like a furnace, fueling a heat that would never die out until the end of the frosty night. And then, and then - well, when the chill set in, and the illness, only death could follow.

”Sir?” Toro’s head snapped up. He had been standing, motionless, before a display of shimmering jewels and fabrics. The merchant smiled at him. It wasn’t earnest. Couldn’t be. She was mocking him, for his absurdity, his anger that she could most certainly see, deep down, as if it were a child’s tantrum and not fed by atrocity - 

”Sorry, miss. Must’ve spaced out. You’ve got lovely wares.” He turned away, simmering, embarrassed, hateful. It was then that he saw a familiar glint of scales climbing up an autumn-brown coat. His heart ached. ”Isra,” he called, but it sounded as a calf’s bleat, and not so like the command of great El Toro.

They give forth such light by night,
that they make the sea more beautiful

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"like sixteen shades of bruise.”
There has only been a few times in my life that I have seen horns like this, like weapons tipped and waiting to either blood or a kiss. I can see the shine of them even from a distance as if it's not bone arching down from a brow but a crooked, falling crown. I remember how much I wanted to cut one set of them, how I wondered if bone could bleed or rot instead of fall like a stone.

But these are Toro's horns and I would know them anywhere. And if my spiral weapon is a crown so are his, pale white instead of dark brown.

For a moment I only watch the merchant stare at whatever place it is that Toro's gaze has wandered off to dream. For a moment I wonder if I can go there too, run away to a place where there are not so many people I have to save. My hooves start to move towards him, although I cannot recall the exact moment when I decided to go to Toro. And my lips are smiling when I watch him shake loose from whatever world had him wrapped up in a choke-hold.

Oh Toro, I want to say, I know how it feels to see more than just this mortal coil. But I say nothing until I'm there brushing our shadows together into deeper and deeper shades of bruised black. The color feels as right as anything does lately.

The merchant switches her gaze to me and I can feel it sinking in like a knife and when I nod my head to her it is only because I must and because I understand the sharpness in her look. Hunger. I know it well enough. I drop a stone turned to gold onto her table. I will give her a hundred of them if she asks it of me.

A blue stone catches my eyes, it reminds me of the clothes I wore last time I saw Toro. “The blue suits you.” It feels cold in the touch of my natural magic, cold as the sea. I lift it to drape the small chain holding a sapphire over the tip of the horn closest to me. I should wonder if it as feels as cold and hollow to him as it does to me. I don't.

Instead I only step closer to brush our shoulders together like two soldiers walking side-by-side onward to death. Onward, I know that's the way of it, always forward. “I'm happy to see you again.” As I say the words I nudge him forward, away from the merchant with her hungry eyes that talk to my hungry, aching heart.

The silence falls to quickly. It always does when I feel like this, like I'm looking over the edge of some great black hole that's calling me. “Will you join me for a drink?” Because it's as good a way to fill the silence as anything. Isn't it?

@El Toro// <3

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