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Huehuecoyotl had been exploring the desert, meeting horses and enjoying the blast of warmth that seemed to emanate from the sands. Sliding down a dune, he tossed his head and flipped his tri-toned mane before settling back into his hooves and standing solidly. A glimmer caught his attention and he turned toward it. Curiosity... that was always challenging. It could be dangerous and tended to get him in more trouble.

Taking a moment to focus on the magic that he was starting to get a handle on, Coy let the shape of his raven erupt. The silky blue black feathers glimmered in the sunlight as he leapt into the sky. In this form, the only thing that showed that he wasnt a natural raven was the blue eyes that stayed from his equine form. His white and green markings disappeared into this skin and were covered by the ebony painted feathers. Soaring carefully over the sands, he investigated the glimmer from the safety of the skies.

The glimmer turned out to be an oasis in the sands, a place of water and rock. He circled for as long as he body could hold the form, finding an out of the way section where he could recuperate from the strain of shifting. He settled on the rock and felt his larger form take back over. Fatigue caused his legs to tremble and he had to lay down and rest. Coy made certain that he was within reach of the water and in a spot of shade. He took a few long draws of the cool water before dozing in and out for the next 45 minutes or so.

Waking fully, he pulled himself to his hooves and gazed about, the pull of fatigue manageable again. Taking a couple more long drinks, he began to wander around the pool, eyes and ears alert for anyone to antagonize.

Notes: Here you go love <3 Whenever you have the time and inspiration. My starters are usually crap, so I do apologize to you.

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